When it comes to life journeys, no two are the same. We each make our own way through life; blazing our own paths and learning lessons on the way. To help with this, we’re going to show you 7 short life lessons to take inspiration from.

There are universal truths that people come to learn throughout their life journeys. These are the things we’re meant to focus on. These are the things we cannot change.

The purpose of our existence is to grow and spiritually evolve. We do this through experiences and practicing positive emotions such as love, compassion and friendship. Negative emotions such as anger, jealousy and greed, hamper our evolution and prevent us from learning the lesson.

You will carve your own path and your choices will ultimately decide the direction that your life takes.

To aid you on your path, here are 7 short life lessons to keep in mind.

7 Short Life Lessons to Inspire You Today

7 Short Life Lessons to Inspire You Today

1) Everyone is a Little Uncertain At Times

No one knows what’s right all of the time. In fact, people who find their purpose in life still struggle with it occasionally.

These are normal, human emotions. We can learn to conquer the doubt, but we can’t stop it from arising every now and then.

Besides that, pretending that you know what to do all of the time prohibits you from being open to new opportunities and challenged.

Remember, you need to learn lessons and a large part of that come down to keeping an open mind.

2) People Will Come and Go, But the Ones Who Are Meant To Will Stay

Nobody owes us their time and unfortunately, many people will leave our lives. This might be because your time together has come to an end, your lesson learned. Or, their time on earth might be finished and they move on to get ready for the next.

Whatever the reason, the pain can still be overwhelming. It is important to remember that we all have our own lives to lead. Our own decisions to make. Our own lessons to learn. It is better to let people go rather than holding on and preventing them from doing what needs to be done.

In time, you’ll realize that this was meant to happen and you will be free yourself to move on to the next era of your life.

The people that are meant to be in our lives will stay. These are the ones we tend to learn the biggest lessons from and share in the greatest portions of our love.

3) Life is About Making Mistakes

Lessons are learned through mistakes; that’s unavoidable. A life without mistakes isn’t really a life lived so avoiding the potential to make them is only really holding you back on your journey.

People can become immobilized by the thoughts of making a mistake or failing. However, we need to take these chances in order to evolve on our spiritual paths.

Change your mindset from fearing to make mistakes to embracing it. Recognize struggles as an opportunity and take care to learn something new every time a mistake is made.

4) Life Is About Love

Love is the energy that holds everything together and by loving, you are strengthening that force. Love comes in many different guises and across different intensities.

Practice compassion and understanding. Remember you never really know what someone is going through so it’s better to ask how they are doing, or give them the benefit of the doubt.

As said previously, healthy emotions such as love, kindness, understanding and forgiveness, enhance the positive vibrations of the universe. They make people feel better, happy and motivated to go further.

Unhealthy emotions such as jealousy, hate, anger and distrust, interpret the vibrations of the universe and can have rippling effects that spread the damage far and wide.

Remember the golden rule to treat others how you would like to be treated. With the utmost respect, understanding and compassion.

5) Your Emotions Are There to Be Mastered

Our egos and emotional centers can work against our souls if we let them. Our ego is the main obstacle to overcome when it comes to mastering ourselves.

Unless we can learn to effectively master our emotions, they become the master of us. Therefore, we can not make plans or evolve as we are being steered by another force.

By meditating regularly and practicing mindfulness, we can learn to fully live in the present. Positive emotions live in the present whereas unhealthy emotions live in the past and present.

This isn’t to say you cannot spend time making plans or reflecting on what has happened. But you can not live in either. People who struggle to let go are living in the past and people who are afraid are living in the future.

Now is the only moment that counts.

6) Life is Made Up of Experiences

It is not made up of material objects. When we look back on our lives we reflect on both the good and bad things that have happened, without regret or judgement.

Rarely will someone look back years later and be thankful for purchasing a material good. Rather people look back at memories. At experiences, that happened that ultimately changed the directions of our lives.

We learn through experience and possessions actually sidetrack us and stop us from immersing ourselves in life fully.

Instead of looking at a country online, go and visit it. Rather than sending a message, go and meet someone.

Always choose the experience whenever possible.

7) It Takes a Lifetime to find Yourself

Just when you think you’ve got it all figured out, something will happen to make you question everything. This is life and while we’re here we’re never going to stop learning.

Even if we learned the main reason for being here, our souls aren’t going to want to stop evolving. The path to spiritual enlightenment and understanding is never ending and fluid. We need to be prepared to change our minds and develop our understanding at any time.

It is only when we can be fully open to life that we can fully experience our journeys.

Hopefully you’ll take these 7 short life lessons as inspiration to make positive changes in your life and achieve everything you set out to do.