21 Times Premonitions Came True

Premonitions can come in many different forms, but we most often experience them in dreams. It’s quite common to find that people have them once you actually get started on the subject. People seem to shy away from speaking about them in case of ridicule, but you will find that when a conversation gets started on the subject, more and more people add their stories as to when their own premonition came true.

Think about a time when you had a strong sense of Deja Vu. Was it after a premonition dream? Even if we can’t remember the dreams we have that foretell the future, we can still feel that overwhelming sense of having seen something, or been somewhere before. This is because we have a lot of these dreams. We don’t vividly remember them all but a part of our subconscious does – hence the feeling.

A great way to practice remembering more of your dreams is to keep a dream journal. Get into the habit of writing down all dreams as
soon as you wake up, no matter how mundane they may seem. These trains the brain to retain more information about your dreams and you’ll soon notice the difference in the length you’re writing. It’s also a useful device to check back to see if any of your dreams premonitions came true.

On reddit, people were asked Anybody else had weird dream premonitions that came true? The poster got everyone started off with a story and shortly, more and more people came forward to tell their own stories about when their premonitions came true





I had a strange deja-vu episode, i’ll try to explain…

I was 18, living in London, staying on a friends couch one night and I had a strangely realistic dream. At this point I should mention that I’m a massive stoner so vivid dreams are few and far between for me and I tend to remember them quite well.

In this dream I was walking down a corridor with friends, in my dream I knew they were my friends but I didn’t actually recognise any of them, despite having a good look at their faces,

Next we all walked through a big steel door into a square room with a high ceiling and black walls. Other stuff is hazy at this point as it was a few years ago but I distinctly remember a damp musky smell and hearing loud music drift in and out and also remember being sat on a couch in this black room talking with another ‘friend’ who’s face I couldn’t make out but had this solid ‘best pal’ type connection with. I can distinctly remember desperately trying to explain something to that person but much like punching in a dream, I couldn’t get my words out.

I woke up on my friends couch after this dream with that strange feeling you get from a deja vu experience. I was hyper aware and I can remember just sitting there with a joint trying to work out what had just gone through my mind while I had been sleeping.

Fast forward almost exactly 1 year to the day and I had moved back to the north of England from London and was going to my first practice session with a new band with people I had known for a long time, but at that point hardly spoke to much.

As I was walking down the corridor in to my new rehearsal space I got that massive wave rush over me that you only get with deja-vu, we went through a big steel door and into a black room with high ceilings and loud music already playing. My head was already messed up, I knew I was experiencing my dream from the past in the real world present, peoples faces made sense, and I found myself sat on a couch explaining to the guy from the dream (who now had a face which made complete sense) exactly what I was going through.

I could remember everything about the original dream at that point, I remembered waking up and running through all the possibilities in my head and was explaining this all to my new band-mate who was just sitting there soaking up the fact that I had had the same conversation with him, in a dream, a year earlier.

I have to point out that everything from the corridor, to the steel door, to the shape of the room, the colour of the room, the music, the musky damp smell was all exactly as I had dreamt it. there were no inaccuracies except for words and faces being muffled and hazy.

I still can’t get my head round it



This happens to me all the time. I have a time-stamped log in a private internet group so I a) have witnesses and b) can look back and check dates and details. The frustrating thing is that I can’t induce it, and the precognition is totally random – I can miss huge world events but predict my friend’s mother (who I hadn’t seen or talked to in over 2 years) being diagnosed with tuberculosis from her years as a nurse, which was totally out of the blue and not confirmed until I saw her again a year later.

I do sometimes get the world events though – I saw Typhoon Haiyan hit the Phillipines about a week and a half before warnings about its pending arrival made the news. (I can thank terrible US geography education for the fact that I didn’t recognize any of the names of the places that I saw in the dream until I woke up and googled.)



I had a dream about a car crash a couple months before it happened. Fast forward, I’m about to get in my ex’s car when a voice in my ear tells me to buckle up, which I had almost never done up to that point because teenagers are stupid. Anyway, I get in, buckle up, we talk, yadda yadda. Then we end up at this spot I’ve never been to before. I literally don’t remember the time between leaving his house and arriving at that destination. It’s a damn blank.

There’s a car coming and we end up t-boned on my side. I get out and sit on a nearby curb waiting for an ambulance to arrive. Then, there’s a brief moment of clarity where I realize…

Both cars are in the exact same position as in the dream. I’m sitting exactly in the same position (knees close to chest, holding my head, later found out I had suffered a mild concussion) and the exact same spot as in the dream. Even the fucking road is the same. Even my fucking outfit down to my damn shoes is the same.

It still freaks me out.



My first big prediction that came true with lots of witnesses to the prediction and event was in grade 5: I dreamt of the funeral of a friend’s grandmother in vivid detail, down to the flowers she was holding (foxgloves, which I don’t think I had heard of at that point in my life prior to knowing what they were in the dream itself), a conversation that happened between two women in a stairwell, and the gold stars on a turquoise ceiling of the church. I came in the next day and promptly told my friend about it, down to the last detail. She became upset as her grandmother (who I had never met, and she never discussed) was not yet 70 and in perfect health. We didn’t speak about it again until she called me a few months later and asked me to repeat the dream – apparently the funeral took place exactly how I had described it, in a church that was easily identified by the stars on the ceiling.



When my daughter was 16 she had a recurring nightmare about a man doing horrible things to children. She’d never seen the man before, but could describe him perfectly- long, stringy hair, slender, in his late 30’s or early 40’s, dirty, and unkempt.

One day, she was with me when I went to pick up my son from a friend’s house. As my son climbed into the car, a man walked out of a house a few doors down. My daughter had a complete meltdown- screaming and crying that this was the man from her dreams. I got a quick look at the man before she completely panicked, locking the car doors and crying for me to ‘leave, just leave’.

When we got home I talked to both children. Neither had ever seen this man before. I spoke to my son’s friend’s parents. They did not know the man either. They said he had moved in a few months prior and they rarely saw him outside.

A few days after, a huge story broke about a child sex ring. And yep, it involved that same man. His name was Harry Robbs. This happened in Clovis, New Mexico in 2003.



Fortunately, none of my children were involved. We did not know any of the victims. I feel so bad for them and I’m glad Robbs and the other adults got caught.



I had an extremely disturbing dream which had elements that i felt meant my husband was in imminent danger. I begged him not to go to work that morning because it was his last day at that job. But he wasn’t one to call off work so he went and less than an hour later he was killed in an accident.

These things have happened throughout my life and i learned long ago to trust my intuition.



I dreamed that my friend’s mother was in her first floor bedroom (guest room) and had cancer. A few years later she had cancer and was in the the first floor bedroom instead of the master bedroom upstairs because the master bedroom was too hard to get to on the second floor while she had chemo. She died in that bedroom.



I had the most vivid dream I’ve ever had. After I woke up, I wrote it out and sent it out to a lot of my friends – because it just.. touched me. It seemed important. It was the most vivid dream experience I’ve ever had.

It was about the space shuttle blowing up. less than 48 hours later it happened.



One time, when I was fairly young, I had a dream that this huge oak tree in our driveway had fallen over and my dog was maybe twice as big as she is in real life. I remember feeling kind of confused and thinking “when did this tree die and fall over. Wow, Crybaby (my dog) is big..” Then, my dog puts a massive paw on top of my hand that’s resting on the oak tree and says “I’m going to die” with a sad look on her face.

So, the next morning, I woke up. Remembered the dream and thought that it was silly, even though it seemed so vivid. My dog is fine, nothing is wrong with her at all. My mom told me to go do something outside and as I’m walking back to the house, I see me dog and she’s just looking at me and I said “you’re not going to die” and petted her a few minutes. A few hours later, my mom told me that my dog had somehow died out of nowhere.



I dreamt that my mom received a call from my aunt that my uncle died. When I woke up from that dream, I laid there in fright since my perception of reality felt skewed… Few minutes later, when I went to wake my mom up from her room, she was on the phone crying because my uncle had been murdered.



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