24 People Share their ‘Go-To’ Creepiest or Unexplainable Stories


Heard this story from my mom regarding my oldest brother who is 12 years older than me. And at the time of the story I think he was around four years old.

Apparently he had some sort of problem that young kids could have where he would stop breathing during the night or something like that – real scary stuff. So he slept on a blanket that would beep if he stopped breathing, but my mom would still pull all nighters making sure he was breathing properly and didn’t die in his sleep. So one particular night she were extra tired and dozed off next to his bed.

When she woke up during the night my brother was completely pale and motionless – with no beeping from the blanket. She panics the fuck out and start shaking him and trying to get him to breathe. And, according to her, he looked very much dead – cold and just limp. Now I don’t know how long this actually took (panic and time perception), but mom maintains to this day that he had not been breathing for a good 10-15minutes during the 911 call and up until just before the paramedics arrived.

All of a sudden he just comes back. Starts coughing, catches his breath and pretty much comes back to life. Paramedics arrive shortly thereafter and since mom was all hysterical they needed to keep her outside of his room because her panic caused him to panic. She eventually calms down and listened to the paramedics calming my brother down and just chit-chatting.

They wanted to lighten the mood and said something in the lines of “Oh, you really scared your mom there, with that deep sleep”. And he answered in a very matter-of-fact voice; “I could hear mommy screaming, but I could not find her until the old lady showed me the way back home.”

The paramedics did not seem to phased about it, but it made my mom convinced that he’d been saved by something otherworldly. So it’s both comforting but pretty damn creepy too.



When I was 16, I opened my blinds late at night with the lights off to someone’s face pressed up against the window. This was in the deep suburbs, where we had 1 street light in our cul-de-sac and it was pitch black outside.

I couldn’t move or say anything. It was just a pale man’s face pressed right into the glass, staring in. It’s almost like he wasn’t really looking at anything until I opened the blinds. My heart stopped. I tried to scream but I choked on my own terror. I could hardly see anything, I couldn’t even tell if we were making eye contact. My eyes adjusted and I could finally make out his face, somewhat. I felt icy needles shoot through my heart, a kind of pain that’s hard to describe.

His eyes got wide and he grinned, as though he sensed my fear. I could see the whites of his eyes, 2 feet away from my own eyes. He had very dark lips, I could barely make out his teeth locked in the widest grin I’ve seen. He must have been on drugs, because his expression was absolutely insane and he was not blinking or moving, just locking his eyes to mine (as far as I could tell). The way his face was pressed up against the glass made it look like he had no nose, it was just sickening.

I jolted out of my room to wake up my parents, but I took one look back. He was still there, grinning and wide eyed. We called the cops and huddled in the kitchen with knives, in the pitch black darkness hearing nothing. The silence was the worst part. I wish I could hear something, but all I heard was the pounding of my heart. Even the sound of this predator smashing through the window would have been less terrifying.

The cops came within 10 minutes, although it felt like hours. When it got lighter, the cops did a search and found the obvious face print on my window. There were also face prints on other windows on the back yard side of my house – into my parents’ room and into our kitchen. Who knows how long he was out there. They also found pistachio shells all over the deck that my window faces out to. He was walking back and forth between the windows eating pistachios.

There was a small patch of woods behind our back yard, they suggested he ran through there and for us to think about putting a fence up. I have never opened the blinds at night since, even after moving to a 20th floor condo.



I heard what I thought was my brother singing. We had a piano in our basement as teenagers, and in the early morning or late at night, he spent quite a bit of time on it playing music. I should note, we lived in an old house, and sound traveled relatively well, so even when he was being ‘quiet,’ you could hear him all the way up on the top floor.

One morning, around 8 AM, I woke up and went about getting ready for the day. My brother was singing in the basement, being loud and obnoxious. His voice is very distinct. And I remember walking out the bathroom, leaning over the top of the stairwell, and shouting down for him to shut up. He kept going, so I shouted louder.

But then I remembered my brother wasn’t home that day. He’d left earlier that morning with my parents. The singing stopped. I went downstairs to find the basement dark. I was alone in the house.



I live in a 1850c plantation home in the middle of nowhere, largely unchanged since it’s prime – original floors, wallpaper, and many outbuildings.

I’m not someone who really believes in ghosts, but something happens in this house that causes (what seems like) events to replay.

I’ve laid in bed and heard someone calling for “John” outside. Not once, it repeated, each time more distressed and in a different part of the yard, for about 20 seconds. No named name John has lived there in at least 40 years. Exactly one month later, my boyfriend heard the same thing.

There are periods of time where we can’t sleep through the night because we are being woken up by the sound of someone walking around in our room.

One night I was making the bed and I heard who I thought was my boyfriend ask “what are you doing?”,I told him “making the bed”. He didn’t reply so when I walked into the hall I realized I was alone and he was outside chopping wood.

There is an identifiable cycle to it. We know when it picks up and slows down, because it’s happened so often we found patterns.

I know everyone who has lived in that house over the past 30 years – they all have these stories. Some of them refuse to even go in the house



When I was a lot younger (maybe about 13 years old), my family and I were vacationing in St. Simon’s Island, GA. I had an Aunt who lived there who, at the time, gave tours of the reportedly “haunted” lighthouse on the island. Well, one night she hooked us up and gave us a private tour of the lighthouse afterhours (as in there was no one else there except for my Aunt who was giving the tour and my family and I). Since the lighthouse was haunted, throughout the entire tour, I was anxiously awaiting some paranormal activity of some kind. Unfortunately, nothing remotely paranormal happened. So, my Aunt led us out the front door of the lighthouse and turned on the alarm for the night (so that no one would break in to the lighthouse).

Note: I personally watched her check the lighthouse, put the alarm on, and lock the doors.

Then, my Aunt got into her car parked out front while my family and I decided to just walk around a little bit and look at the outside of the lighthouse. That’s when we saw it. We were looking up at one of the second-story windows in the lighthouse and saw one of the curtains slightly peel back. I was able to see a sliver of what looked like a woman’s face peeking out. For literally a second, I saw one of her eyes and uper forehead, and her skin had a very gray tone to it. Then the curtain snapped shut.

At this point, my legs were shaking like jelly and I turned to my family to see if they had seen what I had just seen. Everyone saw the curtain peel back, but my dad was the only one that saw the woman’s face.

Anxious to see more, we ran around looking at the other windows of the lighthouse, when we caught a glimpse of one of the upper windows above the third-floor landing. There was an “up-and-down” window shade on this window, rather than a “peel back” curtain like on the other window. All of a sudden, the window shade started going up and down very rapidly. This lasted for almost 30 seconds before coming to a complete halt. But the weird part was that, because this window was above a landing, THERE WERE NO STAIRS BENEATH THE WINDOW FOR ANYONE TO STAND ON TO BE ABLE TO MOVE THE CURTAINS.

We did not see any more ghosts that night, but we immediately called my Aunt who was already at home by this point. She assured us that NO ONE could have been in the lighthouse because there are sensors inside that would have set off the alarm.

She told us that when the lighthouse was first founded, the lighthouse assistant killed his boss for having an affair with his wife. This murder took place on the front steps of the lighthouse.



When I was a teenager a friend and I were dogsitting for my uncle overnight and we camped out in sleeping bags on his living room floor. We were right next to the tv/entertainment stand that had those glass doors with the magnetic closures that you press on both to open and to close. In the middle of the night that glass door suddenly opened and closed, slamming over and over again (maybe 5x) and then loud country music started blaring out of the speakers. Half asleep, I was desperately trying to figure out where the on/off button was to turn it off. My friend then told me that right before it happened she had heard footsteps on the stairs (I slept through that part.) We were terrified and I don’t think we got much sleep after that.

I told my parents and my Uncle when he got home the next day and I think they all just thought we were crazy.



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