Thoughts of the reunion are both magical and scary at the same time. It’s what you want to happen, more than anything, but there’s a large part of you that’s scared of what will happen, or if it doesn’t happen at all. This is what we refer to as twin flame reunion anxiety.

To help eliminate this twin flame reunion anxiety, we’re going to look at what it is, and the journey towards your reunion to take away the unknowing. After all, fear of the unknown is often much greater than the fear of the thing itself.

What is Twin Flame Reunion Anxiety?

Twin flame reunion anxiety is feeling apprehension around reuniting with your twin flame after separation. You may be anxious about reuniting with your twin flame for several reasons.

Maybe you’re worried the two of you will finally come together but haven’t grown enough individually for you to stick together. Could you take another separation?

Or maybe you’re worried the reunion won’t happen at all. Maybe you weren’t supposed to come together in this life.

Anxiety lives in the future, and the unknowns surrounding such an important event are the perfect breeding ground for anxiety to thrive.

How to Eliminate Twin Flame Reunion Anxiety

How to Get Rid of Twin Flame Reunion Anxiety?

As we’ve seen, the uncertainty surrounding your reunion is what’s driving the anxiety. In order to tackle this, we’re going to look at the events leading up to the reunion, during it, and after in order to quiet your uncertainty.

If anxiety lives in the future, mindfulness and being in the present moment is also a perfect antidote. Understanding where you are on your journey will allow you to focus on what’s happening now rather than your mind racing ahead to countless ‘what-if’ scenarios.

With that being said, let’s look at the stages leading up to the reunion so you can understand exactly where you are in this most important of relationships.

What Happens Right Before Twin Flame Reunion?

Fortunately, there are certain signs and synchronicities the universe uses to tell us a twin flame reunion is rapidly approaching.

Here are 4 things that will happen right before the twin flame reunion.

You’re Thinking of Each other More Often than Ever

Although your twin flame is never far from your thoughts, recently it seems every little thing is reminding you of them.

Even something completely unrelated will have you thinking about how your twin flame would react, what would they say, what would they do?

You’ll find yourself, subconsciously, visiting places that mean something to you both. You’ll start meeting people you both knew more frequently as well.

These are just a few examples, check out this article for more: Signs Your Twin Flame is Thinking About You.

Dreaming of your Twin Flame Constantly

As well as your twin flame filling your everyday thoughts, they’ll also fill your dreams. Your dreams, which were tinged with sadness during the separation phase are now beginning to shine with hope.

You dream about your reunion, about recognizing the strength your separation has instilled in you both.

You might even be lucky enough to dream of reunions you’ve had in past incarnations.

Whatever your dreams may be, you find when you wake now you’re not filled with sadness and longing, but a renewed hope; a sign of new beginnings.

Signs of New Beginnings

Speaking of which, this will be a theme of signs you’ll receive from the universe. Hearing, reading or seeing stories of people who have overcome adversity to succeed.

A walk through nature might show you new blooms and new life. Talking to people, you might recognize a theme of new beginnings in their stories, such as someone starting a new venture, an upcoming wedding, a new arrival to a family.

Along with the signs, you’ll also have a sense of new beginnings inside of your self. A charged energy you recognize as being your twin flames. Similar but different, because this time your energies have evolved to set you up for a long term union.

Realizing the Importance of your Own Self-Growth

You have been through so much and taken this time of hardship to work on improving yourself.

And you feel it.

There’s different energy moving inside of you, confidence, and appreciation of the world around you. You know how much you’ve changed and you feel so much better for it.

There’s a need in you to improve the lives of others around you and this is a huge moment on the twin flame journey. This is the moment when you and the other half of your soul come together to affect the most change in the world. Individually, you’ve done a lot. Together, however, you both feel unstoppable.

People think a soul mate is your perfect fit, and that’s what everyone wants. But a true soul mate is a mirror, the person who shows you everything that is holding you back, the person who brings you to your own attention so you can change your life.

Elizabeth Gilbert

What Happens in Twin Flame Reunion?

This is it, this is the moment you’ve been waiting for. But what if it’s all been for nothing? What if it all falls apart again?

This is a huge element of twin flame reunion anxiety and we’re going to look at how this stage of the twin flame relationship is so much different than the initial meeting.

Differences Bring you Closer

When you first met your twin flame, your differences drove a wedge into your relationship, caused arguments, and allowed your egos to take charge.

Now, however, the growth you did in your separation has allowed you to view your differences in a positive light. They bring a balance to your relationship and allow you to come together as one, rather than two people trying to get one over each other.

Where one of you is more outspoken, the other is there to calm a situation. Where one may be more ambitious, the other is there to support and push their twin to succeed.

A myriad of differences brings harmony when you realize how they can complement, rather than divide.

You Appreciate your Individuality as Much as your Connection

Although you’re over the moon to be with your twin flame, neither of you needs to constantly be with the other in order to feel like the relationship is succeeding.

The start of a twin flame relationship is smothering, intense, and overwhelming. You’ve lost each other once and both know spending a little time apart from each other is nothing like the long term separation you’ve been through.

Allowing each other to be individuals in a relationship means you both get to support each other in your individual goals. This is incredibly rewarding and strengthens the bond you have when you do come together to work on combined goals.

Changing the World

It’s these combined goals that will allow the two of you to accomplish remarkable things. You’ll affect real and positive change, with both of you being passionate about leaving the world a little bit better than when you found it.

If you thought the individual support you gave each other was remarkable, this combined focus will take it to an entirely different level.

There is nothing as powerful as a twin flame couple who’ve set their minds on something, just hope you’re not in their way when they do!

Twin Flame Reunion Ascension

Twin flame ascension happens when the two halves of the soul have completed the individual aspect of self-growth, and come together in a beautiful union of growing or ascending, together.

This can also be a cause of anxiety in the twin flame reunion. This anxiety comes from the ego, scared of losing itself, and all the good you’ve achieved to get here.

However, it’s important to remember, twin flame ascension focuses on a spiritual evolution where more selfish aspects give way to allow kindness and giving to take place.

This doesn’t mean you lose yourself in the process. All it means is rather than focusing on goals that improve your situation, you’re now focused on effecting more change in the world around you with your twin beside you.

Understanding these stages of the twin flame reunion will help you to get rid of any anxiety you may have. It’s not a time to be wary, it’s a time to be excited!

This is what you’ve both been working toward, why you’ve made it through the struggle to come out stronger on the other side. You’ve both changed sure, but you needed to and even though you might not see it yet, this is what the universe needed from you in order to become your best self and help the world around you.

Knowing this will allow any twin flame reunion anxiety to disappear as you contemplate all you have left in front of you to experience.