Often we’ll have a dream so vivid, we’ll wake up and think “What was THAT about?!” Dreams are a fascinating insight into the state of our subconscious. Knowing how to interpret them allows us to keep a better handle on our emotions and our subconscious.Below are 20 common dream symbols and their meanings. The next time you have a vivid dream, make sure to write down every detail and compare them against these meanings to understand what’s really going on inside your mind.


To see the world ending signifies significant changes within yourself, new beginnings and a conscious decision to change. Similar to seeing death, an apocalypse is symbolic of the end of the old and the start of the new.


Dreaming of a baby signifies new beginnings, vulnerability or innocence. Some people even cite dreams as being prophetic and have them just before someone announces, or they found out about their own, pregnancy.

Being chased

This is one of the most direct symbols you can dream about, as in if you’re being chased – you’re running away from something. You may feel like you’re in over your head or you’re afraid of making a commitment to something or someone. Ask yourself where in your life do you feel a heightened sense of pressure and expectance?

Being Late

Being late in your dream represents anxiety about an upcoming event or a change that you know is about enter your life.


This is a really interesting one because the car you’re driving symbolises you! What condition is it in? Does it work properly? This all gives you an idea of how you perceive yourself as a car is symbolic of yourself navigating your way through life.


Death in a dream has a number of meanings. If you have dreamed of someone that has passed, you might still be processing feelings of grief. If you dream of someone dying who has not yet passed, this can symbolise that you feel you’re ‘losing’ someone, or drifting apart. If it’s someone related to your place of work or other important areas, this can symbolise the end of something old and new beginnings.

When people have prophetic dreams of people passing, they rarely see the person pass. Rather they seem to speak with the person and finish on a goodbye. These dreams aren’t scary and many remarks at how at peace they felt during this last farewell.


It’s important to note if the door is locked or open. This is because an open door represents new beginnings and easiness to your life, whereas a locked door symbolises challenges, obstructions and hardship.


It’s quite common to dream about being back in your school days, sitting in front of an exam you have no idea how to complete. This signifies workplace stress and anxiety and your youth demonstrates your vulnerability.


If you dream of falling then you’re experiencing a loss of control in your life somewhere. Many people have these dreams recurring – waking just as they’re about to hit the floor. Identify where you don’t feel in control and address that to stop the dreams.


Flying has several meanings. You may feel free in life and light – happy that things are going well. You may be experiencing a deeper connection with your ‘higher self’. If you’re experiencing fear as you fly then this could represent a new responsibility you have taken on that you don’t feel good enough for.


These dreams are varied and it’s important to notice the details of the house you’re in. This is because, like the car, the house symbolises you – but rather your state of emotional being. Is the house full of colour and nice furniture? This indicates you are happy in life. Is it old, derelict or empty? This symbolises that you are unhappy and that something is missing from your life.


Dreaming of magic represents power, change and creativity. Your creative part of your brain is active and you feel like you can create anything. There is power with this and it usually indicates you’re in a state of good mental health.


Due to the value that society places on money, in our dreams, it actually symbolises our own self-worth. If you don’t have much money in your dreams, you don’t think highly of yourself. However, if you do have a lot then it represents you’re feeling confident and in a position of control.


Mountains are symbolic of the overall obstacle. Many people have recurring dreams of climbing mountains when going through a tough period in life. When they are coming to the end of this period, many see themselves reaching the peak – therefore overcoming the obstacle!

No Voice

If you’re trying to speak or shout in your dream but can’t make a sound, this represents a feeling of helplessness. That you’re unable to change a certain situation in your life. It can also mean that in your personal or professional life, you feel that your opinions don’t matter.


Dreams about being unable to move, symbolise that you feel trapped in certain areas of your life. Whether it’s a relationship or a job, you feel that you can’t do anything to change the situation. This is different from sleep paralysis, that happens upon falling asleep or waking and being unable to move.


If you’re dreaming about sex then this often represents that you’re missing closeness and intimacy in your current life. If it involves your partner however, this indicates that you’re in a harmonious relationship and are happy.


Ever have those dreams when you’re trying to run but it seems like your limbs are about 100 times heavier? Or when you’re trying to fight off an attacker and the punches you throw move at about 2mph? This indicates that you have a lack of self-esteem and are experiencing confidence issues. It can also represent anxiety.


If you lose your teeth in a dream then you are experiencing anxiety about some area of your life. Teeth symbolise power and self-worth and if you see yourself without a full set, this may indicate you’re unhappy with your overall appearance.

Your Age

When we see ourselves as being younger in our dreams it can represent regret about opportunities not taken. In you’re dream you may be experiencing some of these lost moments. If you see yourself as being older, this can signify that you’re subconsciously worried about your health. If this is a recurring dream, get yourself a full check-up to alleviate any worries.