Feng Shui Vision Board

Most of us know what a vision board is, but what’s a Feng Shui Vision Board, and what’s the difference to a regular one?

In simple terms, a vision board is a visual reminder of your goals and dreams. Many people when creating their own vision board tend to grab a pile of magazines, or go online to find pictures, words, phrases and poems to represent exactly what it is that they want out of life. For example, a person who wants to become a successful musician might print out a picture of a guitar, some of their favorite lyrics, an airplane to represent travel and a big house to represent achieving success.

When that person has found all the pictures and words they need to represent their goal, they then go about putting them onto the vision board. Traditionally a person would go about sticking them onto a poster size piece of paper, however there are now loads of apps and online services where one can create a digital vision board.


Identifying your goals to create a vision

The best kinds of vision boards link directly with your goals and dreams. First of all you need to make sure you have a written list of goals for multiple areas in your life. Writing your goals down helps you to identify them more clearly. Also, when you take an idea out of your head and put it onto paper, the whole thing seems a lot more real!

Only then will you begin the search for the images and words that best align to the goals you’ve set out in front of you. The aim of a vision board is to have a constant and visual reminder of your goals and dreams. It helps to get us into the best mindset to achieve them and keeps them fresh in mind. It’s all to easy to forget about them or pull things forward that aren’t that important. With a constant reminder of your goals, forgetting them or putting them off becomes a lot harder!

So, this is the traditional vision board, now we’ll look at what exactly makes a Feng Shui vision board.


Creating a Feng Shui Vision Board

To create a Feng Shui vision board we repeat the steps above of writing down our goals and dreams, but instead of arranging the representing pictures and words in any old fashion, we arrange them with purpose by using a Bagua Map.

A Bagua map is simply an energy layout of your home or office, it’s a Feng Shui tool that is used to identify the areas of these locations and assign different areas to different parts of your life. For example, using this tool you identify areas that directly relate to career, health, relationships, finances etc.


Here’s an example of a Bagua:


So the idea of a Feng Shui vision board is to divide your vision board to the corresponding areas, and place the images and words in the places they belong. This gives much more energy and power to each goal you have identified as you are boosting its power by placing it in the correct ‘life area’. It will also highlight where you are putting the most energy into a specific area and potential areas you should be focusing on a little bit more.

Vision boards are great; Feng Shui vision board‘s however give even more purpose and direction to your individual goals and dreams. It is an incredibly powerful tool that lays out your intentions and allows you to be clearer and more decisive about the actions you need to take to achieve you dreams.



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