As we travel down our spiritual paths, we will inevitably come across the term ‘Twin Flame’. The other part of our souls, the person that has loved us at various points throughout the ages, our other halves. Many people strive to find their twin flames, without realising that they need to focus on themselves before any twin flame reunion could take place – successfully.

There are many elements of the twin flame relationship that people don’t know about. Why twin flame reunions can be heartbreaking just as much as they can be joyous. Why a twin flame may decide to run from the relationship. Why your a large part of your spiritual journey only begins when you are reunited with your twin flame. There are many questions that people seek answers to, if not now – in the future.

We have covered twin flame relationships in great detail, but there are also some fantastic Twin Flame Books that we can read to deepen our understanding of the dynamic. The following are fantastic twin flame books that will touch your soul.


 1-Twin Flames: Discover the Mythology of Soul Mates and the Twin Flame Union, Disunion, and the Reunion (Spiritual Partner) (Volume 1)

We are always looking for that one person who will complete us. Someone that will make us realize that we are never meant to be alone in this world. We all have a twin soul, or if not that, then a soul mate. The problem is, we fail to look for them. Sometimes, we have found them, but we ignore them. This book will give you a great understanding of twin flame reunions.

2 – Twin Flames: The Soul Journey Back to Oneness (Twin Flames, Soulmate, reincarnation, love yourself)

However you feel about your life, there is always room for love. If there’s someone with whom you’re already sharing your life, there’s certainly room to make the connection deeper. Finding your twin flame isn’t about trying to have the perfect life with the perfect person and it doesn’t mean your current situation or relationship is lacking.

With solid, real-world analogies and a realistic perspective on today’s relationships, Twin Flames: The Soul Journey Back to Oneness offers fresh ideas on how to find, keep and cherish your ideal partner.

As you explore the meaning of Twin Flames and all the experiences that lead up to having the deepest of spiritual connections, you’ll also find how to live up to your own potential. This journey will teach you how setbacks become stepping stones, failed relationships become sign posts that point to the person you were meant to be with and, most of all, the greatest gift you can give your soul is unconditional love. This book is a perfect read if you want to know if someone is your Twin Flame and what are the chances are of finding your Twin Flame.

3 – Why Twin Flames Run: Reasons for Twin Flame Separation


Are you bewildered how your twin flame can run away from such intense and beautiful love? Why Twin Flames Run by Karen Burness is a direct and straight to the point analysis of the fears and subconscious patterns that runner twins experience which causes them to withdraw from the connection. In this short guide, you will learn that it’s not personal – it is simply a Twin Flame Stage that you must go through for a while. The guide is aimed at providing you with understanding and comfort in this difficult stage of separation.

4 – Twin Flames: Experience Your Soul’s Awakening Toward The Twin Flame Reunion and Meeting Your Spiritual Partner (Karmic Spirits, Reincarnation)

This book is written for anyone that is intrigued about Twin Flames, Soulmates, and Spiritual Partnerships but isn’t quite sure where to begin their exploration. This book will provide you with the history and mythology of Twin Flames, Karmic Soul Partnerships and Twin Souls. It will also delve into questions such as what are Twin Flames, what are the aspects of a Soulmate Relationship and how to tell the difference between Twin Flames and Soulmates and what is a spiritual awakening while looking at the synchronicity and signs you may have met your Twin Flame or Spiritual Partner. Through this book, you will receive a better understanding of yourself and the effect you have on the Universe.

5 – Twin Flames Revelation: Answering the Call to Save Humanity – Part One

Twin Flames are presently re-uniting to complete their mission at this critical juncture in Earths ascension. Humanity has long been trapped by the forces of darkness and today stands poised to emerge from the dark and rise to a higher dimension. However, unseen forces are working hard to stop this and it will take the combined efforts of advanced Souls and Twin Flames to bring the balance of power back into humanities favour. This book details the journey of one such Soul, his Twin Flame, his Soul Mates and their journey prior to and after answering the call to help liberate humanity. If you are reading this book now, this is likely your story as well. This is the first book in a series that spans the millennia and concludes with a series of prophetic visions up until 2017.

6- The Power of Twin Soul Love

Betsey Townsend is living her dream as a soap opera actress in New York, but when the network cancels her show, she’s left taking stock of her life. Single and without children, Betsey embarks on an inner journey that brings her back to mysticism, romance, and the wisdom of her heart. An inspiring read for women and men of all ages (as it is never too late to find love), Amazon’s best selling Power of Twin Soul Love is a short fiction romance, exploring the theory of twin souls. This novella is the first in a series of books chronicling one woman’s journey through spirituality and true love.

7- Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover

Your Twin Flame was designed for you as your Ultimate Lover, who is destined to spend a lifetime after lifetime with you in deep, passionate, everlasting love. They are your perfect companion in life as a lover, partner, friend, ally, and everything else you desire. You know them by the feeling you have for that special someone in your heart, and who you know is out there. It’s time to bring your Twin Flame from “out there,” into your life. This book is designed to show you how, and what to do when you are united with your Twin Flame.

8- Soul Mates & Twin Flames: Discover a Timeless Love, Fulfill Your Soul’s Purpose, and Experience a Higher Level of Love (Soul Mates, Twin Flames, … Spirits, Endless Love, Spiritual Partner)

This book will explain the natures, attributes and true purposes of soul mates and twin flames. You will learn to recognize your soul mate and twin flame and forge unbreakable connections with them. In doing so, you will experience the completion and satisfaction that only cosmic love can offer. By reading this book you will learn how becoming your higher self helps you find your soul mate, how to connect with your soul mate and twin flame, how finding your soul mate and twin flame contributes to the elevation of humanity and much more.

9- Twin Flame Relationships

In this book, Adam Bercier uses his own experience as well as his research to describe the foundations of a twin flame relationship. You will discover what you need to do to bring your twin flame into your life, how twin flames communicate, key signs that tell you if they are your twin flame or not and the difference between soul mates and twin flames. Adam is married to his twin flame and shares some of his personal experiences of when they came together in this life, in hopes to give you an insight into how you can find your twin flame. A must-read for anyone inquiring about twin flames.

10- Sacred Fire of Twin-flames

This book is about the personal journey and experience of the author and her husband and they found each other, from the other side of the World, how they beat the odds to come together and become husband and wife. This book also includes the personal stories of eight other Twin-flame couples. These couples were kind enough to bare their souls to share their stories and give advice to you.

11- Twin Flames: A True Story of Soul Reunion

This is a remarkable, compelling story of True Love, the most divine union possible on Earth. When Antera and Omaran meet and discover they are not only soulmates but twin flames, separated thousands of years ago, they embark on a journey of profound spiritual awakenings and experiences. With constant help from Ascended Masters and angels, they overcome huge obstacles to reunite and stay together, as they begin their highest spiritual service.

12- Twin Flames and their Precious Energy

This book is intended to help us recognise the task of the shared twin flame energy by going within and finding our own energy, our own being, and from there, recognising our twin flame, our twin soul if both souls have agreed to meet in this life. The book is also intended to make clear that your partner does not necessarily have to be your twin flame for your relationship to be happy. It gives us spiritual guidance to understand the spiritual connections and laws more easily and to integrate them into our lives. The words bring truth and clarity and deeply and lovingly touch our soul.

13– Divine Intervention II: A Guide To Twin Flames, Soul Mates, and Kindred Spirits

This book examines the concept of love as it relates to time and space. In a conversational manner which is easily understood, the terms Twin Flame, Soul Mate, and Kindred Spirit are discussed in great detail in a way which allows the reader to apply these terms in his/her life. If you have ever been in love, you should read this book. If you are currently in a relationship, you should read this book. If you are looking for love, you should read this book. Divine Intervention II also offers prayers, meditations, affirmations, quotes, and exercises intended to help the Reader prioritize the things he/she wants and needs in a fulfilled, loving relationship.

14- Twin Flames & Soul Mates – How to tell if you are Dating, Married to, or in Love with your Spiritual Twin Flame or Soulmate

This ebook is written by Aingeal Rose and AHONU have between them, combined metaphysical teaching experience spanning 50 years and are Ascension Twins. Together they discuss topics such as what are twin flames and soul mates, meeting your ascension twin before twin couples meet and why twins don’t recognise each other. They also look at spirituality and what is actually happening, why are twins meeting now, what about other relationships and what about existing relationships.

15-Soul Empowerment.: Reconnecting you with your own soul with special reference to Twin-flames.


Soul Empowerment delves ever-deeper into who and what soul is, and what makes a soul unique and special within the greater cosmic creative framework. Furthermore, it goes into soul groups, soul tonal chords, the galaxies of origin and soul colours. It looks deeply into the realms of soul relationships, not only twin flames but also soul groups, love and loving.

16- Decoding The Soul: Understanding Your Soul’s Purpose and the Role of Soulmates & Twin Flames in Your Life

The last book on our list is actually our own. Decoding the soul explores all areas of the Twin Flame Dynamic. It is your guide to understanding your reasons for being here and the roles that various types of soulmates play in your life, including twin flames.

With the help of Decoding The Soul, you can start seeing the opportunities that will make your soul soar.