15 Creepy Stories From the Outdoors

There’s nothing quite like spending a night out under the stars, surrounded by nature and living off the land.

Unfortunately, it can also turn into the perfect scenario for creepy and unexplainable events. On Survivalist boards, people were asked if they had and Creepy stories from the outdoors. Here are 15 of the creepiest responses…





Back in the day, when I was in college, me and the oldest took off to a lake in the wilds of glacier country. I have extensive backcountry exposure, even did a stint as a big game guidein a remote backcountry camp. On this day we enjoyed the fishing and settled in for the night.
I pulled out my pan and stoked up a nice fire. It was clear and cool as the sun faded into the western slopes. We cooked up some fresh rainbows with garlic and butter and filled our stomachs. I leaned back against the cooler after pulling out a refreshing beverage. The boy was soon asleep by the fire as it had been a busy day. I sipped my beer and watched the moon light bouncing off the little waves in the lake. There was still a light glow on the western horizon where the sun had gone down and I could see the outline of the mountain peaks towering over the little lake. I slowly faded off to sleep with the sound of the lake waves gently lapping on the rocks.

I awoke with a start. The fire was out, the latern was out too. The moon was gone and it was pitch black. Something was wrong. The hair on the back of my neck stood straight out. I was paralyzed. I could hear my heart thumping as I strained to hear something in the bush, all was quiet. I had a horrible uneasy feeling. I gathered myself togather and started kicking around the fire, a small flame came alive and I quickly threw on some wood. In the firelight I could see that the boy had awoke and was shocked to see his wide open eyes staring at me. “Whats wrong?” he asked. “Nothing, go climb in the tent.” I lied. He crawled into the tent but even in the light of fire I couldn’t shake my waryness. Something was out there in the bush, and I could feel it was watching me.

I gathered up my light and flashed around camp. Nothing. Finally, I began to calm down and crawled in the tent with the boy. Then again, like clockwork, I awoke completely tense. This time I couldn’t shake the feeling at all. I finally instructed the boy to wake up and go get in the truck. I packed up all of camp and drove around to the other side of the lake and slept with him in the truck. At dawn I got up and looked across the lake where we were camped earlier, and another uneasy feeling came over me. I decided it was time to go home. I don’t know what was out there, or what was going on over there, but I know my instincts, and something was bad wrong with that place. Whatever it was, I will leave it to your imagination, it creeps me out to this day thinking about that night.

MT Patriot


I was at starved rock training on top of devil’s nose when i had the same feeling, but in broad daylight. I actually climbed down, and then ran directly into my most recent ex girlfreind’s last husband, and her Son. Her and I had broken up, and I never got to say good bye to the little guy. I don’t know how, or why we ended up in the exact same spot, at the exact same time, 2 hours from home, but we did, and i got to say good bye to him.

If I had not had such an intense feeling that i HAD to get of Devil’s nose and climb down, exactly when i did, I never would have run into him like that. A few seconds either way, and the meeting would never have happened.

Vanishing Nomad


Ever been stalked by a cougar? You will NEVER hear it, but somehow you will know that something is wrong. I have a close friend that was stalked by a wolf. He had been feeling creeped out all day, and knew exactly why when he backtracked and found the wolf tracks following his own. Same guy was stalked by a cougar when hunting coyotes (making rabbit distress calls is not exactly safe in big cat country.)

I have a client that regularly hunts bear in Montana. He says that there is one area that he always avoids because he always feels like he is being watched when he gets close. He says that it is a desperate and creepy feeling, one that is beyond being stalked by an animal. Bigfoot? Possible. Bear or other predator? Possible and very likely.

If you feel very creeped out when out in the deep backcountry (especially the northern Rockies) I would advise going with your instinct, and quickly. You are not the top of the food chain, and this is not your neighborhood.



I swear I saw a ghost! We were camped in a field in amongst a old growth forrest. This field has history though. In the early 1900’s it was a remote mineral water resort hotel. The hotel burned down in 30’s. If you didn’t know there was a hotel there, you would NEVER know. People took horse and buggy out to it.

I have camped here no less than 50 nights! SERIOUSLY! But one night I swear I saw a ghostly woman figure! She moved across the field at me. She stopped within a couple feet of me! I turned to move, and the “cold” feeling disapeared. And that was it. Nothing else. Just me standing there going WTF? Effin scarry!



Those gut feelings of something being wrong, being watched, or some unseen danger always freak me out. but i did have a strong sence to get the hell out dodge one day while sitting by little river deciding on fishing or not. i had just got my pack off and found a spot to sit when i had that odd felling of being watched from behind.
i got up and moved down stream about 400 yards to a spot where there was a larger clearing between the river and the taller brush and trees. i did not see or hear anything while walking, only some old deer tracks in some dried mud, but when i got to looking at a spot to sit for awhile i got that feeling again. i could see pretty good all around me (about 100 to 175 yards) and just thought that i being silly.

i ate some of my food that i brought and watched the area around me as i tried to figure out which lure to use. for awhile the feeling went away. i fished for about an hour (no luck) and i needed to go pee, so i stood up and walked back into the bush to take care of business. while standing there, that felling came back stronger than before. all i could hear was my **** hitting the ground. no birds, no wind, no little critters of any kind. i finished and walked back to my spot. as i got there i bent down to pick up my pole, and i heard my dads voice call my name out loud and clear, using a tone of voice that meant i was to do what he told me too, do it now and ask no questions.

my dad had passed away 3 years before.

like others have said, instantly every cell of my body was all keyed up. the area i was in is known to have bears, mountain lions, and wolves were just starting to make a come back, (s. e. washington ). but i had not seen any sign or heard from anyone else that they had been in that area for awhile.

i grabbed my stuff and packed my bag as quick as i could, this time i took my s&w 686p out of my pack that i brought as extra weight in the pack and for snakes and put it on my hip. normally i don’t like to open carry like this.

as i put my pack on, that feeling of danger got even stronger. i started back to my truck the way i came in and froze solid after a few steps. i could not go back the way i came in. i stood there and listened and watched for about 10 minutes and heard nothing. the river was running slow, so it hardly made a sound. i looked all around me and every time i looked back up the trail i came in on i got more and more nervous. the trail looped around back to my truck, but it was about a 2 mile walk versus a 3/4 mile walk the way i came in.

so i went the long way back and when i got to my truck, something had been there and scratched it up pretty good on the drivers side and tail gate. i don’t have a clue what it could have been because i was in a designated parking spot that had just been regravled. there were scuff marks but i could not find anything that looked like a print from a man or animal. that feeling of danger did not go away untill i had driven up to the top of the ridge and was just about back on to pavement.

when i did get to the t in road, there was a game warden and a sheriff deputy parked and talking there. they were kinda blocking the road as i pulled up and they got out and walked over to my truck to talk with me. the conversation started normally, i told them i was fishing with no luck down at the river, so i decided to come back and when i mentioned my truck had gotten all scratched up while parked, they got quiet, lost their smiles, and looked at each other. they asked what time i parked and which way i went up or down river and if i noticed anything around the parking lot. i said i saw some scuff in the gravel but nothing else. i did not say anything about weird feelings. again they looked at each other and said ok have a nice day and went and moved their trucks off the road.
this all happened between about 10 am to 3:30 pm. in late may of 2005. i never went back as i moved to spokane at the end of june. i would have just thought i was being paranoind being out there by myself. but the way those 2 cops acted made everything else feel even stranger. i would like to go back someday. but i’m gunna take a buddy along. and maybe my shotgun.



I was hitchhiking from Florida to New Jersey when I was picked up by a small flatbed truck somewhere in Georgia and getting on into the dark hours. The guy was very friendly and said he was just coming back from delivering tomatoes from his farm in NC. I was a Hippie and he was an average hardworking Bible believing man of the land but we got along well.

Anyway, during those days there was no Interstate 95, just good ole Route 1. The stretch along Georgia/South Carolina was quite sparse then. There was nothing but smallish scrub pines for miles on end, no houses lit and nothing moving on the road but us. Sometime around 3:00am there was a sudden burst of white light followed by two more bursts spaced about 1 second apart. Everything lit up with a brightness I never experienced till then or after. The shadows came directly down meaning that whatever caused the flashes was directly above us. No noise. None but for the sound of the truck. I stuck my head out the window and saw nothing. (The flashes also partially blinded me so my vision wasn’t the greatest). There were no clouds or rain so it wasn’t lightning. For some reason I asked the guy to stop but he just floored that old truck and didn’t say a word until daylight.

Maine Russian


There is a legend of the Cascade Mountains of Washington State that people in the forest have heard sounds like children laughing and playing. This is in remote areas, no campgrounds, or resorts or anything nearby. When they go to investigate the source of the laughing children, they are never heard from again!
Don’t ever let your child wander off in the woods or he may vanish and be turned into a Stick Indian himself! 

Another Indian legend here is the coastal Indians of the Olympic Peninsula. There are old growth trees that have faces in them. The Indians believe these were people that went walking out in the forest at night and the trees grabbed them and they can never get out. They are now part of the tree.



One night I was camping near where an old river dam had been. I pulled the canoe in late so I just draped the tarp over the canoe and crawled in underneath it and fell asleep. In the middle of the night I woke up to the sound of roaring water. I crawled up out from under the tarp and the sound stopped. I thought I must have been imagining it or it was the wind through the trees or something. I crawled back under the tarp and the sound started again.

This time when I crawled out it didn’t stop. The sound got louder and louder. I realized that it sounded like water ripping through the woods. Even the dogs had their hair on end. I quick pulled the tarp off the canoe and dragged it up to the top of a ridge and waited to see what was making that noise. Then I heard the voices, men yelling and a dulling thumping noise. I huddled down next to the boat, pulled the dogs close and waited for the sun to come up to find out what was happening.

Morning came and there was nothing to see. To this day I don’t know what that was but I have my ideas. I will not camp there ever again. I’ve come up on the spot as the sun was setting and I just hurry by and camp far away. I was told that the land remembers and that’s fine, I just don’t need to be there when it’s remembering.

lone squirrel




2 friends and I were riding our dirt bikes up and around a mountain trail that we knew well in BC in early spring. Dusk was coming in and with the tight trails it seemed darker then it actually was. To add to this there was about 12-14″ of snow on this old forest trail. My bike had a headlight and the best rear tire to make a trail in the snow, so I led. I was riding ahead of them and stopped to wait for few minutes. I could hear them coming from further away then I thought, so I just sat on the bike and waited.

Then the feeling of being watched came over me, it was not a fearful or in danger type of feeling, just that something was there nearby. It was undeinable, you just know. (As living beings we are energy, depending on the individual you may be sensitive to other energies and know that something is there). I removed my helmet and was scanning the area. There about 20′ away on the edge of the trail was one of the most magnificent sites I have seen – it was a Gray Wolf just watching me.

It showed no fear or aggression, just watching me with this poise and strength. I did not fear it, but I certainly sensed it. This happened about 20 years ago and I remember it as vivid as if it was yesterday. I then understood how aboriginals can sometimes state that a certain animal may be a reincarnation of a deceased tribe member. This wolf had this poise and look of experience, as if it had been there before and was just letting me know it was there.



I was camped out in western maryland on a hilltop with a buddy of mine and we heard a very strange chirping, whistling, whining, grunt sound around 2am. The fire was reduced to coals and we were pretty tired at the time. But this alerted both of us. It sounded like a cross between an animal and a human, but all of the noises happened at once and ended with a whistle.

The sound came from the bottom of the hill and I’d estimate it was around 800-1000 yards away. So we stood around for a couple more minutes before deciding to call it a night. 15 minutes later I heard the same noise 40-50 feet away from my tent. It was loud and scared the hell out of me. I got out with the spotlight but saw nothing and heard nothing.

My friend stumbled out of his tent 10 minutes later with his single shot rifle and asked, “Did you hear that?” I said, “Yeah, great response time with the rifle by the way”.



Two stories, both from my mother when she was a young teenager:

First, she and a friend were walking down a back road in WVa. They heard some men and horses coming up the road and they hid in a ditch. She said it was very loud and they could hear the men’s voices very clearly yelling at the horses, as if they were running a herd. She said the ground shook as the horses passed by them a few yards away. The girls were laughing because no one knew they were there and they were, after all, teenage girls. After the horses had passed, they looked out of the ditch down the road, and there were no horses, no men, no dust clouds and no footprints. Nothing either up or down the road.

Second, my mother and her sister were walking back from the store at night. It was pitch black down the road to home. It was a clear night. Out of nowhere, a column of bright light lit them both up. It came straight down on them. She said it was not a flashlight, but a very pronounced, precise and intense beam of light (think Close Encounters..). They dropped one of their shopping bags, picked it up and ran. They stopped running and got lit up again. They then ran all the way home. This was in the 1930’s.



When I was a boy my parents used to take me and my older sister to my relatives house in Eastern KY. Right around Letcher Co. The closest city is Whitesburg. My uncle (who taught me everything I know about the outdoors) lived in a cabin nestled in a holler way back up in the mountains. His place was at the base of a big strip mine seam up on the mountain side. As a boy he and I used to go sit out on his back porch at night and use predator calls to try and call something down out of the hills. Well one night he and I were out there using one of his tapes. We’d been out there for a good 2 hours and seen nothing so we were thinking of calling it a night. We were about to pack everything up when he realized his squirrel feeder was empty. He then decided to go fill it back up with seed. His feeder was about 50 yards away from his cabin on the mountain side and bordered the treeline.

He walked up the hillside about 25 yards when his wife came out to see why we were still outside. The only light out that night was the light from his porch. He was about 35 yards up the hill and he called back and said he forgot his flashlight so his wife (my aunt) went back inside and got one of his spotlights. We had forgot to turn of the tape with the predator calls on it so I reached down to the tape player to turn it off when I noticed my aunt was as stiff as a board. I hit the off button and looked up at her and she had the spotlight shining straight up to the squirrel feeder where my uncle was at. I heard her say “It’s coming to you Jim”. Jim is my uncles name. He turned back and goes “huh?” Then a little louder that time she goes “It is coming straight towards you Jim.” That’s when I looked up and saw a set of eye shines about 15 ft away from where my uncle was standing and closing in. Whatever it was it was massive. The eyes were about 4-5 ft off the ground. Also whatever that creature was completely and totally got the drop on my uncle who has pretty much spent his whole life in the woods studying and tracking predators.

Well, he was turned around looking at us with his back to the woods so we told him to freeze. We all just kind of stood there for about 3 mins which seemed like a lifetime. It was dead silent no crickets, no sounds of the night. It was the most eerie and creepy 3 mins of my life. It just sat there at the tree line staring at us all and us staring right back at it. The brush at the treeline was thick so we could not see what shape it was…just the eyes and where they were in relation to the ground. After those three mins my uncle slowly turned around to see what was about 15 ft away from him. With our spotlight on it, as he was about to turn and look it directly in the eyes it split. And for the next 15 mins we could hear limbs cracking and snapping all the way up the side of the mountain as this animal decided to retreat. Scared the **** out of me, and my uncle…literally. My uncle ****ed himself. I think that was the thing that scared me the most about it was that he was so scared. He was shaking and I had never seen him like that. The other thing that scared us both is that we had been sitting out there all night listening intently and watching that treeline like hawks. Whatever animal or creature it was did not make a single sound coming down the side of that mountain. It never made a sound until it took off. I didn’t sleep that night and neither did my aunt or uncle.



When I was in my early teens, my family and I began to notice small dead animals appearing around our home and property. After the first week of this we began to become a little paranoid about who or what was doing this. A little research by my father showed that our area had been known for some witchcraft rituals back in the day. Associated with the witchcraft practices were the placing of small piles of stones stacked on top of one another.

Within the next few weeks we began to spot small piles of rocks forming near our home and in the community. One day I happened to be ¼ mile from my home, down a dirt and gravel trail along a large creek . While I was milling around, I caught a glimpse of something very peculiar. In the middle of the creek, on top of a large boulder, there was a stack of rocks about three feet high. It gave me the willies to see that, knowing what it might be symbolic of. Another time my dad happened to look out of our back porch window and saw amongst the scrub grass and underbrush, a pile of stones about two feet high and positioned so there would be a hole in the center of the pile. My dad investigated it and looked through the hole – our house was perfectly centered in it.

By mid spring I decided to take a video camera and do a little investigating in the woods behind my home. Dressed in my woodland BDUs and combat boots, I headed off to see what I might uncover. Before entering the forest I saw a dead garter snake with its head pulled off. It was a little spooky. Fifty yards into the wilderness I found what appeared to be a bird that looked like it had exploded. Feathers, blood, and body parts were scattered. I ended up going down into a marsh to check the soft ground for tracks and could not find anything for the first hour of trying. Getting a little tired, I went over to some hard ground, plopped myself down, and took a breather. There were still a few patches of snow in the area and I happened to look down at the one next to me. What I saw sent chills through my body.

A human footprint, sized larger than my 10 ½ “ boots, which I would estimate was 11” to 12”. I could see the toes, arch, and heel. Plopping my dad’s VHS camcorder on my shoulder, I filmed the print next to my foot for a comparison. Seeing that print spooked the heck out of my and I quickly left the area and showed my video findings to my dad, mom, and sister. They quickly thought I was making up the entire story of the footprint, even when I showed them the video tape of it. I asked how I could make such a large foot print with my own foot, considering my foot was smaller. They had no explanation and began to wonder if something was really out there.

Over fifteen years later I still have not been able to explain the large foot print. Why would someone travel all the way out into a marsh just to put their bare foot into the already melting patch of snow? Was it a joke? Was someone watching me and managed to determine what direction I was heading in and placed the track? Or maybe it really was “something else”! The dead animal occurrences tended to cease after that day and have not returned.



There was an open field about 2 miles from my parents house that had 3 very large Oak Trees that formed a peculiar triangle. I had been there many times before, and with each visit there was this odd odor that hung in the air. I would only notice inside the large triangle of the trees(I later in life learned that the smell was of death). One of the last times I ever made my way to those trees was when I stumbled upon a pile of dead ducks. It must have been at least 50 or 60 dead ducks in the middle of the three trees. I didn’t know where they came from or who put them there. There weren’t any lakes close by and no roads led to the site. It wasn’t until my late teens that I saw a similar pile of dead ducks out in the canals that border my home town. I came to find out from a friend that it was some sort of local cult that performed the killings and pilings of the ducks.

My second experience took place a mile or so away from the Oak Trees. It was an abandoned farm that I only visited one time. On the property was a white 2 bedroom farmhouse, wrap around porch, dinner bell, red trim and lots of windows. Adjacent to the house was a very dilapidated barn. As I entered the house, what appeared to be a “hunter” came walking around the corner from the kitchen, rifle in hand. He was just over 6′ tall, short brown hair, mustache and beard, dressed in a plaid long sleeve, jeans and boots.

He was very nice and introduced himself as Jim, and said that he was hunting rabbits in the area. He began to tell me about the house, the barn and the family that lived there. He said the family just up and abandoned their farm one day and were never seen again. They left all their belongings and took nothing with them. This was clearly evident in the house. We walked out to the barn where he showed me old black and white photos of the farm and the family. I couldn’t believe everything was just left behind! Well we said our farewells and he invited me and my parents to join him and his wife for dinner sometime. He said you could see his house from behind the barn and that it was just a couple miles away.

As I was walking away from the barn, I got this terrible nagging feeling. Something in my head was telling me to go back to that house and look around some more. I went back, snooped around a bit. I realized Jim was gone. I looked all over the place, outside and in the barn. I walked behind the barn to see if I could see Jim walking back home, and there was nothing. Nobody was around. I looked in the direction that Jim told me he lived, and there was nothing. A couple days later I braved up enough to look for Jim’s house. I found it alright. Or at least where a house once stood. All that was left was a burnt out foundation. There was nothing else around the area, just plane fields and low grass.

Lastly, because I was just a kid and had to share these stories and places with my dad, we went out one weekend so I could show him what I saw. I took him to the three Oak Trees and confirmed to him the smell of death in the area, and we went to the abandoned farm followed by a short walk to the burnt out foundation. My dad was very intrigued by all this because he had similar, albeit much more frightening experiences, when he was my age at that time.

We ran into some Union Pacific railroad tracks and decided to take them in a roundabout way back home. On our way we found another abandoned(or so we though) shanty. We started walking towards it, when about 50 yards from the front door, every fiber of my being was screaming at me to stop. My dad got a little stiff legged and before I said anything, told me we should just leave this one alone. I never could make myself go anywhere near that shanty run down place. I’ve been out there a couple times since, and it’s still standing, and to this day, I can’t get close to it. The feelings get so overwhelming sometimes that I can’t even stand to look at the structure.



when i was 20 my girlfriend (ex now) and i decided to take a week long camping trip to some property that belonged to her fathers friend with my Australian cattle dog wrangler and her German Shepard zero. about 4 thousand acre undeveloped ranch in the northeast Texas woods. the plan was to be taken by 4wheeler to a point on the property unknown by us, and then we would hike back to the main gate over the next week. i had a GPS for an emergency but we planned on doing the trip with maps and compass only. we were well equipped for the trip. had enough food for 3 days,(planned to hunt the rest) water for 3 days and water purifying systems. all the necessary camping gear. she had her bolt action .223 and a tarus judge. i had my .22 rifle and my .40cal baby eagle.

we arrived at our destination and bid farewell to the friends that dropped us off on the 4wheelers. our first day we mainly wandered around exploring and figuring out our plan. there was a creek running through the property that we could follow and it would get us pretty close to the gate. we had our plan and had done enough exploring so we started setting up camp before dark. our first night was very pleasant for the most part. dinner by the fire with the dogs chit chatting all night till about midnight when we decided to turn in. i woke up around 230 with a strange feeling. i saw wrangler and zero at the door of the tent very tense but not making a sound. i knew right away something was up. both of these dogs were well trained and very loyal and protective of us. i stepped out with a light and the .40 to look around and left the dogs with my gf just in case( shes a deep sleeper). i made my rounds around camp and found nothing, but i couldn’t shake the feeling that something was watching me. i passed it off as a pack of coyotes and went back to bed trusting the dogs to watch out for us.

we woke up the next morning and i told her what had happened. we just blew it off and began our day. well the second night we set up camp near the creek and things got a bit hairy. while sitting around the fire we heard a very strange sound. something ive never hear b4. the dogs began to growl and snarl facing the woods north of us. we quickly drew arms and began to sweep the camp sight. found nothing but the sound persisted around camp. it was like a snarling/gargling/sniffing sound. we didn’t sleep that night. no matter how much we looks and checked we could never find the source of the sound and the dogs were restless the whole night.

by the third night we were very restless, when night fell we sat by the fire with arms at our sides. we were going to stay up in shifts to keep watch just in case. while i was asleep i heard the dogs go off and when i woke up i saw my gf standing with zero at her feet and her judge drawn. i quickly took arms at her back. something had apparently ran very rapidly behind the tent. she couldn’t describe what it was. then it ran by again. i caught a glance under the light of the fire behind us, it was big and very fast. ran on all fours but thats all i made out. it sounded like more than 1 creature this time. they weren’t coyotes. to big. and much to fast. heather spotted 1 again behind the tent and fired. we heard the nasty snarl again and wrangler broke away from me and gave chase. i love my dog but didn’t dare go after him. i just called and called but he didn’t return. we stood there guns drawn for an hour after she had fired. everything was quiet. then we heard rustling. we had our sights on the sound and wrangler came out of the woods. he wasn’t hurt, but he had blood on his back. after this we decided to bug out at sunrise. we packed up and started hiking. we were about 2 days hike non stop from the gate and we were ready to do it.

the third night we didn’t camp. we broke out the headlights and kept going. whatever was in those woods was back. following us but at a greater distance this time. they followed all night. that was one of the most intense hikes ive ever had. we hiked with our guns in front and the dogs in back. whatever was following us wasn’t stupid. it stuck to our sides. usually about 40 yards out into the woods always out of sight. we stopped to rest for a few minutes around 4 am. they stopped too… from what we could hear it sounded like maybe 3 things out there. they got closer when we stopped and i thought i saw somthing and fired the .223. i didnt hit anything, probably my mind playing games with me but the shot scared them back to a much greater distance. by sunrise they were gone again. we made it to the gate b4 dark and high tailed it out of there….

we returned the next day on 4wheelers and with several other people to have a look around. we went to the site of our 2nd camp and found a blood trail from whatever the hell heather had hit with the slug shot loaded in the judge. the trail ran for about 200 yards b4 we lost it. we found nothing else and headed back b4 darkness caught us again. we never found out what they were. and no one had any experience like that on the property b4. to this day i try not to talk about it too much because i even have trouble believing it sometimes. i try telling myself they were coyotes with mange or mutated or something but heather never let me believe myself. not too many creatures out there can take a 410 slug and bleed that much without going down, especially not a yote. all i know is that i wont camp on that property anytime soon.


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