16 True Stories You Won’t Be Able to Explain Rationally

What are your experiences with unexplained phenomena?

Sometimes things happen that, try as we might, can’t be explained rationally. These can be events such as items moving on their own, huge losses of time, premonitions, or coincidences that seem to crazy to be real.

When these kind of events happen to us the feeling we get never quite leaves us. Often we begin to question if things played out exactly how we remembered or are our minds adding little things that make us think something supernatural is at play? Therefore,it can sometimes seem a bit of a blessing when someones else is there to experience these events too.

However, that’s not always the case. The human mind likes to categorise things. It likes explanations and when we can’t give them, we feel unsettled, almost as if we’ve lost control.

On a reddit thread, people were asked ‘What are some of YOUR first hand experiences with unexplained phenomena?‘. The following are 16 of the best answers.

Do you have any potential explanations for them?

16 True Stories You Won't Be Able to Explain Rationally


My Déjà Vu: In the 9th grade I sat in my English class waiting for the lesson to begin. My teacher always liked to take 10 minutes at the beginning of class to just talk about everything and anything. So this one particular day he begins with the story of his friend that was supposed to be on a flight, but cancelled at the last minute when he had a dream of a plane crash. The small plane took off without him and later crashed. He then told us a story about a robbery that had occurred at his house a few years prior. He said he woke up in the middle of the night when he heard footsteps in the hallway. He picked up his baseball bat (named Sharlene) he kept beside his bed, and when the crook opened the bedroom door my teacher shattered his forearm with the baseball bat. After he was done telling us these stories he began his lecture but was immediately interrupted by a seagull smacking into the window of our classroom.

The next day I came to class and sat at my desk… my teacher began his 10 minute talk… he started with the story of his friend who had a dream of a plane crash. I put up my hand halfway thought the story, realizing that I’ve heard this before and that the teacher must have forgotten he had told us already. But as I’m telling him that he told us this story my classmates looked at me and said “no, he didn’t”. So my teacher finishes his story, and then segways into his next story… about a robbery that occurred at his house a few years prior. This time I beat him to the punchline and say “You told us this yesterday! You break the guys arm with a baseball bat”. Again, my classmates look at me and one guy tells me to shutup. My teacher says “well yeah, I broke the guys arm with a baseball bat. Did I tell you already?”. I tell him he told us yesterday and that his baseball bat is named Sharlene. He’s baffled I know the name of his bat. But again everyone seems to deny he ever told us this. I can’t believe what is going on! I begin to laugh, thinking that I’m going crazy. So I say “No! Watch! A seagull is going to hit our window within the next 2 minutes!”. Of course nobody believes me and this punk tells me to lay off the crackpipe. The class settles down and my teacher starts his lesson. 5 seconds later a seagull hits the window.

TL;DR I predicted and announced the future

KoalaBearz (OP)


Once I was driving to work. Suddenly, I blurted out “Fond du Lac,” which I have subsequently found is a place in Wisconsin. This took me by surprise, because I am not prone to blurt out obscure place names to myself whilst driving.

That evening, I was driving home, doing 80 in the passing lane. I was passing a trailer truck, got half way up the trailer, and on the trailer right in the middle it said “Fond du Lac.” Which took me so much by surprise that I hit the brake to make sure I wasn’t seeing things. As I looked at the truck, something happened in lane 1, and the truck swerved hard over into my lane. BECAUSE I HAD ALREADY BRAKED I was able to avoid…narrowly…being run off the road or crushed…who knows, by the truck as it ran into my lane. Fond du Lac. True story. No witnesses.



My grandfather was a respected Buddhist monk in the southern region of the U.S. When he passed away, dozens upon dozens of monks from around the country came in to pay their respects and every non married male in my family became temporary monks for a week as a sign of respect. One evening, my uncle, a few of my cousins and myself were conversing with one of the “higher” ranked monks and he started talking to my uncle about his life. At first, we were all interested because he was telling my uncle information like the date when he was born, various locations of birthmarks on his body and so on, nothing too crazy, although it was hilarious for the rest of us.

But then the monk starts lecturing my uncle for the things he had been doing and my uncle didn’t really think much of it at first. Then the monk begins to tell the story of how my uncle, in his early twenties stole a car, describes how he flipped it into a ditch and then how my uncle had to lie to his wife about how he got a concussion. My uncle says he had never told anyone this story before. The monk proceeds to do this to all of us. We had never met this particular monk before and it was amazing that he was not only nailing exact birth dates. I was probably 16 or 17 so I didn’t have any crazy secrets like my uncle, but the monk did tell everyone exactly where I hid my money, which I thought at the time, was a spot no one would ever find.


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Let me first say I’m a skeptical atheist and my only conclusion is we must have made it up and our brains tricked us into making it a real memory, but it’s an extremely vivid memory my friend and I both have. We were about 9 or 10 years old and we were talking on the phone. It was a little after 7 at night, in the winter, and it was dark outside. While we’re talking, we both see out windows start to glow, like there’s a bright light outside. It starts dim, builds slowly, then suddenly gets blindingly white and disappears.

We live just one street away from eachother, so we’re wondering what the hell we just saw. That’s when I look over at the clock and realize it’s 10:30. He said his clock matched mine. 3 hours seemed to pass in a few seconds, and the next day there was a circle burned into the grass of a field next to us about 15 yards in diameter. It freaked us out enough we never told anyone else about it, but to this day we both remember it exactly the same. And to reiterate, I don’t believe something paranormal happened, I just don’t know what did happen.



When I was about 14, me and about 6 friends were playing hide and seek at night with flashlights at our cabin in a very rural area of western new york. Approaching from the west we noticed a V shaped formation of yellow glowing discs, maybe 7 or 9, which silently glided above us continuing toward the east. When they were directly above, one of the friends with a flashlight started shining it upward toward them, and I freaked out thinking they were going to come down.

After they passed (it took maybe 20 to 30 seconds) we ran into the cabin to tell the adults, they just said it was probably an airplane…. I’ve seen thousands of airplanes at night and this wasn’t even remotely close to what an airplane looks like.



I was about 9 years old, and was at an open house with my mom, who was a real-estate agent. This was a huge house; 6,000 sq ft. Anyways, My mom was turning off all the lights upstairs while I waited for her in the kitchen. I went to grab a glass of water, drank it all, and put it on the counter. I then realized how silent it was in the house, I looked down at the glass, and saw it fly across the counter and shatter on the wall next to it. At this point I shat bricks, yelled MOMMY, and went running up the stairs and did not leave her side or ever stay in that house again after dark. Some people believe me, some people don’t. I don’t give a shit. I can still remember how “heavy” the silence felt, and that glass shattering made my mind kick in to overdrive.



In 2003, both my wife and I saw what looked like blood or red kool aid on our bed sheets. My wife called me in from the other room. We both saw it, i jumped on the bed and was looking at it closely, it looked like wet ink or blood, i couldnt tell what it was from….. literally seconds later the red stuff disappeared.

We both saw it so it wasnt like my brain going haywire. There is powerful shit going on in this universe that we are so blindingly unaware about.



I worked in a pub in Brighton, UK. It’s an old church.

We had ghost hunters come in to make a video, they found nothing, the stories were always around, but no one saw anything.

Then i spoke to my boss about it, he said he see’s ghosts frequently, he was one for bullshit so I didn’t believe him, but he said I had no chance of seeing them until I was in the pub, by myself regularly.

So fast forward 6 months, its summer and I’ve gone full time. Setting up the pub, and I see a ghost, a woman in Victorian clothing, strolling down the stairs. Couple of days later, I see a face looking down on me from the balcony.

It’s strange, but I didn’t even think of being afraid, my rationale being if they have to be comfortable with you being around before they show themselves then they can’t be so bad.


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