Reiki is a beautiful thing. Your Reiki Attunement will be one of the most profound spiritual experiences you have. However, people who undergo a Reiki attunement often experience Reiki Attunement Side Effects and this leads many people, who are yet to undergo the experience, to question what they are.

Don’t worry, though there are different symptoms, they eventually pass and you will be left feeling back in control of your body. It’s important to note that there are different levels of Reiki and each requires its own attunement to open you up to higher healing levels.

An attunement is also known as a cleansing period and ranges from one to three weeks in duration. During an attunement, the Reiki master will open your chakras to provide you with the ability to receive energy, without the need of a Reiki practitioner.

During this cleansing period, the body will detoxify itself of toxins that have built up over time, as well as releasing feelings and thoughts that are no longer useful to your health.

Everyone experiences their own unique reaction to the cleansing period. No two attunements are ever the same and the length of this cleansing period will be dependent on what level of Reiki you are being attuned to.

Remember, Reiki attunement side effects will differ between receivers, so if you are experiencing an effect not listed, that’s perfectly fine. This is an article highlighting the most ‘common’ reiki attunement side effects.

If we were to list every effect experience, this would turn into a very long book!

Reiki only works for the long-term best interest of a person, so during the cleansing period, you will undergo a detox that will bring about positive changes in your life.

These side effects will affect the physical body as well as the mind and emotions. A process of purification prior to an attunement is recommended to improve the benefits you receive.

Try to stay away from anything harmful to your health, including alcohol or foods full of sugars and chemicals.

Embark on more regular meditations and try to get your mind and body on the best possible state for the coming attunement.

The following are a list of reiki attunement side effects, common to each level.

Reiki Attunement Side Effects – Level 1:

  • Opening of the third eye
  • An increase in intuitive awareness
  • Other psychic abilities.
  • A release of Negative Emotions
  • Changes in food preferences

After level 1, comes level 2 and this comes with its own attunement process. As these are different and a person experiences a deeper understanding of Reiki, the side effects will also differ.

When attuned to level 2, you will become more aware of the importance of connected wholeness on all levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

This is to say that wholeness and balanced health become synonymous.

Attunement to Reiki Level 2 focusses on opening your heart chakra, which is the mid-point between the physical and spiritual realms. Once your heart chakra opens, intuition is highly increased and your sensitivity to subtle energies is also heightened.

Reiki Attunement side effects – level 2:

  • Highs & Lows of energy levels
  • Emotional Swings in Mood
  • Heightened connection to those around you
  • Heightened compassion
  • Aversion to confrontation
  • Heightened Empathy

The master Reiki attunement is the final attunement you will receive. Some Reiki masters will make a distinction between level 3 and master, however, many think of them as the same.

Here the focus is on you pineal and pituitary glands, which increase higher consciousness and intuition. These will be cleared and activated to work to their full potential.

The Reiki master will also work to align both left and right sides of the brain.

Your pineal gland will be directed to receive the Universal Source of Energy. 

Master Reiki Symbols are permanently sealed into the student’s hands and aura, before the energies between student and Master, are disconnected.

Reiki Master Attunement side effects – Level 3:

  • Seeing bright and glowing chakras
  • Headaches or Head rushes
  • A feeling of lightness
  • Higher level of consciousness
  • Deep empathy
  • Deep compassion
  • Deeper levels of understanding
  • Unsteadiness or dizziness
  • A feeling of oneness with all
  • Vibrations

The most important thing to take from this is that there are NO LASTING NEGATIVE Reiki attunement side effects. All effects you feel are aiding your body and mind and allowing you to grow as a spiritual person.