38 People Share their Creepiest Reality Questioning Experiences


I burnt about 10 filing cabinets full of papers for my high school friends dad for less than minimum wage back in 2004 . Literally millions of lines of words, maybe even a million pages or close just tossing them into a barrel burning.

After a few hours , I victoriously tossed in the last folder, a little sprite of flame shoots out and a singed fortune cookie looking piece of paper floats to the ground in front of me with the words only

‘What burns does not return’

I still don’t know wtf. The probability just is astronomical

38 People Share   Their Creepiest


I used to visit my grandparents house with my Father every Sunday. A very odd family lived a few houses down. They had a massive property in the middle of old Pasadena. The house had three stories, a basement, and huge back yard. I was introduced to the little girl that lived that at some birthday party. We would to sit on the side of the house and look for four leaf clovers. She told me she liked to play in the backyard barn but nobody was allowed to go back there anymore. She promised there were a ton of animals there and I loved animals, so of course I wanted to go. She said we had to be very quiet and fast but she would show it to me.

We had to follow this little trail maybe a quarter of a mile behind the house. There was a ton of foliage around the trail and it blocked out the building and there was a barn back there. It was massive and really something you would see out of a movie. She said it had been in the family for a long time but the barn looked pristine. When we approached it, she told me we had to be very quiet and that we couldn’t go inside.

We started playing around the barn but not directly next to it. We started looking for clovers again for awhile before I remembered she mentioned animals. When I asked if we could see them, she scrunched up her face and got up. She didn’t say anything but did get up and start walking towards the barn. The grass was overgrown right up against the barn, which didn’t really make any sense because it looked brand new. The rest of the area was cleared out, the grass was only overgrown up near the barn.

She started digging through the grass like she was looking for something. She wouldn’t tell me what. The longer I stood next to the barn, the more uncomfortable I got. I felt like we were somewhere we weren’t supposed to be. I became a little distracted and started looking around for our parents or some adult to jump out and scold us.

When I turned around again, there was a pile of bones sitting on the ground. I looked up at her and she was holding a very small skull in her hands. It looked like it would’ve belonged to a sheep but way way smaller. She leaned in and whispered, “This is why we can’t play back here. My Mommy said he doesn’t like animals anymore.” I’m not sure why I wasn’t freaked out. Once I noticed the bones, I could see them scattered all through the grass. We heard her Mom called for us and we ran back. It wasn’t until a year or so later at another birthday party that I was in the backyard again. I asked her Mom if we could go play by the barn and she looked at me like she’d seen an alien. She said they never had a barn. The trail to it just…disappeared. There were big trees there and everything. Something weird happened with the adults after that and I wasn’t allowed to go to their house anymore.

I have no idea what happened. It was very creepy. I’m fairly certain I had an overactive imagination as a child and dreamed all of that up. I asked my Father a few years back if he’d ever seen that neighbor’s barn. He had no idea what I was talking about. Why would there be a barn in the middle of a big city?


When I was a kid between 8 or 9, I used to wake up every night to headlights coming through my bedroom window. The lights would then would stop and turn off, not as if a car drove by but as if they were turned off. Then the long shadows of a man, as if were looking through my window would pass by and stop in front of my window. I would lay really still and pretend nothing happened, every night for months. Eventually I convinced myself it was imagination. Now that I think back it stopped when my stepdad moved in (my mom was single) but I was convinced it wasn’t real.

Across the street lived my best friend-whose mom was also single- and she refused to sleep in her bedroom. Her window faced my window. She told me years later it was because every night a man would park in her side yard and walk over to my yard. The long shadows were from the light in her yard. She eventually decided it was my dad checking on us and never told me until I was a teenager. It wasn’t my dad (I asked him).

So I thought I was crazy and hallucinating for years and perhaps I wasn’t or two kids were having were odd dreams at the same time every night.


I was playing with our dog in the living room. At the time I was around 9 years old. We we’re doing our usual “only play like this when mom isn’t home else she’ll tell us to stop” type of playing.. so basically playing fetch in the living room. At 1 point I threw the toy which caused it to ricochet out of the living room into the kitchen. Frans (our dogs name) chased it and disappeared around the corner to get it.

At that exact moment the front door opened and mom walked in with Frans on a leash after a 2 hour walk over the beach and dunes….. I tried to explain, but can’t. I played with him for at least 15 minutes in … apparently.. my imagination, but I just don’t believe that.


I worked at a small retail shop that sold mostly small accessories and clothes. I have never really believed in ghosts but my coworkers always swore the place was haunted. Lights would flicker randomly and canvases would fall violently to the ground despite my efforts of proping them up so that they didn’t.

The thing that really made me question everything happened when I was closing alone at night. We had a sunglass display in the middle of the store. Just a flat glass shelf with a bunch of sunglasses laid out nicely on top. I walk past it to the register and hear this huge crash. Look back and all of the sunglasses were on the floor. It looked like somebody just took their arm and dragged it across the shelf pushing them all off. There wasn’t anything above the display so nothing could have knocked it off. I don’t have an explanation for it.

It was right as I was about to close too. He was a rude ghost.


When I was 15 I was home alone hanging out upstairs in my bedroom. At the time we had 2 small dogs. I was sitting in my room watching TV when the dogs started going crazy barking downstairs. It wasn’t uncommon for them to bark when a person walked by or came to the door so I just stayed in my room and thought nothing of it at first. They kept barking, non stop, for probably about 10 minutes before I finally got fed up and decided to go downstairs to tell them to stop it.

The stairs in my house led into the kitchen, as soon as I reached the bottom I saw him. A very tall man in a pea jacket and top hat stood in the doorway between my kitchen and dining room, I could see no face. I bolted back upstairs and locked myself in the bathroom where I called my parents. In the time I was waiting for them to come home I began hearing several seemingly aggravated, male voices outside the bathroom door. I was absolutely terrified.

Eventually my aunt arrived at my house to check on me, the voices faded & I was able to calm down.

About 2 years ago I got a phone call from my mother, telling me she had been reading the local (very small town) paper and there was an article in it about my childhood home, written by the town historian. The house, built in 1805, had once been a local gathering spot for the “elite” of the small village. The first floor (now the kitchen, dining room & living room) had once been a parlor and tavern of sorts, while the second floor of the house functioned as a dance Hall.

Things in the house had been rearranged a bit, the staircase, being one of those things, had been moved from what was now a second floor bedroom closet, which would exit downstairs between the kitchen and dining room. My family was slightly aware of this but never had the exact details of it, “very cool” I thought, until my mom continued reading. In 1836* there was an “accident”.

Three men got into an argument about their differing political views, two of them against the other. The disagreement ended with the third man being pushed over the railing at the top of the stairs, landing at the base of the stairs, where he slowly suffered from, and eventually succumbed to, his injuries. The spot where he died was the exact spot I had seen the faceless man in the top hat almost 15 years ago.

My mom clipped the news article & my father framed it and hung it in the dining room, right near the doorway into the kitchen. An hour later, while my father was home alone he heard a crash. Upon investigation he found the clipped article in it’s shattered frame, laying face down, 15ft from where he had hung it.


I dreamed it was dark, raining and I was in the woods walking towards a camp fire. There were 3 men around it whom I had never seen before. One was wearing a shirt and pants with huge white and black horizontal stripes on it such as a prisoner might wear. I could not figure out why I was not scared in my dream.

Fast forward 10 months later, we’re hunting and camping. A friend brings along 3 of his friends that we had never met before. I have to go to the bathroom (buried a 50 gallon drum and put a seat on it) and my husband walks with me since it’s dark. We start back and it starts to rain. We get to the clearing and there are his 3 friends around the fire – one wearing the outfit described above. I wasn’t afraid in my dream because my husband was behind me and I just couldn’t see him.

No one believes me.


I constantly had dreams of a red-haired kid in my dad’s childhood home. It was my paternal grandparents and all my dad’s sisters who lived there never had this “ghost”. No one believed me when I talked about this kid. He began to play in the bathroom with me because he loved to play in water in my dreams and it was downstairs so the adults wouldn’t hear the water running.

We moved out, thinking this imaginary friend was a scream for help or that (to my very superstitious parents) a ghost was contacting me. I recall an incident where I woke up in the bathtub with the water running one night and moving out 3 days later.

My dad’s cousins moved in and their children also talked about it. Mystery ginger kid with blue overalls, and green shirt. Socks only and horribly stained throughout. I had never met these kids before at that point but I instantly loved them for backing up my story of the ghost kid. To the rest of the family, I was being bratty because I was no longer the only child.

The weird part was that the kid inhabited the kitchen (he inhabited the bathroom and backyard in my dreams) and constantly asked for food where as he only liked to splash water in mind. My dad’s cousins had the house blessed by the local priest when in the mornings one or two of the 5 kids would be seen covered in food stains or dead asleep on the kitchen floor surrounded by half-eaten food.

A therapist explained it as a shared psychosis, but it doesn’t explain my own “version” of the kid and his fascination with food for the other children.


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