Positive Thinking Stories

The power of positive thinking can, for many of us, be the sole light amongst an enveloping sense of darkness. There are many examples of people who have gone through horrific experiences; ordeals we could never dream of. Through the power of positive thinking, these inspiring people not only found a way to get through these living nightmares, but come to terms with what happened afterwards, often through the act of forgiveness. This is highlighted when we read incredible Positive Thinking Stories.

There are those who come out on top despite all odds. Their unconquerable spirits and mindset’s, steamroll through all obstacles that dare stand in their way. Nothing is out of reach for them and ‘quitting’ is not a word found in their vocabularies.

Finally, there are those who are faced with insurmountable odds, who handle their fate with grace, love and courage. Who spend their time improving the lives of others around them with barely a thought of themselves, just of their loved ones or often times, strangers.

Below are some real life positive thinking stories of incredible people who have mastered positive thinking to such an extent, their stories will resonate with people for years to come. They are examples, and remind us that anything is possible with the right mindset, willingness to act and the power of positive thinking.

Positive Thinking Stories – Randy Pausch

When the time comes, as it must for us all, how do you even begin to say goodbye to your loved ones?

Randy Pausch was an American computer science professor at Pittsbrgh’s Carnegie Mellon University. In 2006, Randy was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. He tried every treatment available but in 2007, doctors informed him that the cancer was incurable. Randy accepted the fact that the battle was over.

He kept an optimistic attitude, instead of dwelling on what was to come, Randy focused his thoughts on what would happen to his wife and three young children after he had passed.

He wanted his family to have happy memories of him and to be confident in the fact that they knew how much he loved them.

Randy’s University invited him to take part in their “Last Lecture” series. A series of lectures where participants would give a lecture based on what speech they would give if it were to be their very last. In poignant choice, Randy gave his last lecture in September 2007 titled, “Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams”.

He dedicated this lecture to his children; speaking movingly about the dreams he had while growing up and how he proceeded to achieve them. He spoke about what he learnt from chasing his dreams and by helping others to achieve theirs.

“He shared heartfelt lessons, encouraged people to have fun and above all, he bade people face life with a positive attitude.”



He directed the latter part of his lecture to all the people that had been in his life, paying tributes to mentors, friends, co-workers and his wife. He delivered the speech in a positive and lighthearted way. People were moved, his wife wiped escaping tears as a birthday cake was delivered in order to celebrate birthdays that were yet to come.

Not only did the video move the packed auditorium of people present at the lecture, it moved and inspired millions of people who witnessed Randy’s last speech as the video was uploaded to YouTube. People across the world witnessed the positivity and love this man had in his last days, the manner in which he chose to face them and the everlasting lessons he gave to those of us that had the privilege of listening to his final goodbye. As far as positive thinking stories go, this pulls on the heart strings of many.

You can watch Randy’s full speech here:

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