A person’s spiritual awakening is a deeply personal experience. However, it’s also a shared phenomenon and it’s interesting to note there are many common causes of spiritual awakening.

No matter what stage you’re at on your spiritual journey, understanding the common themes that cause a person to ‘wake’ is not only interesting, but it can make us feel less alone in our own experience. After all, a spiritual awakening is a powerful event.

A spiritual awakening doesn’t necessarily depend on the age of a person’s soul or how long they’ve been incarnating. Old souls may choose to sleep, and young souls may choose to awaken.

Two universal components in a person’s spiritual awakening are the universe itself and the soul contract they make before their present incarnation.

However, depending on whether a person has learned the lessons set out for them In this lifetime, a spiritual awakening may be delayed, or not happen at all.

Below are 7 common causes of spiritual awakening. If you’ve been through yours, see if any of the below resonate with your own journey. If you’re only beginning yours, then keep an eye out for the following; they may have more meaning than you first gave them credit for…

7 Common Causes of Spiritual Awakening

7 Common Causes of Spiritual Awakening

1) Synchronicity


“Synchronicity is the coming together of inner and outer events in a way that cannot be explained by cause and effect and that is meaningful to the observer.” ― Carl Jung


To put it simply, synchronicity occurs when a person has a physical experience that relates to a recent thought or other mental activity. This creates a ‘meaningful connection’ between the two.

For an example of this, we can look at the event that caused Dr. Jung to coin the phrase ‘Synchronicity’ and study the phenomenon further.

A patient of Jung’s had dreamed of a golden scarab. During their psychotherapy session the next day, an insect hit Jung’s cabinet window. When Jund went to investigate, he discovered the insect to be a golden scarab, an incredibly rare insect for that climate.

These events are often labeled coincidence. But to the person who experiences them, they seem much more than that. Synchronistic experiences often bring us up short and make us feel like the universe is practically screaming at us to pay attention.

So we do, this is often a moment where a person begins to listen to the universe and embark on their spiritual journey.

2) Disillusion

This might just be one of the most common causes of spiritual awakening at the moment. Current world events often leave us shaking our heads at people’s actions and behaviors and leave us searching for deeper meaning.

Surely there has to be more to life than this?

Disillusion can happen in multiple areas of a person’s life. Whether you’re dissatisfied with your job, relationship, friendship circle, or living situation, this is the moment we start asking questions.

What can I do to change my current situation? Why is this happening? What can I learn from it?

When we start asking questions, we’re signaling to the universe that we’re ready to begin learning. This is the point many of us have started to awaken.

3) A Karmic Connection

A family member, friend, or even stranger, it doesn’t matter when a karmic connection is involved. A karmic connection means an agreement was made prior to incarnating that this soul would have special meaning in this lifetime.

A karmic connection is there to teach us something, to shake up what we think we know, and allow us to grow.

If you’re in a relationship with someone who’s going through their awakening, then it will be easier for you to begin the journey. Or maybe a chance encounter with a stranger throws up a lot of unanswered questions, coincidences, or feels like much more than just chance.

4) Suffering

Some of the most spiritual people you will meet will have overcome intense obstacles in their own lives in order to get where they are now.

Whether it’s a difficult childhood, relationship, or a run of bad luck, suffering allows us to dig deep into ourselves and find what we need to get through it.

Growing more empathetic to the suffering of others is also a key component of a spiritual journey. In fact, once you’ve adjusted to your new reality, you’ll find yourself drawn to help those who are experiencing difficulty.

Remember, we can’t appreciate the light fully until we’ve experienced the dark.

5) Twin Flames

The heart-stopping moment and magnetic pull you feel when first meeting your twin flame is life-changing. Even people who count themselves as the least spiritual of beings begin to question life after this encounter.

The twin flame journey is momentous. Through ups and downs, there’s always the feeling the universe is with you, letting you know what’s happening is meant to be, and once you’ve reached the end of the journey, life is never the same.

Your twin is your mirror, here to push you towards the greatest lessons you need to work on in this lifetime. Through this process, you’ll work on yourself and grow into the person you were always meant to be.

Such a profound relationship is oven a major cause of a spiritual awakening.

6) Past Lives

Many of us have past life dreams but don’t necessarily appreciate them for what they are. Although the surroundings are familiar, and people look different, you have a sense of being there of knowing exactly who these people are now in your own life.

The same can be said for past life memories, flashes of scenes in a previous life that happens upon us in the waking world.

And, if we realize we’ve been here before, then it makes sense there’s more meaning to our existence than we previously thought.

Why are we here? What am I meant to do? What am I meant to learn?

Questions you’ve not spent much time considering suddenly become so much more important and we spend a large part dwelling on them.

7) Near-Death Experience

Not everyone reading this will have experienced this phenomenon, however, people’s experiences of ‘a place beyond’ are becoming more documented as information becomes easier to share around the world.

Although many different people experience near-death experiences, a lot of elements are similar. For instance, people report time-shifting and losing meaning, being encompassed by an overwhelming sense of love and peace, and meeting loved ones who have already passed.

These experiences leave a deep and lasting effect on the people who experience them and open the door to understanding life-after-death, and what that means.

Netflix has recently released a docu-series, with an episode on the subject that’s fascinating, you can check it out here.

There are many causes of spiritual awakening, each deeply personal to the person experiencing it. However, there can be certain anxiety that comes with starting a spiritual journey, and appreciating other people are going through something similar is a great way to alleviate it.