Reiki is a wonderful form of energy healing that many people think of as being practiced ‘hands-on’. However, there is a whole other side of Reiki that focuses on distance healing. You may be wondering how does reiki distance healing work?

Reiki is considered spiritual energy but is physical energy at the same time. What this means is that the practitioner spiritually guides Reiki energy, while the recipient feels the physical benefits.

Distance Reiki can be carried out after a Reiki 2 attunement. As with all skills the more it is practiced, the better the practitioner will become. It is important for the practitioner to enter into the correct state of mind before performing distance Reiki healing. 

How Does Reiki Distance Healing Work

How Does Reiki Distance Healing Work?

Reiki is energy that operates on four different levels; spiritually, emotionally, physically, and Mentally. Energy is not limited by distance, so with the correct attunement, a reiki practitioner can send reiki energy across the world, without a patient needing to be physically present.

Remember, we are all made of energy. Reiki allows us to focus on the unique energy of a person and focus our healing concentration on them.

In fact, group reiki healing sessions often take place where people from around the world focus on channeling their healing ability onto one specific issue or person.

How to Send Distance Reiki?

The key is to relax, simply let the energy flow through the body and trust what you are feeling. Remember time and distance are not factors when it comes to healing. With practice you will learn to identify discomfort in a patients body by conducting a simple scan.

This is the same with distance Reiki as well, you create a connection to the recipient that is not dependent on how close or far you are and send Reiki energy into the areas they need the most.

Distance Reiki can be performed at any time and produces highly effective results. The more you practice the better you will become, so much so that you will start to not notice the distance and treat these sessions the same as if your patient were physically there in front of you.

Intuitive listening and trust is a key part of a distance Reiki healing session for both the practitioner and recipient. Remember that as the practitioner, your energy will deplete just as fast as carrying out Reiki on someone who is physically there.

So make sure you replace that energy with meditation and exercise in order to keep you at your healthiest!

Long Distance Reiki Healing Symbol

During your Reiki 2 attunement, you learn the Long Distance Reiki Healing Symbol, which allows you to send healing Reiki energy across space and time.

With this powerful Usui Reiki Symbol, you can send Reiki back to your past, forward into your future, across the globe or even further into the Universe. You can send Reiki to anyone no matter where they are in the world!

long distance reiki healing symbol

Receiving Distance Reiki

If you think about it, distance Reiki is truly a beautiful gift. Even if you’re separated from your loved ones, or a past recipient contacts you when you’re away, you can still provide a Reiki treatment that’s just as effective.

Reiki will always be received the way that is right for the recipient. While they might request to receive Reiki when they are home from work, when relaxing or sitting down, this isn’t necessary. Distance Reiki can be sent and received at any time. 

By now you should understand the incredible healing powers of reiki and how they’re not bound by distance. You can now answer how does reiki distance healing work, so if you’re in need of some healing energy to be sent your way, know you can receive it from anywhere and send it someone who may be in need.