38 People Share their Creepiest Reality Questioning Experiences


Talking with my son when he was 3 or 4 years old while he was playing with a Darth Vader toy in his mom’s lap. Talking about the Wiggles or Barney or whatever. Completely unprompted, he said nonchalantly “Dingo cold. Dingo cold.” and goes back to playing with his Star Wars toys. I asked him what he said and he denied saying anything with a giggle.

My wife very clearly heard him say “Dingo cold” too.

I never told him about my childhood best friend, “Dingo”, being killed in an avalanche ten years earlier.


So, I’m a diehard atheist, but I can’t fully explain this one.

I have a big family, like really big, last count, I had around 20 cousins.

One day we were all hanging out in the family farm, and decided to spend the night, we just did girls in a room, and boys in another, and everything was going fine, it was around 4 in the morning when I woke up to one of my cousins standing by the door. The hallway light was on, and shining on my face, so I could only see his outline, but I knew it was Josh*

I asked him what was he doing, and if he needed something, but he didn’t move, and my eyes were starting to adjust, I could see more details, but I couldn’t see his face. I was really sleepy and confused, when the hallway light, Josh’s shape, everything disappeared. It was just darkness, and a open door. I knew I was awake, because I was sitting down.

I decided to get one of my roommate cousins up, and go check on the boys, Josh had an allergy to something, he didn’t wanted to bother anyone, so he took a benadryl and went to bed. When I checked on him he wasn’t breathing. We got my uncle up, he gave Josh some heavy duty medication, and we took him to a hospital. Everyone was fine. Josh told me he knew I was insomniac, and while he was suffocating, unable to make a noise, he kept praying I couldn’t sleep, and decided to check on him.


By my hometown there was a hiking trail that people went to very infrequently. It was along the side of the Niagara Escarpment so it had some climbable cliffs, and some very shallow caves that you could crawl around on.

I went with some friends when I was 19/20 and we were crawling around and found a cave that went pretty deep. We had never been in there before, had never even seen it before. So we pushed forward and decided to check it out even though we had no flashlights and this was when cellphones didn’t really have a flashlight function.

We stepped into the cave and it was easily 20-30 degrees cooler than outside. Upon looking around with which light we had we noticed it was really clean inside the cave, as in it didn’t have beer cans littered everywhere like all the other small caves did. While in there we got a really eerie feeling after being in there shortly… hearing weird and strange things. Feeling like we were being touched, poked and pulled and not having anyway to figure out who was doing it because it was too dark. We were just using lighters to see what was around us.

We were convinced one of us was messing with the others. Although anytime we sparked up a lighter, we were all decently far apart.

We decided to high-tail it out of there after only a few minutes, convinced to come back with flashlights. We came out to see that it was now dusk outside, when we entered it was mid-day. Somehow we had lost roughly 3 hours inside of this cave.

We went with back with flashlights the next week. But have never been able to find this cave again



I always remember this and do not have an explanation for it. When I was about 4 or 5 years old I remember waking up in the middle of the night and walking to the stairs. I remember closing my eyes for a second at the top of the stairs and when I opened them I would be at the bottom of the stairs. I would run upstairs and close my eyes and the same thing would happen again. It happened at least 4-5 times until my parents called me to go to bed because they could hear me run up the steps. It’s weird because I was WIDE AWAKE and do not have a history with sleep walking. I still think about it. And wonder how that was possible.


At least six times in my life I’ve gone home I know I locked the door but when I’m about to put my key in the door opens like someone was expecting me but no one’s there … It’s happened at my mom’s house my house and other ppls houses. I was helping my buddy move into his new house and when we came back with more stuff I had to pee so I ran to the front door and it opened … When he came in he said he locked it before we left … Don’t know what it is but maybe it’s a super power


I have two wireless mouses, one for a work laptop and one for my personal laptop. When I let things get messy, I usually just stack one laptop on top of the closed one underneath – with both mouses near the mouse pad.

Okay, so, I get a call from work saying I need to hop online. I open the work laptop and grab the mouse and start opening my work portal. I open email, I do my usual routine. Everything works fine. Then, I realize that I’m using the mouse connected to my personal laptop on my work laptop. I shake the mouse. No response. It stopped working once I realized that it shouldn’t be working. Ever since then, I’ve found it hard to believe that we don’t live in some sort of a simulation.


Sleep paralysis. A few years ago, I was dreaming I was talking to a friend of mine, so far, nothing weird. But then, for some reason, I realize that I was in a dream and the person I was talking with technically wasn’t my friend. Suddenly, their appearance turned to black and I felt them pushing me down and holding me down in my bed. I couldn’t move, I couldn’t breathe. At this point my cat woke up and jumped on me as if to protect me. Then, the dark silhouette or whatever that thing was vanished and I woke up. I swear I had red marks my shoulders where that thing was holding me down in my dream.


My wife and I had a 2 hour drive back from st louis to our home during which both of us lost time, “woke up” 3 hours later still an hour and a half away from home only having used enough gas to go that half hour and our gps showed we had been driving our normal route. We still have no fucking idea what happened but we know we hadn’t pulled over and that neither of us had any memory between taking an exit and seeing this one particular billboard for a restaurant we always pass. Still freaks me the fuck out.


I once had the weirdest dream. It was like 3 years ago yet I remember it clearly which is weird knowing how bad my memory is. Anyway it was a big black room. There was a huge tv on the wall which had white static on it. Staring at the tv were 2 men in fully black suits with white shirts. One had long blonde hair and the right one had short black hair. In this dream it was like i was only watching like in a movie, i did not have a body.

Suddenly one man says “but then her brother will die” to which the short haired guy silently nods. The same day my mother comes home crying telling me my uncle has commited suicide.

I do not believe in ghost and faith so I still question this dream today.


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