You’ve been through a rollercoaster of emotions during separation from your twin, and you’re finally feeling complete in yourself. But how do you know if it’s time to reunite? Are their twin flame reconnection signs reaffirming your place on this incredible journey?

The good news is there most definitely are. Once you’ve learned the lessons you needed to on your own, the universe is more than happy to throw reconnection signs at you, letting you know the much-anticipated reunion is right around the corner.

Before we look at this though, it’s important to take the time to realize just how much you’ve achieved during this challenging time. It is easy to fall into sadness and dwell on the past, ignoring the opportunities that lie before you.

Be proud of what you’ve done, how you’ve grown, and how you’ve overcome an intense and emotional stage of your life. Not only have you gone through this, but you’ve also come through it better, becoming the person you set out to be. Understanding this is powerful and you absolutely should be proud of what you’ve achieved.

With that being said, here are 6 twin flame reconnection signs you can count on when it comes to reuniting with the other half of you.

6 Intense Twin Flame Reconnection Signs

6 Intense Twin Flame Reconnection Signs

1) Harmony & Balance

When you approach the twin flame reconnection there’s an overall feeling of harmony and balance in your life. This appears in your relationships with others, work-life balance, family time, and more.

It’s easy in life to feel like there isn’t enough time to fit everything in. Like you’re neglecting people or even yourself as you try to prioritize the things that aren’t necessarily the best for you.

Now you’ve spent the time working on yourself, you have a deeper understanding of what matters and what you need to focus on. It’s an incredible feeling, not letting yourself be pulled in various directions trying to make everyone else happy.

Finding this harmony and balance is a key indicator your individual growth has come and now it’s time to focus on the goals that happen when you reconnect with your twin.

2) Lessons Learned

The time we spent in separation from our twin is challenging and it’s so important o understand this is when you need to spend time focusing on yourself. It’s easy to get caught up in thinking about your twin and what they’re doing but you need to have faith that they too are taking the time for individual growth.

Now is the time you need to work on the growth lessons you agreed to before incarnating. There are other lessons you’ll need to work on with your twin and you’ll need their strength and support to do that. But for now, it’s time to put your focus on yourself.

Be open to learning and embracing new opportunities. Be honest with yourself and look inward to see what you need to work on. The universe will help you to identify these lessons through synchronicities and signs. All you need to do is find love for yourself and trust the universe.

Once you’ve learned these lessons, you’ll feel different. You’ll be a stronger, kinder, and better version of yourself. You’ll feel the harmony mentioned above and instinctively know you’re ready for the next stage of growth that comes with your twin.

3) Synchronistic New Beginnings

Before you reconnect with your twin flame, you’ll notice more synchronicities from the universe depicting new beginnings and reconnection. This might come in the form of movie/TV themes, or through other people.

You might read a news story about someone losing everything and starting over again. Or notice more stories of people reconnecting. You see that which you are ready to see and the universe is affirming your readiness to reconnect.

Along with these synchronicities comes an overall feeling of hope and anticipation. You know you’re ready, it’s only a matter of time before you’re ready to reunite with your twin in harmony.

4) Wholeness in Oneself

Before you’re ready to reconnect with your twin, you’ll need to find inner peace. This doesn’t simply mean daily meditation and practicing mindfulness, although it certainly helps.

What it does mean is developing a true understanding of yourself. Loving your strengths as well as the things you need to work on and accepting your overall self. Many of us struggle with self-esteem issues or being hung up on the opinions of others.

When you develop wholeness in yourself, these things simply don’t matter anymore. You’re acting true to who you are, with kindness and compassion, and that’s all that really matters.

In fact, when you get to this stage you’ll be amazed at how these hang-ups dictated your life so heavily before. This is important when we reconnect with our twin as we understand the separate parts of each other that make us whole when we come together.

Seeing this before invoked feelings of inadequacy and even jealousy. Now they simply deepen your connection and the feeling of being one when you reunite.

5) Dreams of Reconnection

The subconscious is a powerful element of spirituality and the self, and nowhere is this demonstrated more visually than in the dream world.

You intimately remember the tone of your dreams when you first entered separation. The devastation and hurt following you from sleep into the waking world. However, as you began your journey of self-growth these dreams changed, and the intensity of loss lessened.

Now as you approach being reunited, dreams shift again into ones of hope and renewal. You’ll start dreaming of reconnection, feeling your twin with you, and the healing energy that comes with it. Keep in mind your twin is dreaming the same and this last stage of healing is setting the stage for your reconnection.

6) Heightened Telepathy

The bond between twins is the strongest one to exist between two humans, and with that comes telepathy. This has existed in some element since the moment you met your twin and grows stronger as you approach reconnection.

During the separation from your twin, telepathy has still been present but your focus has been on yourself. However, as you’ve completed your individual journey, twin flame telepathy has grown in intensity and now you begin to focus on it.

It feels like you have an internal compass, dialed into the energy frequency of your twin and evoking overall feelings of ‘coming home’. You’ll feel your twin’s emotions and appreciate how different they feel. After all, they’ve been through the same journey you have.

Now you have a better understanding of these twin flame reconnection signs, you know you’re ready to reconnect with your twin and begin your journey together.