What is the best Feng Shui bedroom layout? Well, the best answer to that is specific to everyone. Based on your energy and other feng shui readings, you will find a layout totally unique to you. However, as with every room, there are general rules to follow and some ‘big do’s and do not’s!’ when deciding on the positioning within a room.

Your bedroom is a place where you will spend approximately one-third of your life. So it is essential that you achieve the correct balance of yin and yang. For example, Yang energy is essential to have in the room, it leads to motivation and is great for a get-up-and-go attitude that many of us strive for in the morning. However, having more yang than yin can lead to a chaotic, fast-paced & over-stimulated feeling that will make resting very difficult.

So to get back to the general principles, what exactly should you be looking at for the layout in your bedroom? The biggest bedroom tip a Feng Shui expert will give you is to have your bed in ‘command position’. A command position means that you will face the door from the opposite side of the room, but you won’t be situated directly in front of it. Usually, the point diagonally furthest from the door will offer the greatest common position for your bed.

Feng Shui Bedroom Layout – Bed Position

Having a bed in this position means you are making the most out of the flow in the room. The space from the doorway, but facing it, means you will get a steady stream of Chi, however you will not get any that is too strong, due to the distance. Sleeping directly in line with a for can expose you to excessive Chi. This can contribute to stress, anxiety, irritability and some health problems. Keeping your bed in the diagonal command position puts you in control of your space and environment.

You should also ensure that your bed is supported by a solid wall behind it. This position allows you to be in visual command of the space. It allows you to face life and energy directly, both literally and symbolically.

Bed Positions to avoid:

  1. Bed Under the Window – This might be the worst layout in the bedroom. There is no support behind the bed, which can lead to people sleeping in this set up prone to feelings of sadness or weakness, and a lack of support in life.
  2. Bed in Line with the Door – In classical Feng Shui, this set up is also referred to the ‘Coffin’ or ‘dead
    man’ position, as it symbolises how a corpse is carried out from a house. If this isn’t enough to turn you off, then consider the negative energy you will be subjected to by having a direct line of sight to the door. If possible, move your bed to the side to create a diagonal facing position.
  3. Bed Between the Door and the Window – This setup leads to a person feeling very weak and exposed. Especially in rooms where the distance between the door and window is short. These are two entryways for energy and being stuck in the middle will leave you feeling incredibly overwhelmed.
  4. Laying under Beams – Don’t lie under a beam. This disrupts energy as the beam cuts across the body. This disturbance can lead to weakened or illness.
  5. Mirrors facing the bed – Do not face mirrors on the opposite wall, reflecting the bed. In ancient beliefs, the soul leaves the body during sleep. If it sees its reflection upon rising this can lead to some very upsetting results.
  6. Other Doors – Don’t face other doors, for example, a  bathroom or closet. If you have no other choice due to space, keep these doors closed at all times.

Feng Shui Bedroom Layout – Multi-purpose room?

You should never keep a working desk or computer in your bedroom. In Feng Shui, the energy emitted by the computer or desk is work, which is directly opposite to the energy emitted by the bed, which is rest. Rest & Work conflict, so you should not combine the two to avoid clashing energy.

In simple terms, you should try to let each room have its own function, rest, work, play etc. This way the energy will be at it’s strongest point. If however, you do not have the space for separate rooms, then there is a way of creating operation by using certain Feng Shui elements.

Feng Shui Bedroom Layout – Cures

A lot of us are limited by space or inhabit some unorthodox shaped rooms. In this case, it’s nigh on impossible to avoid all of the items mentioned above. All’s not lost however, by utilising one or more of the following cures we can do our best in eliminating negative energy.

  1. When your bed has to be in line with the door – If you have no choice but situating your bed directly in line with the door, then why not consider building a false wall? Now we’re not suggesting bricks and mortar, but items as simple as a screen or room divider are great at filtering energy and letting it flow around the room better. Place the divider at the foot of the bed to block the door and redirect the chi energy into the room.
  2. If your bed has to be positioned in front of a window – If your bed has to be in front of a window then there are some things you can do to help. Choose a bed with a very high and solid headboard. This has the effect of lending the support that a wall would. On top of this, don’t position the bed directly against the window, leave it out a bit so that you can comfortably walk behind the bed. This serves two purposes. One, you will not block out all of the light entering the room. Two, you are allowing the Chi energy to flow effortlessly around the room.
  3. If your bed has to face another door – When you have no other choice but to position your bed facing another door, a bathroom or closet etc. Hand a mirror on the inside of that door facing into that room. This has the effect of reflecting bad energy back into that room and stopping it coming into your bedroom
  4. Room Full of Beams? – Many rooms are crisscrossed with beams, so it is very hard to position a bed to avoid them. When we have a room such as this there is something you can do to stop the cutting effect of the beam. Suspend two flutes with red ribbons attached, so that the open ends of the flutes are pointing upwards, This allows the Chi to flow into the flutes, before being redirected back up and away from you.
  5. Window & Door Conundrum – Having to sleep between directly between a window and a door is a tricky one. In this case, use the combination of a strong headboard positioned out from the window, and a screen or room divider placed at the foot of the bed. This should allow the Chi to flow at its most effective, allowing you a restful nights sleep.

The bedroom is one of the most important rooms in the houses, due to the amount of time we spend in it. Getting a great nights sleep, is what sets us up for the day, allows our minds to function at their best, and allow us to operate at our happiest. Therefor it is essential to be mindful about the layout you choose for your bedroom.

As well as positioning, there are many other methods to balance the yin and yang of the room. These are picking the right colour schemes for the room, making sure your numbers are working positively, and utilising various feng shui symbols.

Taking all of this into account will ensure you have created the perfect environment for your bedroom.