It’s important to keep in mind the best time for a twin flame reunion to take place, is when both parties have travelled far enough down their own paths, they’re ready to meet each other. This isn’t to say that you lose all individuality when you meet your twin flame, far from it.

Rather, it means that unless you have spiritually grown enough in this life, twin flame relationships can be painful and/or smothering.


You will hear many people say that they wish they could find their true loves, twin flames, true souls etc. There are many variations of the name but the bond remains the same. The advice that “It will happen when you’re ready“, couldn’t be more appropriate.

Meeting a twin flame does not automatically fill any void that’s in your life, or answer every unanswered question you have. It doesn’t ‘cure’ loneliness or become the sole reason for your existence. Think of this union as an accelerant.


So, if you’re happy within yourself, have found your purpose and are on the right spiritual path, all these emotions will be amplified by being with your twin flame. You’ll work together to achieve your goals and make a real difference in the world and your relationship will feel like the ultimate blessing.

Conversely then, if you are living a life that’s not true to your spiritual self, you’re unhappy or lonely, meeting your twin flame is likely to feel more like a curse. There will be a lot of resentment, misunderstanding and bad energy.

Your twin flame is your biggest mirror. Reflecting positive energies back and forward mean you can both focus growing together. Negative energies, however, can lead to some pretty miserable times.

Timing really is everything.


If you’ve had no sign of your twin flame yet, this is a perfect opportunity to work on yourself. By doing this, you’re ensuring that when the connection is made, you’re in the best position to make sure this is a healthy relationship.

Are you happy?

This is a question many people struggle to answer and tend to answer almost defensively.

“Of course I’m happy, why wouldn’t I be?!”


However, it’s important to take the time and really analyse your thoughts and emotions.

  • Are you spending your days doing what you love?
  • Have you identified your life purpose?
  • Is there anything you’d like to achieve?
  • Are you helping others?
  • Do you love yourself completely?

There are many questions to ask yourself and many reasons why you might not be as happy as you think you are. Identify what these reasons may be and take positive actions to remedy this. By taking the time to care for both yourself and others, your happiness levels will rapidly increase.

When this happens, you’re ready for a twin flame relationship.


The universe has a habit of knowing the best time of letting you meet, but on occasion, you might meet earlier in order to further your individual journeys. This is known as Twin Flame Separation.

A huge lesson in life is that sometimes we have to let the things we love go in order for a bond to go stronger. If both parties will grow better apart, then it is selfish to try to force them to stay together.

More often than not, one party will be more consciously developed than the other. It’s up to that person to recognise that their twin needs their own time to reach a similar level of consciousness.

If this is allowed to happen, the twin souls will come together down the line, ready to be together fully.

But how do you know when you’ve met your twin flame?

The following are the most common twin flame signs.


When you meet your twin flame there is an instant shock of recognition. Where have you seen this person before?

You rack your brain trying to figure out where it may have been. You might even question each other on it. In time you realise that this recognition didn’t just point to a brief prior interaction. It was recognising someone that you’ve always known.


Finding your twin feels like coming home. This is where you’re meant to be and the idea of ‘home’ meaning a physical place or building, loses meaning for you.

Home is your twin, it’s where you will always travel to and where you will always want to be most. Although you might have to be away from home for a while, you’ll always remember the feeling of coming back to them.


Even though you will create a joint identity, you will still keep your individuality. Twin flames know that they are comprised of two very different beings.

Merging into one does not mean you forget your individual needs, wants and dreams and you encourage that. You will find you have two identities now. You own individual one and the one that has come about as the result of your twin flame union.


The level of intensity experienced with your twin is unlike anything you will have experienced before. A look, a touching of hands, the sound of their voice, all evokes more emotion than you’ve felt before.

This intensity can take some getting used to and it doesn’t lessen.


Together you can grow to higher levels than you could separately. Whether it’s on a spiritual, physical or mental level, you support each other to go further in every aspect of your life. Life is about growth and to stagnate is not to live.

Together you will find and explore opportunities for growth, being open-minded and careful to learn the valuable lessons that life throws your way.


You feel the other’s emotions nearly as clearly as you feel your own. You’ll know if your twin is upset even before they’ve entered a room at times. If you’re in a group and your partners uncomfortable etc, you’ll feel this without them having to communicate anything with you.

You’ll also feel their love and happiness mirrored back at you, strengthening and validating your own emotions.


You feel like a wait has ended. The direction of your life has brought you to this point and you understand why certain things had to happen the way that they did. Understanding causes all the pieces to fall into place and you’ll feel more trust in both yourself and the universe.


Wherever you are you’re drawn to your twin flame. Whether you’re in the other room or at the other side of the world, that magnetic draw is still there. This is not to say that you need to be in each other’s company the entire time.

In fact, you will actually spend a great deal of time apart while keeping your individuality and pursuing your goals. But you will always feel that magnetic connection, seemingly trying to reconnect you both.


In a twin flame relationship, one person will always be slightly more spiritually inclined than the other. This person allows the other to travel down their own spiritual path and together, you’ll reach levels of consciousness that would be impossible to reach individually.


Twin flames fully accept each other and don’t try to make the other change. A twin recognises the mirror effect of a twin soul and understands if something isn’t sitting right, then change comes from within.

A twin will encourage their partners uniqueness and push them to be themselves.


Twin flames are super loyal to each other and would never stab the other in the back just to get ahead. They see no advantage in being with each other that’s greater than the love they share. Nobody catches their interest quite like you do and this means you have complete trust in them.

Jealousy doesn’t exist in a twin flame relationship.


You can be completely truthful with your twin flame and not feel like you’re going to be made fun of or belittled. Twin flames share their thoughts about everything, not holding back. It can be surprising to experience this complete level of honesty, but it is this communication that leads to your overall contentment with each other.


Twin flames make it their business to learn the others drives, ambitions, and goals. They push each other to achieve them and help in any way that they can. Supporting your partner feels like the most natural thing in the world and you know you’ll get the same level of support back when pursuing your goals.


Life is learning and although we learn many lessons when we’re leading our individual lives, some of the biggest lessons we will learn will happen when we are with our twin flames. This is because there are some things only people in love can learn and, as a duo, your love and support can help each other through some of the most difficult of times.


You are completely head-over-heels, attracted to your twin flame. Their personality, how they look, the way they say certain words, all of it. You find yourself attracted to everything about them and every day you find yourself amazed by something else they do.

This attraction is deep, multilevelled, and doesn’t fade.


Together you can help each other to heal from past wounds, and hard times that happen in the present. Being loved so unconditionally is an amazing way of getting you to deal with past hurts and traumas.

The continual strength, love and support of your twin flame can get you through some of the most difficult times. It also allows you to work on emotional issues such as distrust, jealousy, and fear and completely turn them on their head.


Twin flames know the value of authenticity and never try to be other people. They don’t stage their lives across social media or go out of their way to make others feel inferior to their connection. Far from it. They understand the gift that they have and fully embrace it.


Together twin flames can create some incredible pieces of art and work. A ‘Muse’ is a real thing and the inspiration you get from your twin flame is unlike anything you will have experienced before.

Whether you’re creating together or individually, the twin flame union allows you to dig deep into the creative recesses than you’ve ever gone before.


A twin flame union is based completely on understanding. Understanding that you have individual goals as well as goals together. Understanding that you have different desires, personalities and ways of thinking.

No two people are the same and it’s a waste of energy to get upset when someone doesn’t act in the same way you do. You both share the same core values and that’s enough. You listen without the intent of responding and nothing makes you happier than keeping your understanding of your partner.


Light and Dark, Yin and Yang. One aspect of your twin soul will be mirrored and balanced by you in return. If one twin is dark, the others lightness will balance this. If one is introverted, the others social skills will balance this.

Mirrors are a key aspect of spirituality and never more so than in the twin flame relationship. You complete each other and where you fear you fall short as individuals, together you can achieve anything.

Twin Flames Signs