6 Things You Need to Know About Life

As we get older we start reflecting on ways we wished we could have done things differently. However, this perspective comes with the experience of life and without making some of the mistakes we did in our early years, we would never have learned this.

Here are some life truths that I have learnt and stick closely to, which make life a lot easier and happier.

1. Sometimes things have to come crashing down for better things to take their place

There are times in everyones life where everything seems to be falling down around you, nothing is working, and you feel completely out of luck. In hindsight, we can often see why this happens. That the old sometimes has to make way for the new and though the old is comfortable, the new is often better and the path that we are meant to take.

Having faith that everything will work out the way it should do, will save a huge amount of stress and worry.

2. You cannot make someone love you

Though we have control over a lot in our lives, it is important to remember that we cannot control someone else actions an emotions. You cannot change the way someone feels and you cannot make someone love you. When you feel as though you love someone with all that you are but it’s not reciprocated, then it is time to move on, accept that persons feelings and to understand you are worth more than unreciprocated love. You deserve someone that loves you with their entire being as well.

3. Gossiping about someone shows more about your character than theirs

Pointing out someones perceived flaws and talking about them in a negative way, only highlights your own securities. If there is something you do not like in that person, it often mirrors qualities in yourself that you are refusing to deal with. Try to live a life that does not involve judging others. You will be a lot happier and honestly, most people are uncomfortable having someone gossiping to them. Don’t be that person and try not to surround yourself with those types of people either.

4. Don’t water dead flowers

Learn to recognise when something has come to an end and move on. There is no good in putting your heart and soul into something that has clearly come to an end. If a relationship finishes or a job is lost etc, stop living in that moment and move forward. You could be stopping yourself from discovering the next big thing for you.

5. Possessions do not make you happy

Sure their can be temporary highs when we make purchases or collect things, but that’s all they are – temporary. True happiness comes from within and from the love and support of the people around you. A person needs very little to be happy, it is a state that is found inside and can not be attained externally.

Striving to fill your life with fancy and expensive possessions often leaves a person feeling worse and struggling with a pile of debt.

6. There’s no reverse gear in life

You can’t go back, as much as you may want to. You may have deep regrets about something, or miss the way things once were but you can never go back to live in that moment or change things that happened. Realising this lets the past stop holding you back from your future and turning regrets into lessons.

Remember life is all about learning, no one gets through it without making mistakes. The important thing to take from it is the experience and to let it teach you not to repeat those same mistakes again.

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