Every living being has an Aura and the color that appears most dominant, can tell you what type of person someone is. But can you learn how to read an aura?

It is indeed, you just need to understand what certain colors represent. It’s quite common for someone to have a range of colors present and the combination expands the depth of personality.

For example, someone may have a gold aura that blurs to orange. This would signify someone that is highly creative and sociable.

But how do you find out what color your Aura is? Luckily, seeing an Aura is an ability we can learn with practice.

Firstly, stand in front of a mirror – about 2 feet away, with your back against a white background. Having a free standing mirror is best for this, as you can position it in front of your wall. Look at the point directly over your shoulder, just where it meets your neck, and focus.

Calm your breathing, and keep looking.

At first, you will begin to see a glow – don’t do anything, just keep watching. This glow will begin to expand across the rest of your body, and you will be able to start discerning colors.

It takes some practice but once you have it, you’ll be able to see them more quickly each time, and even start seeing the colors of others.

So, what do the colors represent? Below is a list of Aura Colors and what they mean.

how to read an aura

How to Read An Aura – 10 Colors Explained

Red Aura

The color red represents an adventurous and passionate person. This person is full of energy but can also be impulsive, lose their temper or be quick to anger.

Orange Aura

Orange Auras are sociable souls who love being in the limelight. They particularly love to make other people happy, are very generous and very good at understanding other people emotions.

Yellow Aura

Being highly logical, the yellow aura is usually a teacher of some description. They are very observant and independent and not shy of being critical when the need calls for it.

Green Aura

Green Auras are really hardworking people, to the extent it can come across as perfectionism. They are great leaders and well respected in their chosen fields. They’re health fanatics and often quite creative.

Blue Aura

Know someone who’s a great storyteller? Chances are they have a blue aura, as they have excellent communication skills with keen vision and the ability to really think outside of the box. They are very intelligent and their oration skills make them excellent motivational speakers.

Purple or Indigo Aura

This color indicates psychic abilities or a high intuition. Purple auras are usually very philosophical people with an inquisitive nature. They do not like to share or display outwardly emotion, preferring to bottle it up in side. However they have a certain way with animals and children which demonstrates their caring nature.

Pink Aura

A person with a pink aura has a vivid imagination and is drawn to a caring profession. This is because they are very nurturing people that are full of love and compassion. This person is quite sensitive, particularly to the needs of others and make a great friend.

Gold Aura

Gold Auras are independent, creative individuals who have a need to surround themselves with beauty. They love being in the company of others, which is a good thing, as people are drawn to their natural charisma.

White or Silver Aura

White or silver auras depict people who are, in a word – ‘gifted’. They are highly intuitive, sensitive and often psychic, with a deep understanding of how the universe works. They are very spiritual and often choose a healing path in order to utilize their gifts. Even though they are well liked, they prefer to keep their circle of friends quite small.

Grey or Black Aura

People with Grey or black auras, usually have an aura that is dominated by another color. However, the presence of grey or black can indicate that this person is suffering from negative emotions or thoughts, anxiety or depression.

Seeing these colors indicates that you should look into yourself and see if you’re happy with everything that’s going on around you. There is always room to change and by taking positive actions, you can get the vibrant aura back! A useful practice is to undertake regular Chakra cleansing and meditation.

Now you know how to read an aura. So, start practicing on yourself using the technique mentioned above. Once you’ve become comfortable with that, and start seeing your aura more quickly, you’re ready to start seeing other peoples and learning so much more about them.