30 Real Stories of Unexplainable Events

Have you ever had anything happen to you that you just can’t explain? Seen something that didn’t belong or had a visit from something that wasn’t human? These 30 stories, via AskReddit, are from people who have had creepy and unexplainable things happen to them.

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I once had a dream that I was being pulled under my bed by some unseen force. I woke up under my bed.



I was once told to pick up my brother from school, so I was walking through a few narrow pathways where I saw him waving at me and he started running. I thought that this was an invitation to chase after him so I obliged and was catching up before I reached a crossed path where he had just vanished. I didn’t think much of it until we were discussing it when I arrived at the house and he swore on his life that he did not see me on the way home and he walked with his friends.



30 Real Stories of Unexplainable Events


One day I was home from school from some kind of abdominal pains. I went up to lay in bed and I felt something heavy just drop on the sheets between my legs. I looked, nothing there. Nothing was on the ceiling that could have dropped either.

My mum used to have nights where she’d wake up in pitch blackness (there was always a streetlight shining through the window) and feel like someone was on top of her choking her too. That house was weird.



A few years back I was falling asleep with my wife cuddled up to me on my left side. I’m at that point where I’m just starting to fall asleep but still very slightly lucid. Suddenly the hair on my body sorta stands up, I feel this chill, and then I hear this weird almost “whisper” in my right ear. It sounded almost like someone talking backwards (think Spirit Healer from WoW.) My eyes snapped opened and nothing is out of the ordinary so I go back to sleep and just brush it off as my imagination.

The next morning my wife says she had this weird dream. She says she dreamed she was in bed and her old childhood friend was standing at the foot of the bed. He climbed onto the bed and began whispering in my right ear. She said she thought it was kinda a weird dream, since her friend had recently committed suicide.



This happened when I was living in Indonesia to set the scene. If anyone on the minute off chance knows this woman or someone has told you this happened to them please do pipe up. It’s obsessed me since it happened and I think about this woman every day.

So, we had a house for a while that was a bit like a wedding cake, on top was a little snug/nook room a bit like a ships crows nest, you could see for ages around. We were in the middle of an empty, square patch of land and it backed on to an unused field, big, flat, open, nowhere to hide. No trees lining it, just more flat fields and then a tall back wall. A wall of about 4 foot high separated the field and my house.

One day, late afternoon kind of time, I’m up there just relaxing and I hear these¬†blood curdling¬†screams “help me, help me” all of that, a woman, probably Australian/Kiwi screaming in English, I’ve never heard anything like it.

From my nest, I can see her running across the field at the back, kind of limping, pretty sure she was bloodied, fucked up either way, she was about halfway through it when I saw her (big field). I run down to the ground floor and towards the field and she was gone, no sign of her at all. It took me all of about a minute, if that, I was gunning it down there to get to the field but she had just vanished.

Nowhere to be seen. Unless Usian Bolt was pursuing her it is incredibly, incredibly unlikely someone came in to the field, grabbed her and pulled her back out without me having seen them. Pretty much impossible really.

I sent my house security out to look for her, I stayed in the field looking and they went towards where she came from and over the wall she had to have come over to get into the field. It was an un used holiday villa and they found a sandal and a bit of blood, nothing else, there was blood on the wall where she climbed over but nothing going the other way, so I know I didn’t imagine it or make it up.

We called the police and they came and had a look and they also found nothing. Posters went up and stuff, nobody got back to us or anything.

Fuck only knows what happened when I was coming downstairs but I know it can’t have been good. Still freaks me the fuck out.



I seriously found one of my pet tortoises casually munching on some leaves in a tree. To this day, we still don’t know how the actual fuck she got up there.



My boyfriend lives in a huge plantation home on a 350 acre farm thats surrounded by other large farms.

Very historic, very beautiful, very creepy.

Animals won’t come upstairs, his siblings who also grew up in the house won’t stay the night, my boyfriend has specific rooms in the house he refuses to go in.

Anyway, one night we were in bed probably around 2am. He was asleep, I was just about to fall asleep when I heard something outside. I brushed it off at first because the woods behind the house are full of coyotes and I thought that was what I was hearing.

The second time (2-3 seconds after the first) I heard it I completely woke up. It was definitely not coyotes. It was a woman outside calling for John. She sounded really distressed. I heard her call for John for another 10-15 seconds and it stopped. It was such an eerie experience.

Her voice was clear as day and I was wide awake after I heard her the first time.

I mentioned something to my boyfriend about it the next morning. He said that was a new one. Then one morning, exactly a month later, he asks what name I heard a woman yelling outside. I told him ‘John’ and he said he heard the same thing the night before.

We set a reminder to wait up on it the next month but nothing happened.



About 10 years ago, I was at a relative’s house, a cottage in a small Michigan coastal town, for my summer vacation. She was almost completely deaf (without hearing aids she was completely deaf). Because of her impairment, she had a security system that flashed lights and called her home phone (which also had a light) in addition to a sound alarm. This is important later.

I had gone out to see the 4th of July carnival and arrived home at 11:00. My relative went to sleep at 8:00 every night at the latest. When I came in, I turned off the alarm (essentially signed myself in) and turned it back on again, like I did every time I came home late. I poured myself a glass of water and walked upstairs.

Now, upstairs there was a long hallway. At the end of it was the door to a patio overlooking the backyard. We never used it because it wasn’t up to code (the house was built in the late 1800s, and many aspects weren’t worth the money it would cost to fix them). So there was a decorative antique chair that was propped against the door to the back patio. When I walked in that night, the chair was propped against my bedroom door instead, leaned underneath the doorknob as if to keep someone from exiting. I bolted for my relative’s room to find her fast asleep. Her guard dog was also asleep. I woke my relative up and she put in her hearing aids.
She called the alarm company and they had no record of anything besides her setting the alarm at 6:30 and my entrance at 11:00. They called the police anyway. When the cops arrived, they moved the chair and attempted to open my bedroom door. It was locked. The doorknob was original to the house, and there was no key for it. So the cops and I walked out on the front balcony and used my key to open the sliding doors. Everything was as it should have been, and when we opened the door from the inside, it wasn’t even locked.

The cops searched the entire house and found nobody, and nothing was missing. I have no idea why there was a chair barricading my bedroom door, and why it appeared locked when the lock wasn’t even turned. The police sent for a fingerprinting kit and they found NO fingerprints on the chair, not even my relative’s. Nobody knew why. I had trouble sleeping in that room after that. The police kept an undercover cop outside for a week since my relative was a beloved member of the community. Nothing fishy happened. A few other creepy things happened in that home, if anyone is interested.



One night, my neighbors and I were out on a pontoon sharing stories about the area and our homes. Our houses were on a stretch of land bought out by professionals in Detroit and Minneapolis who decided to all build vacation homes together. My relative’s house was built by a doctor from Detroit. One night after the family had finished supper, the mother couldn’t find their youngest daughter. They sent out a search party and found nothing.

Two nights later they found her body washed up on the nearby Indian reservation island. The kicker was that the island was upstream from the house. Almost everyone who lived on our street haf claimed to see her, this four year old in a long petticoat, wandering down the street. One woman claimed to see her trying to open our front door, about twenty years before she told me. Very creepy.

I had a healthy fear of a few parts of the house. There was a dumbwaiter that had been sealed up, and later opened and turned into a laundry chute. Once my cousin looked down jokingly during a midnight game of hide and seek and saw a face looking up at her. There was a back bedroom that was originally servants quarters. We turned it into a guest room, and nobody liked to sleep there. We had cable installed in every room, and in that room the channel would switch every half hour to static and then back again.

Everyone the cable company sent out was equally baffled. One of them joked that our house was marked as haunted on the service notes. Eventually we just took the television out of the room.

The weirdest thing was in my bedroom. In the late 1990s, my relative bought the home from the daughter of the family who had lived there for the previous fifty-odd years. Her uncle was schizophrenic, and in the 1970s he lived in my room. When my relative moved in, she had the cedar paneling in the closets removed and replaced. When the old paneling was removed, it was covered in newspaper clippings. Mostly local, some national, all featuring disappearances and murders, and some interviews with celebrities and photographs of celebrities. We assumed this was normal, a form of insulation or prep for panelling, but of course not in this weird ass house.

It turns out that collage was once an art therapy favored for schizophrenia and other disorders, and the uncle was encouraged to paste pictures on the closet walls (but not on his bedroom walls, which to this day feature wallpaper installed in the 1920s). When a piece of the wallpaper started peeling, my relative had her handyman paste it back up. In order to make it look clean, he peeled it off further to reapply it. Underneath the wallpaper strip was writing. A lot of it. Things that make sense when associated with schizophrenia, but terrifying otherwise (get out, they can hear me, etc.). I was understandably terrified of it in combination with the chair episode in my first comment.

There were also lots of hidden nooks and crannies. A corner of my closet slid out to reveal a hiding spot. There was a tiny door in the kitchen that led to absolutely nothing. We turned it into a pantry, but once we put shelving in the door wouldn’t open anymore. We sealed it with caulk and paint and ignored it. The garage in the backyard had a cellar below that had concrete poured in sometime during the 1950s. The dogs would stand near the cellar door and bark if the garage door was open to them.



About two years after my uncle killed himself, we had a big sixtieth birthday party for my grandmother. We brought the helium balloons home to her condo after the party. One of them started following her – including going down under door frames and bulkheads, then going back up to the ceiling. We never saw it, it would just turn up.

It was printed “I love you, Mom”.



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