35 People Share Their Most Intense Paranormal Experiences


A lady who works with my mom told us this story one day when they came over for dinner. We had been talking about creepy movies and she decided to tell us about some of the weird stuff at their new place.

They had just bought a house in the Wilmington, NC area, had moved in, and everything was going fine until one day she opened the silverware drawer and found a tooth sitting on top of the silverware. It was weird and no one knew how it got there, but they threw it away and tried to get on with their lives. A couple of weeks later, it happens again. Open the silverware drawer… tooth. Now it’s super weird but again the tooth gets tossed out and ignored. It kept happening. Over the next six months they kept on finding teeth every couple of weeks.

They got a home security system with motion detectors and cameras and stuff because they figured they had a particularly sick prankster in the area, but even though they kept finding teeth the system never detected anyone leaving them. One day, she’s at home and gets a call from her husband telling her to get out of the house right then because the security alarm went off saying that all of the doors and windows had just opened at the same time. She left for a few hours, but nothing had opened or closed.

Finally, they got fed up and went to talk to the lady who had sold them the house. She still lived in town and had built a house that was almost an exact replica of the one they had sold to this couple. That in itself was a little weird, but she completely refused to talk about the previous house and shut the door in her face when they asked about it.

They’re not happy, but weird stuff is only happening every few weeks, so it’s not enough to drive them out of the house or anything. The last incident (that I know of) was about a month or two ago. She went down to the basement to do the laundry and when she opened the dryer there was a tooth sitting on top of the clothes. She says that she felt something cold hit her in the face (almost like getting hit with a pillow) and blacked out. Her husband found her a little while later thrashing around on the floor. They called the paramedics and she came back around and was fine.

That was the end of the story. No resolution, no explanation, and no other weird stuff lately. It was the freakiest thing I’d ever heard.



Lying on my couch in my living room, and from there I can look down a 20ft hallway and see my mom in bed reading, door half open. I’m looking down and her door slams so violently that it shook the house kinda violent.

She immediately comes sprinting out in a rage (as she often does) screaming at me for slamming her door when she was trying to relax. The scariest aspect was that I saw her in bed, 10 feet away from the door.


My mom and my great-grandmother were very close. Unfortunately though she lived in the UK while we live in Canada. The last time she was able to visit was 2000, and what is nice is that while she was visiting my mom went into labour. So she got to be there for the birth of both my mom’s children, she flew out for mine. Like I said they were very close, my great-grandmother ate straight up mud when my mom served her mud pies as a kid cause she wanted to play along.

Why this matters is cause I’m not a normally a ghost person. However I think that when you are truly close with someone there’s a connection in the metaphysical. It comes from this story. A year or so after the last visit, my mom woke up at around 1:30am. At the bottom of the bed apparently was my great-grandmother. She told my mom she loved her, told my mother everything is going to be okay and said goodbye. My mom in a panic woke up my father crying (now this part even at 4 I can remember cause i got woken up my mom was crying so loudly. It was the first time I saw her cry) My dad said look lets call your parents, my grandparents and see. This is how me know it was around 1:30 in hindsight because at about 2 was when she called them. They told her no they hadn’t heard anything had happened, and to not worry it was just a dream.

That morning they called back. She passed that night, at 1:30am


When I was about 12-13, my best friend and I rode our bikes and discovered this small hidden graveyard. It was back by some railroad tracks and under big buzzing power lines far from any houses. There was barbed wire around the graveyard, and they tombstones were mainly faded but we could see some of the dates from the late 1800s.

We stopped and took pics for fun, but didn’t think much of it. Well, for about 2 years after that I’d wake up every night between 3-3:30 am because I’d hear papers rustling in my room. Then, I’d hear what sounded like footsteps coming up the stairs and stopping once it reached the foot of my bed. I peeked a few times and didn’t see anything. I started sleeping with the TV on to block it out.

Eventually I woke up one night because I heard what sounded like dozens of people whispering loudly in my ear and screamed for my mom.

I told my parents about it and my religious mom threw holy water around the house. Then my dad bought flowers and told us to bring them to the graveyard. It stopped after that.

I always thought that maybe I just had night terrors or something or imagined it. Recently (I’m now 25), I mentioned this to my dad again and he said he’d also heard footsteps at night but thought I was just getting some water or something at 3 am. Spooky!


I was going through a rough time a few years ago and I was asleep one night and dreaming that I was laying in my bed crying and my mom was sitting next to me rubbing my back telling me everything was going to be ok.

It was sooo real, so real that in my dream I remembered that my mom had died several years earlier and I woke up but I could still feel someone rubbing my back. I was home alone, I’m a grown man, and I was scared shitless. I couldn’t move I was so scared so I just laid there until the sun came up and jumped out of bed. I’m not a big believer in spirits but that makes me want to believe she was there that night.


Pretty sure my cat haunts my room. I have two other cats, but since my dog sleeps with me they don’t come in my room when he’s in there. I hear little kitty sneezes close by when I’m in there, always check for the other cats and usually end up finding them downstairs or on the back deck. It feels like something small jumps up on my bed and lays against my back or on my feet pretty often. I also get that little shake and sound that happens when a cat is scratching itself vigorously.

My dog usually reacts to these before I even notice them. He will sit up and get very interested in the spot where I eventually hear the sound. Or if I get the feeling of something jumping up on the the bed his eyes start on the floor and follow to the spot it feels like it happens. May just be that I miss him and have those phantom feelings/sounds occurring though. It’s very comforting to feel like he’s still with me, I had him for most of my life until last year.


When I was a kid I saw clear as day someone stood in my parents’ bedroom as I was cycling past. Figured it was one of my parents until I saw them both outside. We checked inside, no one there and no way they could’ve left without going past us.

When my aunt died her niece took her car and drove it to her funeral. Anything with a plug she’d taken from the house. After the funeral we were all forced to go to somewhere the niece wanted to go because she refused to go to the place our aunt would’ve wanted as she felt it was beneath her. The minute we arrived the lights started flashing and the place developed a massive electrical problem. We all laughed it off because we’re not superstitious. A week later the niece’s partner (the niece hated helping our aunt and made our aunt give her money) got diagnosed with what killed my aunt and now she’s having to look after him.

My friend had a couple of creepier things happen to him. When he was a kid he got home from school, his parents had split and he was staying with his dad that evening so he comes in through the door, hears his dad say something so he calls back to him that he couldn’t hear what he said. At this point he realises his dad isn’t home. Then, still stood at the front door he realises he can hear something in his room (above him) and then suddenly hears thundering footsteps charging towards the door. He noped the hell out of there and went to stay with his mum. When his dad got home there was no evidence that anyone had been there.

Same friend, much older now, been to the pub with his best mate, neither had had a drink, can’t remember why, but they went for a walk through the countryside after it went dark (common where I’m from). They’re walking along a country road towards the golf course and both look at each other at the same time as they see a young woman in a wedding dress walk into the road. They both decide to approach her to see if she’s okay. They don’t want to scare her because it is very dark and where she’s stood is well lit because of the golf club but they’re a ways back so she wouldn’t be able to see them at this point. They slowly walk towards her and as they get about 50-100 metres from her she vanishes, doesn’t go anywhere, vanishes as in disappears in front of their eyes. Apparently a woman had been killed by a horse and trap there on her wedding day way back when. My mate jokes about a lot of stuff but those two events really really spooked him and he wasn’t quite the same after seeing the woman in the dress, he certainly isn’t as keen to go on a midnight stroll anymore.

Oh and my mum was a creepy kid-one day she was playing with her toys, nothing out of the blue, and she stops playing and declares that the wife of a family friend is going to die on (insert date here) then goes back to playing. Everyone is pretty weirded out by this but just decide she’s crackers. Said lady died on that date, almost a year later. That side of the family ended up being pretty superstitious in the end, my great uncle had a real issue that he thought the chinaware was being put out by ghosts in a morning but he had a lot of brothers so they were probably winding him up. Apparently he spent his life paranoid about ending up being haunted, poor guy.


One time when I was like six, I was living with my parents and my grandma in a trailer park in Florida. So the bathroom was right across the hall from my parents room. And the hallway was kinda narrow on account of it being a trailer. So, one day when no one was home I had to go to the bathroom. Normally, I close the door out of common courtesy, but since no one was home, I left it wide open.

My parents bed was facing so the foot was in the center of the room, with the head at the opposite end of the room as I was in the bathroom, if that makes sense. So I’m chilling on the toilet looking at a shampoo bottle or something, when all of a sudden a black dress outlining a female body with no figure in the dress rose up behind my parents bed, hovered there for a second, and proceeded to float behind my parents door. A few seconds of that was horrifying, because it looked like the black dress was flying right at me. I

was so shook that I immediately finished my business in the bathroom and checked behind the door literally ready to beat the shit out of a fucking demon. But I check behind the door, and nothing. It was the weirdest, trippiest shit I’ve ever seen, and I still question to this day whether or not it was real or just the work of an overly active imagination. But I’m not falsely remembering things, because I was legitimately horrified by the dress, and was about to beat some ass. All I can say is now I always keep the door closed when going to the bathroom.

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