How to Know When You’ve Met Your Soulmate

Soulmate’s don’t necessarily have to be romantic, in fact a person will have many soulmates in a lifetime, each helping the other to get through a certain point or situation in that lifetime. But how do you know you’ve met a soulmate?

 There are certain tell-tale signs that a soulmate has entered your life.

Here are 12 such signs…

How to Know When You've Met Your Soulmate


When you first meet each other, there’s a jolt of recognition that you both feel. Have you met this person before? You even go as far to check with the other person just to make sure. From the onset you have the feeling of knowing one another, and the relationship deepens quickly because of this.

Same time, same place – never met

You’ll find out that you have crossed paths before but never actually met each other. You could have vacationed at the same time, worked in the same building, attended the same gigs etc. but it wasn’t the right time for you to actually meet yet. People have reported that they’ve lived on the same street as their soulmates but only met, years later, in completely different locations.

You meet at the right time

The time that you actually do meet, is the time that is right for the both of you. You will be experiencing issues in your life that the other will help you with. It is a symbiotic relationship, each helping the other with their particular strengths to get to the next stage of their lives.

You can be vulnerable

You feel perfectly at ease being vulnerable around this person. It can be so draining to pretend everything is ok, all of the time. But with this person you get to be the real you. You can show when you’re tired, stressed, up, down… etc. It’s a welcome relief and you both know how to be around the other, to help get them back to being them.

How to Know When You've Met Your Soulmate

You can be quiet

You don’t need to fill silences with awkward chatter. You can be in each others company, in complete silence, for hours at a time. In fact you find it comfortable. You both draw strength solely from the others presence and take the time to delve into your own thoughts.

You Know each others mood without speaking

As soon as they walk through the door you know what kind of day they have had, without asking. You pick up on their energy straight away and you know when something feels off. You’ll know if someone’s upset them or they’ve had a hell of a day at the office. Conversely you’ll know if they’re excited about something and wait expectantly for them to tell you the great news.

You know each other’s ‘flaws’ and benefit from them

Soulmates are often opposites and one halves strengths, compliments the others ‘flaws’. For example, one person might be super motivated. They find it really easy to jump out of bed, while the other clings to the frame. They will run in all weather, while the other digs down deeper under the covers. This motivation will help the less motivated half of the soulmate couple to increase their motivation levels. Also, this ‘lack of motivation’ will serve to help the super-motivated half learn to relax and unwind, so they don’t burn themselves out. Soulmate relationships are harmonious. There are no flaws per se, just balance.

You share the same life goals/values

You might be opposites in a lot of ways but you have the same core values. The goals you want in life align and the purpose of you coming together in this life, is to help achieve them. Some soulmates are in your life only briefly, some a bit longer and some for the rest of it. The purpose of being in each others lives is to help one another achieve major life goals and evolve spiritually.

How to Know When You've Met Your Soulmate

You can talk about anything

There is no topic you’re afraid to broach with your soulmate. In fact you’ll spend hours speaking about anything and everything. You will never run out of things to talk about, and laugh and how you must sound to other people who might over hear you. You can be passionate and defend your points without escalating into argument. You respect each others opinions and know that you’re each entitled to one.

You are not threatened by the need for alone time

Everyone needs alone time and you don’t get offended when your soulmate states the need for their own space. Far from it, you are individuals after all, albeit with a strong bond, and you recognise that you have to evolve separately as well as together. This is the same if one of you spends time with other people, partners etc. You have your own lives and don’t experience jealousy, you are secure in your relationship.

You challenge each other

You push each other to achieve things you know you wouldn’t be able to alone. It is easy for you to see the path your soulmate should be walking and you push them towards achieving this. Sometimes we all experience doubt and our soulmates will help to convince us that we can achieve anything we set our minds to, and with their help, we often can.

As two, you make one

Combining everything above, the two of you as opposites make one whole being. The ultimate goal of your journey together is that the two of you evolve enough that, by the end, you each function as that ‘whole’ entity rather than two halves. This can be a sad part of the journey as, occasionally, this can be the time that the two of you will part ways to some extent, to carry on your paths as individuals. This doesn’t mean that you will never speak to one another again. In fact it is something to be celebrated. You have both completed a major milestone in your lives and are now moving onto the next.

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