Understand What Your Food Cravings Are Telling You

Understand What Your Food Cravings Are Telling You

Just because we’re craving something, doesn’t mean that’s what our body actually needs. Actually, quite the reverse is true. What we believe we want, is different to what our body is trying to tell us it needs, so for example if you think you’re craving chocolate, your body is actually low on magnesium and you will be able to get this from eating veggies, fruits, seeds or nuts.

This can be a useful thing to keep in mind when we’re trying to eat in a more healthier way. We might think that we’re craving things that are bad for us, but by understanding what these cravings actually mean, we can see what our body is actually lacking and feed it a healthy supplement.

To help with this, Herb Info have created this wonderful guide highlighting what specific cravings mean. In cases such as cravings for sugary foods, this can point to a  deficiency of a number of things. Pay close attention to your body because by giving it what it actually wants you’ll be able to fine tune the cravings and understand exactly what it is that you need.

Text version:

You’re craving

  • Chocolate
    • You need Magnesium  —> Eat Raw Cacao, Nuts, Seeds, Veggies & Fruits.
  • Sugary Foods
    • You need Chromium —> Eat Broccoli, grapes, cheese, chicken.
    • or Carbon —> Eat Fresh fruits.
    • or Phosphorus —> Eat Chicken, beef, fatty fish, eggs, dairy, nuts, veggies, grains.
    • or Sulphur —> Eat Cranberries, horseradish, cabbage, cauliflower.
    • or Tryptophan —> Eat Cheese, raisin, sweet potatoes, spinach
  • Bread, Pasta & Other Carbs
    • You Need Nitrogen –> Eat High protein foods: meat, fatty fish, nuts, beans, chia seeds.
  • Oily Foods
    • You Need Calcium –> Eat Organic milk, cheese, green leafy vegetables.
  • Salty Foods
    • You need Chloride –> Eat Fatty fish, goat milk.
    • or Silicon –> Eat Cashews, nuts, seeds.

Source: Herbs Info based on research from Coaching & Weight Management.

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