Wherever stage you’re on your twin flame journey, it’s likely you’re wondering if there are signs your twin flame is thinking about you. Fortunately, there absolutely are.

A feeling of familiarity.

A rush of emotions that don’t fit the situation you’re in.

A powerful dream you can’t forget.

These are potential signs your twin flame is thinking about you, and there are many more. Where ever you are in terms of Twin Flame Stages, there are always sign that point to the higher purpose of this relationship.

This is true if you’ve reunited with your twin flame, been separated from each other, or haven’t even met one another yet…

5 Signs your twin flame is thinking about you

Are There Signs My Twin Flame is Thinking About Me? Absolutely!

Whether you’ve reached the Twin Flame Reunion stage, or you’re still in the Twin Flame Separation Phase, there are definite signs your twin flame is thinking about you.

In fact, many of the signs will be the same, but they’ll carry different meanings. Depending on where you are on your Twin Flame Journey, there’ll be different emotions associated with the different stages.

However, even if you’re in the separation phase, it’s important to know the most important aspect to focus on is your own self-growth and to trust your Twin Flame is focused on theirs. Twin flame reunion anxiety does nobody any favors.

In this way you’re moving towards the part of the journey where the two of you will reunite in love, both having grown in a way that will allow your relationship to survive whatever comes your way.

If you’re at the reunion stage of the Twin Flame Relationship, these signs will be reminders of the strength and love that envelops you both. It’s a reminder of everything you’ve been through to get to this stage and encouragement of what’s yet to come.

With that being said, we’re going to look at 5 signs your twin flame is thinking about you from both perspectives.

5 Signs Your Twin Flame is Thinking About You

1) Seeing your Twin Flame in Your Dreams

You know in dreams you don’t quite see a person, rather you feel who that person is. This feeling is amplified when the person you’re dreaming about is the other half of your soul. What’s even more miraculous about this experience is, often your twin flame is dreaming about you too.

Separation Stage:

Dreaming of your twin flame is bittersweet and is often tinged with sadness, whether you’re dreaming of what could have been or what’s led you to this point.

When twin flames are separated, each soul remains in a state of disquiet. When the bodies fall asleep and the souls are left free to explore, they will seek each other out to ease this disquiet and find peace.

Sometimes you’ll dream of your Twin Flame in surroundings that are familiar to you, but you’ve never been in. These can be happy dreams that tug on the heartstrings when you awake to find your twin flame isn’t with you. These dreams are often memories of past lives spent with the person.

Pay attention to dreams and try to write down what you were feeling and what the dreams mean to you. By keeping a dream diary, you can start to see patterns that emerge and these will often be lessons you need to learn in this lifetime.

Was there something that happened in a past life you’re still experiencing in this one? A feeling of betrayal, abandonment, a fear of authority? Often issues we experienced in past lives and are still experiencing today are major learning milestones we need to achieve in order to move forward.

Reunion Stage:

Dreaming of your twin flame in the reunion stage is often far different than the separation stage. You get to wake up with your twin flame and relay your experiences with each other.

Here you will often dream of yourselves experiencing new situations. Again, it’s important to take note of similar messages and meanings in your dreams. These can be lessons you need to learn together, issues in the world you can tackle together to help elevate other people’s consciousness. A chance to be kind and improve the world.

The overall difference here will be the sense of togetherness. Even if you experience tough dreams, you both know you have each other to get through them.

You’ll also experience past life memories at an increasing rate. As your connection grows, memories awaken and it can be fascinating to see what you’ve both experienced in the past.

2) Feeling Your Twin Flames Energy

If you think of energy as a vibrating frequency, you’re more tuned into your twin flame than any other person in the world. This frequency is much less static in the reunion stage than it is in the separation stage, but it’s definitely something your both aware of, particularly when one of you is thinking about the other.

Separation Stage:

This energy feels like a magnetic pull as soon as you’ve met your twin flame. Unfortunately, this pull exists even when you’re in the separation stage. You feel your twin flames energy in places that remind you of them, and they feel the same. This often represents each twin thinking about the other.

It’s important to realize this pull and energy is present, but you shouldn’t go looking for it. You’re at the stage now where you need to work on yourself, this is hard to do when you’re stuck in the past when your twin flame was in your life. This separation is important and will be worth it in the end.

Reunion Stage:

The magnetism you feel towards your twin flame is higher than ever and you feel your twin’s energy at all times. You’ll feel it more so when your twin’s thoughts are on you and vice versa.

Your energy has grown together and it fills you with strength and optimism. When you’re in difficult situations, this energy fills you and boosts your own so you’re more than capable of getting through what you need to. When the two of you join forces and that energy combines, there isn’t a force that can stop you from setting out what you want to achieve.

3) Twin Flame Telepathy

Telepathic communication develops the stronger your bond is with your twin flame. As your energy grows together, so does your level of communication. It takes time for this to happen and you will need to navigate your way through the earlier stages of the twin flame union to get there.

However, this doesn’t mean telepathy isn’t present at the start of the twin flame journey.

A lot of people are under the misconception that twin flames will have full-blown conversations mind-to-mind when they meet. This simply isn’t the case. Telepathic communication is easiest when our souls are in their most awakened state.

Separation Stage:

When Twin Flames meet, the first form of telepathic communication that catches their attention is shared intuition. A thought or feeling that doesn’t seem to be your own, or at least that you can’t explain.

This feeling doesn’t just happen when in the presence of each other. After the initial meeting, you’ll feel this intuition at random which signifies you’re picking up on your twin’s thought process.

You might see something for the first time, or meet someone, and draw a conclusion that isn’t only based on your own intuition. You’re picking up on your twin’s life experience and melding it with your own to help you reach an understanding of the situation.

Reunion Stage:

Although twin flame telepathy implies images and words, it’s important to note that this all happens in the mind. When twin flames have gone through their initial stages, learned to grow together, and have become more advanced on their spiritual journeys, this type of communication will come into play.

The intuition mentioned in the separation stage has grown to an extent that you can now separate your twins from your own. When you meet a new situation you can almost hear your partner’s thoughts inside of yourself such as advice or warnings.

4) Twin Flame Empathy

As well as gaining a deeper intuition into your twin’s thoughts, you’ll also start to understand and feel their emotions too. As the two of you spend more time together, your understanding of each other strengthens until you’ll almost always know how the other is feeling.

Separation Stage:

Feeling emotions that aren’t yours during the separation is both happy and sad. You’ll feel your twin’s emotions more when they’re thinking of you. However, the separation means you can’t be with your twin to validate this or help them with what they’re going through.

Remember, this is a time of self-growth and even if you feel your twin experiencing difficult emotions, this is a time for them to work through it themselves. Getting involved at this point would do you both a disservice and set back the timeframe for the reunion to take place.

Reunion Stage:

You feel your twin’s emotions nearly as clearly as you feel your own. You’ll know if your twin is upset even before they’ve entered a room at times. If you’re in a group and your partners uncomfortable etc., you’ll feel this without them having to communicate anything with you.

You’ll also feel their love and happiness mirrored back at you, strengthening and validating your own emotions. This is a wonderful experience and this strength, and support, is one of the more inspirational twin flame characteristics.

5) Seeing Twin Flame Numbers

Numbers hold a certain value and represent a myriad of things. This is no different when it comes to twin flames. Many people will start seeing patterns of numbers and they’ll each mean something different. For example, seeing a collection of 1’s, such as the time 11:11 or in a phone number, advert, etc., is a sign your twin flame is about to enter your life.

Separation Stage:

As the number 1 is important when you haven’t yet met your twin flame, number 2 is the important number for twins in the separation phase.

The number 2, or especially a series of 2’s, represents the universe’s understanding of what you’re going through.  It’s as if the universe is saying to us; “I know what you’re going through but have faith – I know what I’m doing and it’s going to be worth it in the end.”

We know this on a deeper level, and as much as seeing the number 2 makes you think about your twin flame, the same is true for them. The universe is sending them the same message, and each time it does, they think of you.

Reunion Stage:

For twin flames who are in union, number 3 holds the power for you. It is the number of ascension, mastery, and spiritual progression.

When the universe shows you the number 3, it’s a reminder of the life purpose you and your twin agreed to before your current incarnation. It’s a reminder of the belief the universe has in your union and the strength you both have to meet the obstacles before you.

When you see the number 3, you and your twin flame will think of each other, of what you’ve come through, and how it’s prepared you to set out and achieve your spiritual missions.

Twin Flames Thinking of Each Other

Hopefully, these signs will resonate with you and, if you’re at the separation stage of the Twin Flame Relationship, you’ll know how the emotions you feel during each of these moments can rapidly change.

Most of all, remember the meanings behind these signs, the work you have to do and the lessons to be learned. There is a reason for everything and the universe is the orchestrator of what we need even when we fight against it.

Embrace the opportunity to learn, to change, and to move forward. When you do this, you’ll experience amazing and rewarding growth that will allow your relationship with your twin flame to get to the place it was always meant to.

Now you know, not only are there signs your twin flame is thinking about you, these signs represent both twin flames thinking of each other. How could you not with the connection you have?

5 Signs your Twin Flame is Thinking About You infographic