35 People Share Their Most Intense Paranormal Experiences


This one still boggles my mind to this day. When I was a kid, my dog slept in my room every night. I have 2 siblings so everyone in the house slept with their rooms’ doors closed. One morning my dog woke me up, probably at around 4-5am, by scratching on the door to go out.

Just as I got up, the door opened, dog went out, and door closed again.

I stepped out into the hallway to see who opened for my dog but nobody was there. I checked my siblings and my parents’ rooms and they were all fast asleep. My room is the first in the hallway, so I would have definitely seen anyone who opened my door. Asked my family later on and they just looked really spooked and asked if I didn’t just imagine it all.


Used to live in what used to be three very old farm cottages knocked through into one large house. Because of this, the layout was very unusual but it was a pretty big house. We would regularly hear the sound of footsteps directly above the kitchen. Not just random thumping but very deliberate, striding footsteps as if someone wearing heavy boots was walking from one end of the room to the other.

This wouldn’t have been exceptionally odd, apart from the fact that there was no longer a room above the kitchen. The floor of what would have been the first floor had been removed and so we had a kitchen with ridiculously high ceilings (like 15 feet, if not higher), I couldn’t even reach the ceiling with a fully outstretched broom/mop, my dad could just reach. Yet later at night, perhaps because it was typically quieter then, you would often hear the unmistakable thud, thud, thud as someone walked across the floor that no longer existed.


I haven’t told this story to many people, let alone on Reddit. I’m always too nervous people will think I’m crazy or just not take in what I say. This is a two night story so I’ll do my best to keep it short. I’m sorry if this ends up being long.

During the first night, I was on the phone with my girlfriend at the time. This was in high school, so talking/texting on your cell phone to stay up late was “cool” and fun. My bedroom was my parents’ old one, so it had a large set of french doors with glass panes so that you could see right through. I would close them at night. Normally my mom would yell upstairs if she heard me on the phone. This night, I heard a loud thud/scraping noise of the wood rubbing as the door opened slightly. I saw a silhouette of what looked like my mom. I asked my mom what was going on and told her that I was getting off my phone. But I had no answer and she wouldn’t move at all…she just stood there. I walked up to the door and as I walked up it’s like my memory was erased. No one was standing at the door and when I went into the hallway, it was completely black and no one was awake in the house.

The second night, I was in bed yet again. This time, I was just trying to get some sleep. My head felt chaotic and almost as if some stringy, electrical current was going through it. I tossed and turned and just got more and more frustrated. Finally, I flipped onto my back during another attempt to get comfortable. It was at this moment that I felt a pair of hands plant on my chest and push me hard, down into my bed. On the rebound, I jolted up and went for the stairs in an attempt to get comfort from my mother who I could hear was watching TV as I approached the stairway. The whole ordeal continued; because as I walked down the stairs I felt like I was going in slow motion, dragging my hand on the wall the entire way down. On top of that, I felt nothing but anger and the urge to hurt someone. I have a temper, but I’m not an aggressive type of person who would have serious thoughts of actually hurting someone. Finally the craziness ended when I saw my mom in the living room. I felt like the anger and tenseness ripped away from my body and I sobbed while my mom comforted me.

I had many more experiences in my parents’ house growing up, but these were definitely the most intense. I still get night terrors from it. If you want to hear more or have any questions, feel free to ask me or PM me. Thanks for letting me share this, Reddit.


I had a terrible dream and woke up screaming. I ran to turn on the light in my room because I still felt terrified. I hit the light switch and the light did that bright flash thing and burned out so I panicked and opened my bedroom door.

There were two dark silhouettes and one reached out to touch me. I woke up again. Turns out that was a dream too. I went to turn my light on a little less panicked this time and it was burnt out. I ran upstairs and made my roommate change my lightbulb because every time I tried to go in there I instantly got goosebumps and that “not alone” feeling.


I was in a bad situation and had gone to a shelter with my daughter. We were given a room, and as my daughter was downstairs doing her own thing I stood alone in the room, looking out the window at the backyard of the house next door… Out of the blue, I could smell a gentle breeze of the smell of my friend who had recently passed from cancer, and could ‘see’ her coming from high near the ceiling, behind me. It was as though her face and shoulders came down from above, to take some shape behind me, but I could see it perfectly with an awareness that doesn’t use my eyes. I kept looking out the window, and heard her say “you know everything’s going to be okay…” and I said back to her (without using my voice) “I know.” We stood together like that for a second or two, then she was gone.

Edit: I just remembered another detail. As I mentioned, she first appeared behind me, up near the ceiling (which I could somehow ‘see’ without my eyes. In the few seconds after that, as she said “you know everything’s going to be okay…” I could feel her essence come toward me and overlap into my body some, from the left back side, so that as I stood looking out the window, she was to my left, slightly behind me… but as she had no hard casing to her being, she was spilling into me…


My guest house is incredibly haunted. It was built in 1902, and several family members have died in the house over the years. Everyone in my family has seen or experienced something paranormal there, but I didnt really believe it until I saw one of the spirits myself. I was around 8 years old and I had gotten up early to get ready for school. We had run out of waffles so I went to the back house to grab some more.

There are 4 large windows in the front that lets you see directly into the house if you’re standing in the right spot. As I was about to walk in, I see a woman in the kitchen. She was middle aged, brown hair, and was leaning over the kitchen counter with her head in her hand. I froze and watched her. She looked upset or distressed. She stood there for another 15 seconds or so until she noticed me. She moved her head to look at me, and then stood up straight. She started walking towards the window and me. I completely freaked out and ran back to my parents screaming. I refused to go in there for another 6 months. The weirdest part was how completely normal she looked.

I live in the house now and have had plenty of more creepy experiences.

Edit: more stories have been requested so here it goes

Theres two spirits that are particularly active, a little boy and a little girl. We think they are siblings that lived there before my grandparents bought the property in the 50s. The little boy loves to steal things. He takes glasses, stuffed animals, keys, anything that you would spend a lot of time looking for. I remember once when I was little my favorite stuffed animal went missing, even though I had slept with him the night before. I looked everywhere and was so upset. Right before I went to bed that night I opened the closet and the stuffed animal was sitting on the main shelf, facing the bed. I had torn up my closet looking for it earlier, so there was no way I had missed it. It’s a common joke in my house that if something’s missing, the ghost probably took it. The little boy also loves marbles. We’ll find old, dirt covered marbles on stairs, tables, and patios that had obviously not been there before. I used to find tons when I was a little kid, but it’s become more rare now.

The little girl has been seen by a few members of my family. My Mom was the first one to tell me about her experience. She got home late from work one night and my Dad and I were in bed asleep. She was taking off her makeup in the bathroom, and in the mirror she saw a little girl in a white dress walking down the hallway towards my room. She immediately turned around and ran towards my room, thinking someone had gotten into the house. I was alone and asleep, so she shrugged it off and went to bed. I saw the little girl myself a few years later in the back house. When you walk in the front door of the house, you can see directly down a hallway and into the master bedroom. I walked in one day and looked down the hallway to see a little girl in a white dress, softly glowing?, and sitting on the edge of the bed facing me. There was no expression on her face and she didn’t seem threatening, but it terrified me. I now sleep in that bedroom every night!

The last ghost that has actually been seen is that of my great grandma. She died in the back house when my Dad was a kid, but she still likes to visit every now and then. The most compelling experience is one my Aunt had with her. The day after my great grandmas funeral, my Aunt was home alone and walked into the kitchen to grab a snack. When she walked into the kitchen, great grandma was standing at counter making a sandwich. My Aunt was obviously mystified, they had just buried her, but there she was. Great grandma then said to my aunt “Peanut butter and jelly right? Cut into triangles just like you like it.” My Aunt nodded, blinked, and she was gone. She finds a lot of comfort in the experience now, believing it was her Grandma saying goodbye. My Grandma, who never got along with her now deceased mother in law, had a creepier experience. My Grandma was sitting in the living room of the front house many years later, when she saw her standing at the sliding glass back door. She was decayed, dirty, and angry. My Grandma screamed when she saw her, and as she did a glass cooking dish was pushed off the kitchen counter. She disappeared as my Mom and I ran into the house.

Besides footsteps when no ones home and dogs barking at empty hallways, that’s most of the creepy stuff.

Edit 2: I remembered more!

When I was in high school, my mom would let some of my guy friends sleep over if they stayed in the back house. One night, my ex was trying to fall asleep on the couch when he felt someone touching his head over the blanket. He thought it was maybe one of the other guys playing a trick on him, so he just closed his eyes and ignored it. After about two minutes of feeling someone’s hand go over his head and tug on the blanket and realizing he could hear the others snoring, he looked out from the blanket. He could see that the room was empty, but he still felt the tugging. He ended up just falling asleep as it continued.

There was another experience in high school that really freaked me out. I was home alone in my room video chatting with my best friend. She was terrified of my house because of all the experiences and she was trying to freak me out while I was alone. She was making stupid spooky noises and said “what if your light turns out?”. And then it did. I froze and didn’t say anything, hoping she wouldn’t notice so I could somehow ignore the coincidence. She asked me if I turned them off on purpose and I said it was probably just the bulbs. When I walked over to the light switch, it had flipped down. I turned the lights back on and tried not to absolutely panic. I’ve lived in the house almost my entire life and a light switch has never switched off by itself again.

The reason my best friend was so afraid of my house was because of a similar experience. The back house had a radio that must have been 60+ years old that I liked to use. I showed my friend when she came over and she said “that’s the kind of radio that turns on at 3 am in a horror movie”. We decided to sleep in the back house that night, and at fucking 3:02 am the radio starts blasting. It was on the bedside table so it woke us up immediately, and I rushed to turn it off. I don’t remember what it was saying except that it was a man’s voice. We ran out of the house and decided we should just sleep in my room from now on.

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