You may be aware of synchronicities happening during the twin flame journey. They appear at the start and compound the feeling you’re embarking on a momentous journey. But what happens when you reach the darkest part of the twin flame journey. Will you still experience twin flame synchronicities during separation?

When we’re immersed in the separation stage of the twin flame journey, it’s easy to feel alone, adrift, even betrayed by the universe. However, the most important lesson to remember here is this part of the journey is about self-discovery. It’s about you learning what you need to know as an individual, without the intensity of the twin flame bond.

Synchronicities come from the universe. A message of love, guidance, and reassurance. So why wouldn’t they appear when you’ve never needed them more?

Twin Flame Synchronicities During Separation

Do Both Twin Flames Experience Synchronicity During Separation?

Twin flame synchronicities during separation occur in greater frequency when two halves of the soul move towards completing their individual life missions. It’s an affirmation from the universe you’re on the right path and if you hold steady, you are on the way to a reunion.

These synchronicities will happen when you embark on your own path, even if your twin hasn’t yet got there. However, when your twin arrives on their path, the frequency of these synchronicities greatly increases. Twin flame separation is a challenging time, so when it feels like the universe is on your side, it’s just the encouragement you need to keep pushing forward.

It’s encouraging to know that both twin flames experience synchronicity. With the increase of these moments, the universe is telling you your twin is on the right path and vice versa. There’s comfort in knowing this dark period is nearly over, but it is a journey you both needed to go through. It’s only once you’ve both learned what you needed to individually that you can come together in harmony.

Examples of Twin Flame Synchronicities During Separation

1) Twin Flame Numbers

Numbers hold a special meaning, especially when you’re on your twin flame journey. Repeated numbers and patterns are messages from the universe and are seen in all types of places. You might see these numbers when you check the time, on certain phone numbers, receipts, advertisements, etc.

For example, seeing the number one repeated, such as 11:11 am, is a sign from the universe you’re about to meet your twin flame for the first time. This is because the number 1 represents new beginnings.

2 is an important number in the separation stage as it’s a sign from the universe you’re on the right path and to keep strong in your faith that everything will work out the way it’s supposed to. Seeing the number 2 in repetition and pattern should be regarded as a highly positive message. You know this is a tough time, keep in mind the universe is rooting for you.

As much as certain numbers hold specific meaning, there can also be a certain number that relates to your specific journey. For example, let’s say you first met your twin on the 17th of a certain month. When you’re in separation, the universe will use this number as a specific message as well.

2) Popular Culture

It’s not just numbers that represent signs and synchronicities from the universe, we see messages in our everyday lives if we know what to look for.

You might be listening to a song where the lyrics seem too real like they were written for you at that moment. A lot of people relate to certain lines in music, that’s why it resonates so strongly. However, it’s the universe that shows that particular song to you at the very moment you need it. Take the words to heart and understand it’s the universe guiding you.

This doesn’t just happen with music, we can find words that resonate with us and our current situations from lines on TV or movies. When you hear them it’s like they strike a chord. Like you were meant to hear them at that moment.

Think about the power of this. At any given moment, you could be doing a million different things. But you weren’t. By design, you were listening to that particular song or show and being moved by words seemingly written solely for you.

3) Karmic Reminders

There are many synchronicities delivered in the form of signs and symbolism. However, a great number of lessons and synchronicities occur in interactions with other people.

These synchronicities occur with both friends and strangers. A couple you know might be going through something similar to what you experienced with your own twin. You might even be asked for advice in the situation. This is the universe helping you to navigate your own journey. Sometimes we don’t know how to solve a problem until we are able to step outside the situation.

Take notice of the advice you give to other people, your thoughts on what they’re going through. If you can offer positive advice and look for the opportunities that arise from struggle, you’re moving forward in your own growth.

This is the same story if you witness strangers interacting. Sometimes it strikes a chord so deeply it feels like the universe has staged its own play for you to observe.

When any synchronicity happens, it feels like a bell tolls within. You understand this is a lesson that’s important for you to learn. But don’t worry if you feel like you’ve missed a lesson. The universe will offer repeating twin flame synchronicities during separation until you’ve mastered the lesson and moved onto the next one.