The Inspiring Story Of Glenn Cunningham

Once, a young school boy named Glenn Cunningham was caught up in an explosion at his school. He and his brother Floyd were badly burned and sadly, Floyd passed away.

Doctor’s recommended amputating both of Glenn’s legs, but he was so distressed that his parents helped him to stop them from carrying out the procedure. The doctors informed the family that it was likely, he would never walk normally again. He had lost all flesh on his knees and shins, lost all toes on his left foot, and almost completely destroyed his transverse arch.

Glenn however was determined, and with an immeasurable amount of hours spent in therapy, he gradually regained the use of his legs. In the early summer of 1919, some two years after the accident, Glenn began walking again.

He started walking to school. Then he started running to school and it was here he developed his love for running. In college Glenn made the track team.

Then in February 1934 in Madison Square Garden, Glenn – who was told he would not survive, that he would never walk again; ran the worlds fastest mile.

He competed in both the 1932 Summer Olympics as well as the 1936 Summer Olympics. While on the ship traveling from the U.S. to Germany, he was voted “Most Popular Athlete” by his fellow Olympians.

Now known by many the greatest American miler of all time, Glenn Cunningham’s story is an inspiration to us all when we are in our darkest hours. If you have the will, the determination and put in the work, there is nothing you cannot achieve.

The next time you are down, or feel like you are stuck in a hopeless situation, remember the story of Glenn Cunningham. Remember his passion, his determination and what he achieved. Now remember that you have that within you as well. All you have to do, is commit to doing it.

Never Give Up Hope, It Is Always Darkest Before The Dawn…

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