You might be wondering what is Reiki good for? Reiki treatment is aimed at increasing a person’s supply of life force energy, with the overall aim of healing. Reiki has many benefits. It makes you feel more at peace, it reduces stress, promotes relaxation and increases your overall feeling of well being.

Reiki treatment is directed by placing the hands lightly on, or near, the body of the patient. The healing energy flows from the body of the practitioner, through their hands, and into the patient.

Reiki healing can even be performed at a distance.

The patient will experience a myriad of feelings, including relaxation, mental clarity, pain relief, decreased anxiety, and a sense of overall well being.

Recent studies have shown this is due to the activity of the parasympathetic autonomic nervous system increases significantly.

With that in mind, how does Reiki Treatment Work? Does it really work, and should you consider the practice?

Below are the proven effects of Reiki Treatment and the changes they make in a patients life.

what is reiki good for

What is Reiki Good For?

1) Eases depression and anxiety

 A number of recent studies have demonstrated the overall mood benefits from receiving continual Reiki treatment. The benefits are specific to those who struggle with negative thoughts and feelings.

The studies showed that once your mood improves, symptoms of anxiety and depression are alleviated. Not only does your anxiety reduce, but you can also see significant improvements in feelings of depression, anger, and confusion.

Negative thoughts and feelings change to positive ones and your mind will find it easier to reach for those going forward.

2) Reduces Stress and promotes relaxation

 One of the main health benefits of Reiki treatment is stress reduction and relaxation. Japanese energy healing therapy is designed to trigger the body’s relaxation response and reduce the stress so abundant in many of our lives. When you think about it, most ailments can be linked with stress, be it work stress, emotional stress, or stress in your personal life.

3) Alleviating joint and muscle pain

 A study published in the journal of ‘Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine’, compared the effectiveness of improving the range of motion through physical therapy and Reiki. The study found that both showed the same effect in improving the range of motion (ROM) of the affected part of the body.

These results suggest that the beneficial effects of Reiki treatment and on ROM may arise from alterations in local joint or muscle structures rather than the pain system itself.  Patients have cited remarkable improvement with ongoing Reiki.

4) Improves Metabolism

Metabolic syndrome is a group of symptoms associated with type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and other chronic conditions. It affects a substantial and increasing percentage of the world’s population.

Physical activity is often recommended to improve metabolic syndrome. However, Reiki has been shown to be equally effective.

‘Many individuals, such as those who are overweight and sedentary and at highest risk for the metabolic syndrome, may be unable or unwilling to participate in conventional types of physical activity such as strength training and gym-based exercises. Mind-body modalities are simple, economical, noninvasive therapies, easy to learn, and can be practiced easily by individuals who may experience potential limitations in mobility,’ according to Joel Anderson and Ann Gill Taylor at Center for the Study of Complementary and Alternative Therapies, University of Virginia School of Nursing, Charlottesville, USA.

5) Eases some symptoms associated with cancers

Reiki treatment or any mind-body therapy cannot cure cancer. They can, however, treat associated symptoms of cancer such as depression, pain, and fatigue.

In a study published in the journal of Integrative Cancer Therapy, researchers reported that treatment with Reiki for 5 consecutive days, followed by 1-week of no treatment, with a further 2 additional Reiki sessions, in various cancer patients decreased tiredness, pain, and anxiety, and improve quality of life.

Reiki treatment is also reported to ease pain associated migraine, sciatica, and arthritis. It also reduces symptoms of asthma, menopause, and insomnia.

6) Spiritual Growth & Emotional Clarity

Last but definitively not least, Reiki treatment not only heals you physically, but it also heals you emotionally & spiritually. Reiki treatment enhances your ability to love and to empathize as it enables you to form deeper connections with people.

Reiki brings about an inner peace and harmony allowing you to progress on the journey of spiritual growth. It ‘cleans’ and clears your emotions enabling you to focus on what truly matters.

Reiki Treatment is fast becoming an accepted presence in hospitals and clinics. This is due to the fact that the healing approach is non-traumatic and easily integrated with conventional therapies.

It eases many physical symptoms of patients going through considerable ordeals, increases well being and allows you to improve in all areas of life.

These are just 6 practices to consider when asking what is reiki good for? However, there are many more. If you’re considering whether reiki can help you or not, it’s worth booking a session and giving it a go. You’ll be amazed at how you feel after the session.