20 Creepy Experiences of a Glitch in the Matrix

Have you ever experienced a glitch in the Matrix? A strong sense of Deja Vu, a premonition or a coincidence that’s so big it seems like part of a grand design?

These things happen frequently and we can be at a complete loss to explain them, but we never forget the feeling…


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Not creepy, but so vivid and distinct that I still think about it, years later. I had a (subjectively) long, involved dream where I was a vendor in a fish market. I remember getting up early, dressing, doing a whole morning routine, going to get tea, heading out to the docks, buying fish, loading them in a cart and going to get ice, then haggling for ice, buying some less fresh fish while I was at it, then going to a market to my stall, setting up and selling fish all day.

It was so real. I talked to friends, smoked nasty cigarettes, haggled customers, ate lunch, had tea and just lived through the day. At the end of the day, I cleaned up, counted my cash, paid the stall rent, went home, cooked some of the fish I hadn’t sold, sling with some veggies and rice that I’d traded for. I drank more tea, relaxed for awhile, then drew a hot bath, soaked and smoked some more cigs, then went to bed.

The next morning, I woke up refreshed, ready to go down to the docks to buy fresh catch…. Except I was in my house, next to my wife, truck parked outside and it was Saturday – no work. My wife and I were getting geared up to go skiing in Oregon and the car was already packed. Weird thing was….

In the dream, I was single. And a smoker (I’m not). And the whole long dream had been in fluent Chinese. The effortless kind of fluency that only comes from a lifetime of speaking it. Oh, and I had been Chinese.

I’m a big, hairy white dude – somewhat fluent in Spanish and I know a little bit of Russian, but I’ve never…. It was just weird. I’ve never worked in a fish market.

I wonder who I was. I wonder what that was.



I mentioned this in another thread but here it is again.

Me and my friend were at a Chinese Restaurant and we ordered a General Tso chicken Dinner and a shrimp lo mein dish. When we both sat down we took out both boxes and set them on the table about two feet apart. he opens the first box and we see a shrimp lo mein dish. it has all the things in there…noodles shrimp. Fried rice. He closes the box and opens the other box. Inside that box is a shrimp lo mein. Shrimp. Noodles. Fried Rice.

“oh” I think “they must have mixed the order.” I was just about to say this when my friend says out loud “looks like they made a mistake and gave us two…” as he opens the first box again. Inside of it is a General tso chicken order. General tso chicken, white rice, and an egg roll. He froze and looked at me…I looked back at him…and we sat in silence. it took us five or so minutes to collect ourselves. I have no idea what the fuck happened.



I’ve experienced deja vu a couple of times when I was younger, and while that is certainly freaky, nothing beats its opposite, jamais vu, which I experienced twice during a period of work related stress a few years ago.

On both occasions I was driving in my car, in perfectly familiar surroundings near my home, when suddenly I had no idea where I was or where I was going. It was like being instantly teleported to a foreign country.

It only lasted seconds, but very creepy nonetheless. Until it happened to me, I had no idea that this even existed.



Ten years ago I was retuning home from a road trip with two friends. I received a phone call from my parents asking when we would be arriving, and I explained that we were about 25 minutes away. About a minute later we came around a bend; it was a full moon and we could see the reflection from a lake below us and other than that the road was completely empty. Suddenly everything went completely dark in the car, no lights from the dash or gauges or headlights on the road.

The music also stopped, and re-started at the beginning of the cd we were listening to. There was now a vehicle pulled over by the police about 1/4 mile in front of us that hadn’t been there a spilt second before. I assumed I had dozed off for just a second as it was late. I thought it was still quite peculiar, though. After about a minute, the driver of the car tuned the music all the way down and said “did that just happen to anyone else?”

The other passenger in the back seat sat forward abruptly and exclaimed “I thought I just fell asleep…”. We then realized that the clock in the car was reading an hour later than it just had a minute before. To keep ourselves from freaking out we decided that the car had possibly had a momentary electrical failure and reset the clock to an odd time, turned off the dash lights, headlights, and gauges, and restarted the CD player. But when we arrived home 25 minutes later, we were one hour late. I am missing an hour of my life, and to this day have no idea how it happened.



I swear to all the Gods that a similar “glitch in time” happened to me. However, in my case, I was walking into the hallway from my bedroom, and as I got about 6 feet down the hallway, I was seamlessly transported back to the hallway entrance. This was no deja vu event. At least not like I’ve ever had before or since.

I distinctly remember physically walking into my hallway when I suddenly start from the entrance again. I nearly threw up and shit myself at that very moment. It literally made me sick and scared. I also remember what happened about a second or so before this “teleportation” glitch. My body started to softly vibrate as if I were some rusty ass robot.

If you can imagine the low-powered vibration of console controllers, but your entire body doing it, that’s what it felt like. It lasted for about 2 seconds, right until I “teleported”. It was somewhat painful to move in that state. I never mentioned it to anyone because, well, obvious reasons.



When I was a teenager I had two really intense dreams one night. The first one was about an online friend of mine calling me to say she’d broken up with her boyfriend, and I sang a few lines of Seal’s “Don’t Cry” to her over the phone. The second dream was finding a (real life) friend dead body floating in her bathtub.

I didn’t think anything of it up until I logged online that evening and the online friend came online to tell me her boyfriend broke up with her. I immediately asked if I could call her, and she said no. I remember thinking that it meant something, like I could change it.

Not long after, my phone rang, and it was Real Life friend from the dream calling me. I was completely freaked at this point, but talked to her normally… she was just talking about school and shit… up until I realized I heard a splash in the background. I asked her, “Are you in the tub?” and when she said yes I felt like my heart had stopped. I asked her, “What did you do?”. She didn’t answer me right away, and then after a very long pause she told me she’d taken an entire bottle of pills and chased it with mushrooms and vodka.

She’d gotten scared waiting for it to hit her… so she called me so she’d hear someone’s voice. I hung up and called 911. By the time they got there she was unconscious, but alive. Today she’s a mom to a beautiful little girl, and she’s ok.



I have a sleep tracking app on my phone that has a setting for lucid dreaming. It will start saying “You are dreaming” repeatedly in a woman’s voice with a bit of an echo. I was at work one day when I started hearing the voice randomly every few minutes or so.

I checked my phone and as soon as the screen turned I woke up in my bed as the sun was rising. A bit freaked out I went to take a shower. Then on my way to work I started to hear the voice again through the radio. When I turned my car off (a bit freaked out again) I once more woke up in my bed as the sun was rising.

This happened about 3 or 4 more times, all at different times of the “day”. I didn’t trust reality for about a week after that and still refuse to use that particular setting of the app.



Oh, i have a story! One time my wife and I were coming back from a dinner night out. When I opened the door of the house, she was sitting at the computer working, as i usually find her when i get home, nothing unusual. Except she was entering the house with me…

I shrugged it off and carried on, we went to bed and i told her that I saw her sitting at the computer, and she goes dead serious and told me that when I opened the door, she saw herself sitting at the computer working…

Creepiest thing i’ve ever experienced… The fact that our neighbor’s 2 y/o daughter used to point to the TV when it was off and tell us that the person on the screen was making scary faces and that she wanted it to go away, didn’t help us getting much sleep that night…



I was sitting in my car with just my dad and I distinctly heard my sister (who was at home) say, “are you guys almost home? I’m scared” in a very specific, concerned tone of voice. Two seconds later, my dad’s phone rings. Guess who’s on the line? My sister. She said, “are you guys almost home? I’m scared” in the same concerned tone of voice. I was pretty freaked out.



I was heading home with my dad, we stopped at a drive through. I start feeling more and more anxious for no reason, to the point where it makes lightheaded and sick to my stomach. We have to wait a little bit ahead, because they gave us the order wrong. So I sit there, feeling like shit, and it suddenly comes to me an urge to call my brother.

He was trying to call us, he was in a car accident. No one died, some got seriously bruised, he was only shaken. I told him to shut up and get as far away from the car as possible. He didn’t understand but followed through, trying to call some of his buddies, and I could hear them calling him a wuss, him giving up and getting far and then a loud noise, people shouting.

After the whole shit was over he told me what happened. His drunk friend tried to impress some girls in the car, hit the gas, drifted and hit the bottom of the car on some rocks, completely fucking with the engine. They stood near the car, the driver still inside trying to turn the engine back on. The hood burst in flames and the car started to burn fast, the driver managed to get away, but got severely hurt.

Some of the guys and girls who stood around were hurt and burned too, but not as bad as the driver. My brother was the only one with light bruises from the whole thing. He told me that when I ordered him to get away from the car he was in front of it, inches from the hood.

I never experienced anything like this before and after, just this once. It’s just a fucking weird memory, I don’t remember what I was thinking, I remember it like watching a movie and seeing myself and everything from an outside angle.



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