Living a healthy lifestyle is essential to being able to live a happy life. Below are 25 free online courses in health and wellness that will give you a deeper understanding of living a healthy lifestyle.

If you want to commit to this then it’s best to know what you’re doing. It’s easy to get sucked into fad-diets or lose weight quick schemes, but the true way to be healthy is to get a deeper understanding of how our body and mind works.

These courses are all available online from a range of education institutions (via My Education Path) and are free to take. They’ll cover everything you need to know about living a healthier lifestyle.


25 Free Health and Wellness Courses


Diploma in Health Studies

Developing a food bank nutrition policy: A guide to procuring healthful foods

How to Lose 10 Pounds in 30 Days Nutrition + Workout Guide

Human Health – Diet and Nutrition

Mental Health Studies – Understanding Behaviour, Burnout and Depression

Introduction to Human Nutrition

Personal Health and Fitness

Anatomy & Physiology

Healthy Living

M1 Human Growth and Development

Achieving Personal Success

Everyday Mind Mastery

Physical Education – Coaching Styles and Techniques

How to Transform Your Life By Transforming Your Mind

Nursing Studies – Diet Therapy

Healthcare and Medicine: Healthy Lifestyle

Urban Meditation Guide

Nutrition 101: Science of Nutrition

Society, Science, Survival: Lessons from AMC’s The Walking Dead

Diploma in Outdoor and Physical Education Studies

Wellness Coaching: Powerful Skills for Everyday People

Stanford School of Medicine: Growth and Metabolism

What is Yoga as Meditation?

Weight Loss Made Easy- Exercise – Kettlebells – Fat Burn Fun

3 Fun Ways to Release Limiting Beliefs