16 Signs You’ve Met Your Twin Soul

You will meet some people in life that you will feel a heightened sense of connection with, a deep pang of recognition that leaves you confused and wondering what’s going on.

What’s that all about?!

You feel like they were meant to walk into your like, almost as if you were waiting for this day to happen and now you finally have the chance to move forward.

Are they a soulmate or are they your twin soul?  The other half of you and the one that completes you?

It’s important to make the distinction because you will feel a strong connection with both, but only one will be your true flame. The one that’s your strongest mirror, who makes you be the best version you can be, and the one that helps you to change the world.

The following are 16 sure signs that the person in your life is your twin soul.

Twin Flame Signs

1. Connection

As soon as you meet them you feel a deep and intense connection, that both fascinates you and shocks you in equal measure. The connection is so deep you feel struck by it instantly.

2. Recognition

You rack your brain trying to figure out where you’ve met them before. You know you’ve seen them before but where? Try as you might, you can’t figure it out and you’re left with an unshakeable feeling of déjà vu.

3. Home

You understand what the true meaning of ‘Home’ is. It’s finding that person that you always refer to as coming home to. The person that makes you feel safer than anyone else and this feeling of safety and trust establishes itself, right from the onset.

4. Finally

That feeling you’ve always carried that something is missing from your life, or that you’re waiting for something to come, finally disappears.

5. Balance

Your traits and characteristics balance each other. You are the Yin and Yang, the light and the dark. Together your two halves make one whole.

16 Signs You've Met Your Twin Soul

6. Purpose

Finding your twin flame re-aligns your goals to include one another and to dream bigger. You spiritual journeys have intertwined and your focus shifts on how you can make a better world by working together.

7. Individuality

Even though they are your other half, you will only begin to understand your true individuality by contrasting in against theirs. You feel more free to be yourself than at any other time before and you have the love and support of your twin flame while doing it.

8. Freedom

You are incredibly bonded but free at the same time. Your twin soul doesn’t get jealous of your need to go and do your own thing. You both have a deep sense of peace knowing that when you have finished, you have the other to come back to.

9. Betterment

You push each other to be better people. Finding each other is a blessing and it drives you on to make a difference in the world and to live with a core set of principles and values.

10. Mirrors

You are mirrors of each other, meaning that the other reflects back to you the things that you are supposed to be working on in this life. For example, if you are intolerant of change, your twin flame will be free and spontaneous in order to help you over come this issue. You help each other to grow and achieve the life lessons you’ve set out for yourselves in this life.

11. Attraction

You are deeply attracted to your twin flame in much more than just physicality. You’re attracted to them emotionally, mentally and spiritually and this attraction never lessens, it only heightens as you continue on your journey.

12. Lessons

Together you will face challenges and learn major life lessons such as forgiveness, compassion, empathy, open-mindedness and gratitude.

16 Signs You've Met Your Twin Soul

13. Energy

You are so in tune with each others energy that you often know what the other is thinking or feeling by the own sympathetic feelings you get in tandem. You know when they’ve had a bad day as soon as they walk in the door before you’ve even seen them. You are always aware of them and their emotional state.

14. Maturity

One of you will be more spiritually mature than the other and will guide the other through lessons in order to help them mature at a faster pace.

15. Honesty

You are always honest with each other without fear or hesitation. You appreciate the value of communication and that ultimately, you can never hide anything from your twin flame so it is always better to be open and honest.

16. Levels

You often remark how you connect on so many different levels. You are each others lover, best friend, teacher, inspiration and much more.

Twin Flame Signs Video

This is a beautiful video made by someone explaining their own twin flame signs and how it felt to them. This is a fantastic way to see that twin soul signs can vary among the people who are experiencing them.

While many will be shared, it is hard to explain the depth of emotion that comes from meeting and being with your twin flame.

Feel free to comment on your own experiences below and take a look at this beautiful video:


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