5 Thought Provoking Parables About Relationships

Parables are featured in the book “Candles in the Dark: A Treasury of the World’s Most Inspiring Parables” – by Todd Outcalt

Where there is Law, there is no Love

Two monks were walking along the bank of a swift river. There they met a young woman who could not cross alone. One of the monks picked up the young woman and carried her across the river to the other side.

Sometime much later, the other monk said to his companion, “Did you forget that it is against the rules to touch a woman? Have you forgotten the vows you have taken?”

The other monk answered, “Brother, I left the young woman on the bank of the river once we crossed. Why are you still carrying her in your mind?”

The Journey of Togetherness

A man went into the woods to hunt, but lost his way. For days he wandered in the forest, disorientated and confused, desperately trying to find his way out. He was hopeless.

After some time, he saw another man approaching in the distance. At last, he thought to himself, “a person who knows how to get out of this forest.” When they met, he asked the man, “My brother, can you tell me the way out of this forest? I have been wandering for days, but have been unable to find the way.”

The other fellow answered, “Brother, I do not know the way out either. I, too, have been wandering about these woods for days. Let us journey on together. Perhaps, side by side, we can figure a way out.” The man was no longer hopeless.

The Absolute of Perfection

Mulla Nasrudin was talking with a friend about his love life. “I thought I had found the perfect woman,” Mulla said. “She was beautiful and had the most pleasing features a man could imagine. She was exceptional in every way, except she had no knowledge.”

“So I traveled farther and met a woman who was both beautiful and intelligent. But, alas, we couldn’t communicate.” “After further travels, I met a lady who had everything: perfect mind, perfect intelligence, and great beauty, all the features I was looking for, but…”

“What happened?” asked the friend. “Why didn’t you marry her at once?”

“Ah well,” said Mulla, “as luck would have it, she was looking for the perfect man.”

The Internal Compass

A father and his daughter – who made their living performing as acrobats – came to the Buddha for advice. “how can we best care for each other while we are performing dangerous stunts?”

The father contended that it was best for him to be aware for the safety of each of them, while she keep only aware for her own safety. The daughter on the other hand, thought that her father had it backwards. She believed that it was best for her to be aware for the safety  of each of them, while her father keep only aware of himself.

When the Buddha heard this he said to the grandfather, “If you guard your own safety as a father, you will also be guarding the safety of your daughter.”

To the daughter he said, “And if you guard your own safety as a daughter, you will also be guarding the safety of your father.”

A Friend You Can’t Bear to be Around

Two men where hiking one day out in the forest. They came across a bear. One man took off his pack, pulled out a pair of running shoes, and started to put them on. The friend frantically said, “You can’t out run that bear.” The other man calmly replied, “I don’t need to. I only need to out run you.”


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