How To Create Your Own Positive Affirmations


1. Identify your negative self-talk

Firstly, to use positive affirmations, we must get rid of our negative self talk. We all have it and in order to get the most from these affirmations, we must learn to stand up to this negative talk once and for all. We need to begin by making a list of these criticisms. These will include learning that all those things you’ve said are your negative qualities, are not. Those self-limiting statements you’ve been thinking and saying that are holding you back. Statements like “I can’t do that” or “I can’t afford a holiday”. The voice inside ourselves that is saying “I’m not good enough for that” Or “It’s too hard to lose weight”. These can also include things our parents or other family members and friends have said that we are holding onto and sabotaging ourselves with.

To get rid of these limiting beliefs we need to write them down. Most people recommended writing these out on paper rather than on your computer, but which ever you prefer, is best. Identifying and tracking this negative self talk is the most important task. As you’re identifying these statements, it’s important to establish what the theme behind them is. Is it that you are not good enough, you feel unworthy or unloved? Identify what the feeling is. Sometimes it can be quite difficult to notice all the negative talk we have, so spend the day really watching out for it. Anytime you notice yourself saying something which limits your belief, just scribble it down as you hear it. If you have a close friend that will help you, this can be really helpful. Sometimes it’s easier for someone else to notice how we are limiting ourselves through self-critism, than see it ourselves.

Once you have identified the most prominent theme or recurring issue, this will be the one to address first.

2. Write your affirmations

Now this is where the fun starts – The part that can really change your life for the better. Allow youurself to become the happy go-getter you always wanted to be. Here we look at your list of negative self criticism and write out an affirmation on the positive aspect of your self-judgment. It’s really crucial here that you use powerful words for your statement. The more personal these statements are the better they will impact you. Its always a good idea to read other peoples affirmations and get ideas. But in order for these to work for you, they need to resonate with you. Therefore it is a good idea to look at the recurring theme that appears most in your negative self talk and directly target it. Stand up to it. For example if you were saying, “I’m not worthy” your affirmation could be begin with “I’m worthy.” You should also add something that is personal to you. Something powerful. That fights back, challenges and ultimately quietens that critical voice inside. Every time you question and challenge this voice, it will weaken.  Simply changing certain words to be more positive as you speak about yourself, can have a tremendous impact on your mindset. Affirmations like  “I am remarkable, talented, beautiful, and cherished – I AM WORTHY.” It’s your affirmation, nobody else’s, so make it to suit you. It may take time but you will find ones that will work for you. For me, I tend to do better with short powerful statements. I find them easier to remember and I can say them anywhere.

3. Programming the mind

This is where we start saying and repeating our new affirmations. Saying them out loud for about five to ten minutes throughout the day can really change your frame of mind. You may like to try practicing them morning, mid-day and evening. Its really up to you how many times a day you want to practice them. You may even prefer to do them for longer in the morning to set you up for the day. Or perhaps you may like to just keep them somewhere, so that when you notice yourself being overwhelmed by negative self talk, you can read your list of personal powerful affirmations. Another strategy that will help is to write these affirmations on a sticky note and place it somewhere you will see it everyday. Some people like to leave one on their bathroom mirror so they can look at it every-time they are washing their teeth. Writing your affirmations out daily can be another way of practicing them. The most important thing is catching the negative self talk and changing it to a more positive statement, that will not limit your abilities and will change your frame of mind and how you perceive reality.



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