30 Real Stories of Unexplainable Events


This took place around 4 years ago. I was outside one day waiting for my mother to arrive home from work. I was looking down the road we live on, and I noticed something that I first thought was a deer. It walked out into the middle of the road and I realised it was on two legs. I decided to whistle at it. it then froze about 3/4 of the way across the road. After a couple more whistles, it ran across the road. Could have been a person, but I fucking swear it had inverted knees. That’s the part that freaked me the fuck out.



This happened about 6 years ago. A couple friends and I have decided to go out into the woods and build a “base camp”. We brought axes , machetes , fuel and a tent. We walked deep into the woods and spent all day cutting down trees and building a makeshift fence. Being idiots as it became dark we realized we had no way to see. We started a fire and I realized if we pour some fuel into a small can we can light the fumes at the top and create a torch.

We made several torches and placed them in the surrounding woods. It got very dark we needed more logs for the fire so I was out about 20 meters from our camp I could hear my friends talking. I was swinging at the tree when I felt something hit my back. I froze and turned out around staring into the dark forest right at the edge of lights from our torches. I saw nothing and I assumed something had fallen off the tree and hit my shoulder. Right as I was about the swing something hits me in the back of the head and it hurt enough to make me swing around again. I saw a rock at my feet and I was terrified now.

Turning back to walk towards camp I could hear my friends and see the light from the fire I kept turning my head looking into the darkness about halfway to camp a rock flew by me, missing my head by inches. I ran back to camp and told everyone and they saw the terror in my face. We sat for awhile before more rocks came , we couldn’t see anyone or anything just rocks flying into camp. Needless to say we didn’t sleep, just chilled in the tent holding machetes and keeping a big fire. There were so many rocks in the morning, the thought still terrifies me. We were deep in the woods no one else should have been out there, I want to say it was a person but we didn’t hear anything or see anything. Just so many rocks.

Just to clarify there were no cliffs of any sort we were rural Saskatchewan in Canada. I would love to say it was Bigfoot but the forest was silent, if it was Bigfoot then he’s light on his feet. All you could hear was the rocks hitting the ground, the thought of laying there hearing these still freaks me out. There should have been no people around we were really deep in the forest, we were far away from any kind if town/settlement almost in a nature reserve. Walking back to my friends I felt like the whole Forest was watching me, haunting feeling to be so vulnerable and trying to keep it together while wondering if your crazy or if your really in danger.

There was alot of rocks in the morning well over 100 ranging in sizes, some were scary large. None larger than the size of a fist.



Back when I was 15, maybe 16, I was at my Grandparents house where the whole family would get together pretty often. So, there were 17 of us all hanging out and no reason for anything creepy to happen or let imagination create things. Anyways, I was in the kitchen which is on the second story and is connected to a balcony. As I was walking past the sliding doors that go outside I see clear as day a man sitting on one of the railing facing outwards.

He was blue hued, almost glowing. It was really just a glance that I saw him and had to do a double take, but when I looked back for my second look he turns, looks at me over his shoulder, gives a smirk, and puts his hands together and dives off the edge. I quickly went out and looked over the edge, but obviously found nothing. It’s just one of the weird things to happen in that house!



When I was 17 our neighbors son died from a drug overdose, he had just graduated High School the night before. I had seen the guy around but never really interacted with him, however his dad and mine were the typical close/helpful neighbors so I had developed a slight friendship with his father. Anyways a few weeks pass and his dad comes over with a box of things he wanted to get rid of, all belonging to Nathan (his son). He asked if I wanted the things and I said sure, it was pretty awkward but I felt like he needed me to have them.

In the box was a pair of light blue and white Jordans, pretty old but I figured I could use them for weed eating and typical yard work. I later realize there was something written on the tongue of the shoes, NB – Nathan Black. That gave me chills, not sure why it took me realizing his son had written on the shoes to be weirded out by wearing them but it did.

This wasn’t the creepiest part though. A few weeks go by and I’m home alone, I leave my room and head down the hallway toward the kitchen (it’s pitch black) and as soon as I round the corner I make out a white figure about 15 feet ahead of me. It was so strange because I didn’t feel fear, more like a weird safe feeling. I blinked a bunch of times and I could make out Nathan, just staring at me.

It took a few seconds but then I smashed the hallway light switch as hard as I could and he went away. It happened a few more times when I was living there. I feel like the kid was watching over me, either that or he was pissed I was slowly ruining his Jordans.



I saw a shadow man of some kind once. When I turned off my lights to go to bed, I saw a shadow man who turned and looked at me, put on a shadow hat, turned around and walked out a shadow door and closed the door behind him. Only paranormal type thing I’ve ever experienced.



My parents moved when I was in college. The house they moved into had been built in the 90s. The owner’s wife had died in it but it’s definitely not a stereotypical haunted house and doesn’t have a lot of history.

I’m very skeptical, I’m not saying these are ghostly things, they’re just weird and I can’t explain them.

First, I was up late at night, all by myself in my room. I had a bag of craft supplies on the high shelf in my closet. It was wedged behind some small suitcases and duffel bags. Out of nowhere, the bag just flew off the shelf. I have no clue how it even got from behind the suitcases.

Same house, another time. I tend to shower late at night. My mom and stepdad were asleep, no one else was in the house. I got out of the shower and was drying off when the definitely locked (I’m the kind of person who checks the door 3 or 4 times to make sure it’s locked) bathroom door flies open, hard enough to bounce off the wall next to it. I got out of there fast.



Probably a month or two ago, I was playing Xbox in the basement when my 3 year old niece came down to talk to me and play with my old Legos. About ten minutes of us building some kind of house or something, she looks over to the other side of the basement where there’s a pool table and the bathroom connecting to my brothers old room. She stares over there for a few minutes and says in her 3 year old voice, “What was that?”

“What do you mean?”

“I heard something. Over there,” she says and starts to slowly make her way to hide behind a leg of the pool table and peer around the edge.

“What’re you lookin at, little one?”

“That, Alex (not my real name). That right there,” she says quietly, pointing to the corner by the bathroom door.

“There’s nothing there, child.”

“Yes! There’s another human. Another human,” she points again to the corner, “Right there.” She then starts to tentatively walk further towards the bathroom and curiously says, “Hi, my name’s Ally (again, not her really name). Where you going?” She starts to walk further into the bathroom, apparently following something .

Now I don’t really believe in the paranormal but I’m really weirded out at this point and we are the only two people in the basement. I’m not about to let my niece follow some ghost into the dark so I’m right behind her, looking for any rational explanation.

She says again into the dark, “Hello? What’s your name?”

Right after she says that, the lights in the bathroom and my brothers room turn on. And I don’t mean the lights just turned on because of a wiring mistake or something, I mean that I saw and heard the lights switches flip. So I picked my niece up, grabbed our Legos and we went upstairs where our dogs could protect us.

I still don’t know what the fuck that was or why she thought she saw someone but it hasn’t happened since.



I moved out of my mom’s house at 17. Among other shitty things my mom said “anything you don’t take with you I’m throwing away”. So I loaded everything I owned into a backpack and 4 large garbage bags. I couldn’t call anybody to pick me up so I had to carry everything over 5 miles to my girlfriend’s house. The bags were huge so I had to pick up one while pushing another a little ways then set them down and go back to carry and push the other two. This became more difficult the more I went. It wasn’t even a quarter of a mile before I was screaming, crying and breaking down from it. Then I hear a strange sound. I look over to see a shopping cart rolling in my direction and it stops very close to me. I was overjoyed but also very confused. I was not anywhere where’d you expect a shopping cart and I didn’t see anybody around to push it toward me. I felt overwhelmed by the joy but also by a uncomfortable feeling like a higher being watching and influencing my life. I yelled “Thank you” a lot, loaded the cart and was able to get to my girlfriend’s place much faster. I still get goosebumps thinking about how the cart came out of nowhere right to me at the perfect time I needed it.



This is actually something I’ve only thought about recently. I was really young when it happened and I guess never really connected the dots with the two events until recently. When I was like 6 or 7, my mum was really late picking me up from school one afternoon. I don’t remember there being many kids, so it must’ve been late, and I noticed this girl from my grade sitting by herself, looking really sad. I didn’t know her to well, she had never been in the same class as me, but I went over and asked if she was okay. Then she just started crying, like so fucking hard it rattled me. So I asked her what was wrong but she couldn’t really respond, she was just crying so hard, but I did hear her say “planes” a couple of times. Obviously, as a 6 yr old, I didn’t know how to fucking handle the situation (I probably thought she just had a fear of planes or something, idk), so I just sat there for a while with her until a teacher noticed us and took her to the office. Then my mum arrived and I just never really thought about it again.

The next day the planes hit the World Trade Center over in America.

I was too young to really comprehend what happened, let alone connect that to what happened with the girl. And it could 100% just be a coincidence, but man, the way she was crying…it just makes the whole thing really eerie.

I don’t think I ever checked up on her after. I wish I had of.



A little late to the party, but here is my story.

This happened a few months ago, and it was at the time very cold where I live. This caused me to have the heater on a very high setting in order to not freeze.

I was laying in bed, half asleep, and I felt someone sit down on the bed beside me. I figured it was a friend or sibling of mine, playing a practical joke. I look up to see a jet black figure sitting at the foot of my bed. This figure had no facial features of any sort. It was just a vaguely humanoid black shape.

I still thought that this was some kind of sick joke, so I slowly turned the lights on. This didn’t change anything. The black shape was still there, with no change to the color. It was as if it was sucking the light out of the room.

I reached out to touch the strange being, and it did not react in the slightest until my hand was mere inches from what would be the face, at which point the shape began to flinch away. As I made contact with the being, my hand was consumed with the coldest sensation I have ever experienced. It felt like my hand was in liquid nitrogen. The creature emitted a shrill sound like a broken violin, and then vanished.

The strangest thing about this incident was that I wasn’t the only one who experienced it. A neighbor told me that she had experienced the same thing at a similar time, and the shrieking sound that the creature made was heard by other people nearby.

I was the only one who touched the creature, but other victims reported that their “shadow people” vanished just after the loud shriek.

As of yet, the shadow people have yet to make another appearance.

Just as a side note, only one other person actually saw the shadow person that night, at least, as far as I know. Her story is somewhat different.

As opposed to being awoken by the being, she walked into a room to see the being standing next to her bed. She backed out of the room, only to hear the shreiking sound coming from inside the bedroom. She looked back inside only to see the creature vanish.



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