For as long as can be remembered, humans have had a fascination with souls. Not only that, but understanding the different types of soulmates and what it means when they enter our lives.

It has deep roots in religion and philosophy, with countless people attempting to provide a reason for our existence. A lot of this fascination stems from trying to understand the circle of life and death.

Having a soul makes us immortal. Embracing this fact allows us then to try to understand our reasons for existing in this physical form.

The soul is the true part of us. The ever-developing essence that shapes our lives and merges with the energies that surround us. It is housed within our body while we are alive and released at death.

But for what reason?

The search for this answer has been at the root of many a debate over the years. It has been the life work of brilliant minds throughout the ages.

The Spiritual Guide to Different Types of Soulmates

Ultimately, your belief as to why we exist, and the purpose of our being here, will be deeply personal to you. This is your faith and you must decide what feels right to you. No one can tell you what you believe is wrong. However, if you are only beginning your study into this subject, then it’s useful to understand some of the main terminology and what it means.

In this article, we’ll look at the different types of soulmates and why they come into our lives.

What is a Soul?

In basic terms, the soul is the immortal essence of a person’s being. It’s an important aspect of ‘self’ for many. Though we cannot see it, we can feel it and there are actions we take within our lives that aid or prevent the soul from evolving.

Your soul is your eternal self, while your body is just the vessel you have chosen for this specific lifetime. It is the body best suited for learning the lessons you’ve set out to in this life. Reincarnation is a concept that’s accepted by over half of the world’s population, however, the reasons as to why vary greatly.

Some people view reincarnation almost as a punishment. An endless cycle that we are trying our best to break free from. Other people, myself included, believe that each incarnation is a gift. A chance to develop another part of yourself and experience life from a new angle.

Whatever your beliefs, the soul is an important aspect to many. Each religion describes it in some shape or form. What is commonly acknowledged is that the actions we choose in this lifetime, affect us even as we’ve passed over.

In some religions, bad actions can result in eternal damnation. However, certain religions, more modern spiritualists, and new age believers prefer to think that even your bad actions can be lessons to learn from.

If you deviate off your path, even if you don’t manage to achieve your purpose, you will have a chance to reflect on what went wrong and try to address these in your next incarnation.

Different Types of Soulmates are Part of Soul Groups

Many people will be familiar with the term soulmates, but much less are aware that we are actually part of larger soul groups. These soul groups work in order to help us achieve our goals in this life and to evolve spiritually.

They are incredibly important and a lot of people find comfort in the fact that they are part of a group that is filled with unconditional love. In fact, in many documented near-death experiences, or life between life sessions (See Journey of Souls: Case Studies of Life Between Lives by Dr. Michael Newton), participants have found it hard to adequately explain the sense of all-encompassing love, warmth and compassion they experience when reuniting with their soul groups.

What Are Soul Groups?

In essence, a soul group is a collection of infinite beings of consciousness, all with the purpose of aiding each other to reach higher levels of consciousness and enlightenment. The areas in which you need to focus on are worked out well in advance of your incarnation and you will all understand the roles you will play in each other’s lives, whether they be major or minor parts.

In our ethereal realms or spiritual homes, our soul groups comprise the beings who we learn from and spend time with. Analyzing past lives and understanding the events that happened. Understanding the parts that we play and the values we need to work on going forward.

What Are Soul Contracts?

As brushed upon, we choose our current incarnation for the purpose of addressing a certain element that is required to progress on to advanced levels of consciousness. To meet these goals, sometimes we’ll need the help of another soul from our group. These are referred to as Soul Contracts.

It may take many lives to understand and successfully navigate these lessons.

There is never any admonishment, rather an acceptance that the wrong path was walked down and a refocusing as we move on to our next lives. As we try to learn these lessons, members of our soul groups will each play different parts in helping us to achieve them, and we will play a part in helping them to achieve theirs.

There are a number of ways in which this can take place and the level of connection you have to a member of a soul group will determine what part they will play in your life.

How Do I Know if Two Souls are Connected?

Because there are many different types of soulmates from our soul group, our initial reaction to meeting members will depend on the strength of the connection. It can range from a nagging feeling that you’ve met this person before, to an instant jolt of recognition or coming home.

This isn’t to say that every meeting should be viewed with rose-tinted glasses. Quite often a member of our soul group is present to teach us an important or difficult lesson. It may be frustrating, intense, challenging and more. However, there will also be good moments as well as filled with love and laughter.

Rarely is it only one or the other, rather a combination of emotions that may lean more to one side. However, if you can recognize that someone is a member of your soul group then you can begin focusing on the lesson it is that you are meant to learn, in order to attain a higher level of consciousness.

The Different Types of Soulmates

Most of us are aware that we have soulmates in life, many times we have more than one. But not a lot of people know there are different types of soulmates. Encountering a soulmate involves a very strong connection factor.

You will feel that ‘click’ instantly, whether it is romantic or not. If it is indeed romantic then there is an immediate sense of heightened attraction, you feel each others energy and it can feel all-encompassing.

We tend to have that experience in varying degrees when we meet all soulmates that enter our lives. What part that person plays in our life after, however, determines what type of Soulmate that person is to you. People often get karmic and companion soulmates confused, whereas there is a certainty when one meets their twin flame. This Soul encounter experience is more intense than any other you will have experienced.

However, until a person meets their twin flame, they will often refer to a romantic companion relationship as such, never having felt the emotions that come from meeting the other part of them. Characteristics of a twin flame relationship are very different from all those that have come before.

There will always be lessons involved with a soulmate. All soulmates are karmic, however not all karmic experiences with people necessarily mean they are a soulmate.

A soulmate highlights a part of you that needs to be acknowledged and dealt with. This is known as mirroring. After some of these journeys, soulmates will part ways, some will stay in your life forever.

It is important to understand the different types of soulmates you are involved with. Karmic relationships are not necessarily always happy ones and the lesson here could be you do not need to stay in this kind of environment, or around people that do not make you happy.


“People think a soul mate is your perfect fit, and that’s what everyone wants. But a true soul mate is a mirror, the person who shows you everything that is holding you back, the person who brings you to your own attention so you can change your life.” — Elizabeth Gilbert


I love this quote from Elizabeth Gilbert and it’s refreshing to see in the face of so many romanticized depictions of soulmates. Even though we have different types of soulmates in our lives, they all act as mirrors in their own way – they just reflect different aspects in order for us to learn and grow.

By understanding why certain people come into our lives, we are freely able to examine the areas which we are supposed to grow.

Below are the three types of soulmates that come into our lives and the kind of issues we can expect them to reflect back to us.

1) Karmic Soulmates

Karmic soulmates are common and you will encounter many of these in your lifetime. The purpose of Karmic Soulmates is to teach you a minor lesson that helps you to spiritually evolve.

With these types of people, we notice small things about them that we don’t like – that feel wrong to us. Here lies the opportunity to really ask why that is? Why should someone’s behavior affect me like that? Usually, it is representative of something which we need to focus on and that’s why it strikes a chord.

This might be along the lines of the karmic soulmate being too into money, too into appearances, being too domineering etc.

Let’s break these down to see how these reflect our own emotions. If a person is too into money, that can reflect materialism and requires you to look at your own life and see what you are prioritizing.

Are you focused on collecting ‘Stuff’ rather than experiences? This could be a nudge to re-examine your priorities and make sure that you know what’s truly important in life.

It also works in the opposite way. If your boss, for example, is too domineering. this could be an opportunity for you to learn to stand up for yourself more. Often times when someone is too dominant, we react because it makes us feel helpless.

As much as we hate confrontation, it is perfectly fine to say No. I don’t accept this and do not have to be on the receiving end of such behavior.

Acknowledging that this behavior is wrong allows us to take positive action and change the situation, completing a part of spiritual evolution.

2) Companion Soulmates

Companion soulmates are there to help us learn deeper lessons or overcome more difficult challenges. For example, someone may have experienced an abusive childhood and their companion soulmate is trying to help them learn how to trust again. The relationship is two-sided, with each helping the other.

There is no give on one side, and take on the other. Companion soulmates each teach the other important lessons, sometimes taking a lifetime to complete. A companion reflects back that which we wish to see and helps us work towards it.

You will feel the shock of recognition strongly with a companion soulmate, and when we are not sharing life with our twin flames, we can often have happy and life-long romantic relationships with a companion soul. However, a strong relationship can still exist without being romantic by nature.

These are people you incarnate with often and people you would have previously agreed with to address big issues here on earth.

3) Twin Flame Soulmates

Our biggest mirror is our primary soulmate. Our Twin soul, Twin Flame, the other half of us…. whatever you like to call it. In fact, sometimes the meeting of this person is so intense and highlights so many aspects of our own psyche and being, that we can hardly bear to be around that person initially. It is a shock to the heart, mind and soul.

However, a mirror gives us the opportunity to really examine what is there and to work on the things that need to be addressed in order to be happy with our reflection once again. This is the same for your Twin Flame soul mate as it is for you.

Many people imagine that this is an easy relationship. Far from it. The highest form of connection also brings with it the learning of the most important lessons and intense feelings – that we are not used to at all.

The twin flame acts as the clearest mirror, reflecting all the qualities back you might find difficult to face. In this regard, these relationships can be quite fiery, but not bad. You challenge each other in order to improve yourself and become the best versions of yourselves.

Once Twin Flame Soulmates have become accustomed to the intensity of this relationship and understand their purposes in each other’s lives, then the relationship becomes less about ‘butting-heads’ and more about helping each other evolve to the highest of spiritual levels.

So, Now You Know The Different Types of Soulmates…

It’s not quite as simple as movies would have us believe. That we have one soulmate, that comes into our lives and sweeps us off our feet to live happily ever after…

In fact, it’s so much more complex than that as we’ve seen. Beautifully, our souls are part of larger soul groups who work together to elevate each other spiritually. This is a wonderful dynamic and although not all of the lessons will be the happiest, they are necessary for you to grow into the best spiritual being you can be.

Different types of soulmates teach us different things, over varying periods of time. Some lessons will be hard, some will be easy, but all are essential. When you meet someone who gives you a feeling of knowing, of coming home, or déjà vu, the chances are there’s something there to learn. Now all you need to do, is figure out what that is, and thank the universe for giving you the opportunity.