Twin flames have a tremendous and eternal bond. One of the most interesting aspects of this bond is Twin Flame Telepathy.

You might have come across this term as you explored the world of twin flame relationships, or perhaps you’re lucky enough to have experienced this phenomenon with your own twin. Whatever your stage is on your spiritual path and whether you have met your twin flame or not, it’s important to understand twin flame telepathy and what it means in a relationship.

In this article, we’ll examine twin flame telepathy and what it is. We’ll understand how it works between two matched souls and what you can expect if it begins to happen to you. It is a wonderful experience that cements a bond between two halves.

Understanding Twin Flame Telepathy and How it Works

This non-verbal communication is sacred to the two people involved and should be explored in the right way. Many people become disheartened when they explore the different aspects of the twin flame relationship, sometimes wondering if it will ever happen to them, or if the person they’re with at the moment might not be their twin flame.

It is important to note that elements such as telepathy happen when a relationship and bond has been strengthened. When we look at the stages of a twin flame relationship, we know that it can take time to settle into these new and overwhelming feelings.

Understanding Twin Flame Telepathy and How It Works

These feelings can be so overwhelming in fact, that one of the twins may run in confusion. When so many new emotions are presented initially, it’s understandable that new concepts such as telepathy and dream sharing should happen later on; when both twins have had time to process their feelings and have advanced on their spiritual journey.

With that being said, we’ll explore twin flame telepathy in more detail and look at what it involves. Don’t worry if you haven’t experienced it, try to read this article with an open mind. Just because something hasn’t happened to you yet, doesn’t mean that it never will.

The most important aspect of twin flame relationships and spiritual growth is personal development. You need to ensure that you are advancing spiritually, that you are moving towards your purpose, and that you’re ready for the gifts that the twin flame union will bring you.

What is Twin Flame Telepathy?

All humans are made of energy and some vibrate on frequencies more similar to others. Twin flames vibrate on the same frequency and this allows certain events, such as telepathy, to take place. When souls operate on the same frequency, spiritual forms of communication are possible. But what are these forms of communication, how do they work and what can you expect? Twin flame telepathy presents itself in various forms, including intuition, dream sharing & astral projection, and visual or verbal communication.


When Twin Flames meet, the first form of telepathic communication that will come to their attention is that of shared intuition. A feeling that doesn’t seem to be your own, or at least that you can’t explain. To help you understand, we’ll look at a few scenarios and explain what is happening and why.

Your twin flame is about to come home, as the time comes closer you can start feeling sadness and disappointment growing inside you. Nothing you are doing or anything you have experienced in that day justifies the feelings you’re having. The feelings build and eventually your twin walks in the door. With one look you know what’s happened and they begin to explain the nightmare of a day they’ve just experienced.

In the above example, a twin experiences the other’s feelings. This usually happens when someone is sad or feeling low as our defenses are down and the energy of the emotion is quite different to what we may experience. We will feel the opposite emotions to what our own bodies feel more strongly, this is because they feel jarring to us and the mood we thought we were in.

Emotions always leave an imprint. Think of a time you walked into a room and you could cut the tension with a knife. You know there’s been an argument that has just taken place. Anger is one of the strongest emotions and often catches us by surprise, particularly when we are experiencing it from someone else.

You’re in work, sat at your desk, when all of a sudden you feel a blinding pain in your arm. It’s enough to make you react and wonder what the hell is going on. It only lasts for a few moments before the pain disappears, but the memory remains. You have no idea what happened to cause it. A little while later, you get a call from your twin flame letting you know they’ve been in an accident and broken their arm. The same arm you felt the pain in…

In this example, we are still feeling, but this time it is the physical senses of someone else, rather than the emotional. When we have a bond that’s as close as the twin flame’s, we feel their pain, or conversely, when they are very excited or happy.

The pain stands out again because it is a sense that’s most removed from our current situation. When twin flames have spent many years together, they begin to understand the feelings they are receiving. If they feel the pain, their intuition kicks in and they’ll try to get in touch with their twins immediately.

Dream Sharing & Astral Projection

This form of twin flame telepathy usually happens when there is a distance between the twins. The pull of being together is so strong that during sleep our spiritual selves enter our dream states and actively seek out their other halves.

This can happen in a number of ways. Twins may experience the same dream as each other, they may influence a lucid dream in order to be together, or they may utilize astral projection in order to travel together.

In our dream states, we are at our most spiritual and truest forms. Our ego’s and physical attributes no longer hold us back and our souls can operate freely. Naturally, they will move in the direction where they feel the strongest pull, another soul that’s vibrating on their frequency.

When twin flames are separated, each soul remains in a state of disquiet. When the bodies fall asleep and the souls are left free to explore, they will seek each other out to ease this disquiet and find peace.

This isn’t to say that twin flames need to be with each other the entire time, far from it. In fact, twin flames will often spend a large amount of time apart, confident in their status as individual beings who are on a spiritual journey.

Many lessons we need to learn independently, while others we will learn together. However, knowing that time apart is needed doesn’t stop one soul from missing the other, and this is why we find our twin flame plays such an important part in our dream states.

Visual & Verbal Communication

Although this type of twin flame telepathy implies images and words, it’s important to note that this all happens in the mind. When twin flames have gone through their initial stages, learned to grow together, and have become more advanced on their spiritual journeys, this type of communication will come into play.

Again, we first see this happening when our soul is most free – during dream states. Where once you were dreaming of being together, their presence easing the absence of their physical self, you now start to engage in conversation.

These are much different from the types of conversations that we have in ‘normal’ dreams, with other parties. Here, the conversations are much more detailed and you remember the events. Holding on to conversations or details in other dreams is like trying to hold water in your hands, it trickles away quickly. Telepathic conversations with your twin, however, are vivid.

Not only do you have these types of dreams with your twin soul, but you will also have similar dreams, though less intense, with other important souls in your life. In these cases it’s important to try to remember the details as much as possible, writing them down as soon as you awake. These types of dreams contain messages which are trying to guide us to make the right choices on our spiritual journeys.

As this type of telepathy develops, you’ll notice it entering your awakened state. You will begin to see flashes of imagery as your twin tries to communicate with you, or even glimpses of a location they may be in. These do not completely take over your vision, they are like thoughts, but don’t make sense to what you’re currently doing.

To develop this further it’s important to maintain the lines of communication with your twin flame and discuss the conversations or imagery you remember from that day. In this way, you are verifying what you are seeing and strengthening the telepathic bond you are sharing.

Telepathy Grows in Twin Flames as the Bond Grows Stronger

As we’ve discussed, telepathic communication develops the stronger your bond is with your twin flame. As your energy grows together, so does your level of communication. It takes time for this to happen and you will need to navigate your way through the earlier stages of the twin flame union to get there.

A lot of people are under the misconception that twin flames will have full-blown conversations mind-to-mind when they meet. This simply isn’t the case. Telepathic communication is easiest when our souls are in their most awakened state and our bodies are asleep.

Even here it takes time to develop the twin flame communication. Some people report dreaming of their twin flames before they meet them. While this happens, it is rare, and important to note that this happens with more advanced souls who have spent many lifetimes together.

This is especially the case when twin flames have chosen a life where they won’t be together. As hard as this sounds, this does happen because some lifetimes require you to learn lessons as an individual. The longing we feel for a person we have yet to meet can be distracting and can stop us from fulfilling our purpose.

It is important to remember the lessons we are meant to be learning and to concentrate on developing our spiritual selves. When we are meeting these goals and furthering our purpose, we are aligning ourselves with the opportunity of meeting our twin flames, if that has been the agreement in this lifetime.

Twin flame Energy & Connection

The twin flame dynamic is a complicated one and difficult to understand until you are immersed in it. However, those who go looking rarely find it as they are losing focus on their own life purpose. By concentrating on what you’re meant to be doing, your soul will be vibrating at the same frequency as your twin. It is here that we find our twins if we are meant to in this life, and here we are in the best place to grow together.

Twin flames can come together before one is ready and this usually results in one of the twins running. You can imagine the pain that is involved here and many of you who are reading this might have experienced it.

It is important to keep in mind that lamenting over what is lost is not going to further your spiritual goals, far from it. Instead, understanding that the timing is not quite right, working on yourself, and trusting your twin is spiritually evolving, is the way to restore the balance and maintain the twin flame connection.

When your energies are vibrating on the same frequency, harmony is restored. You will both be ready to work through your life lessons together and it is this foundation that will allow you to grow and develop twin flame telepathy.