The 10 Best Guided Meditation Sites

Meditation is an incredible practice that benefits us in so many different areas of life. It reduces stress, allows us to focus our minds and teaches us the joy of truly living in the moment.

Some of us are comfortable sitting back with relaxing music and settling into meditation. However, some of us prefer guided meditations. Gently being brought through the process and allowing us to focus the instructions of a teacher.

Finding guided meditations that suit our needs can be a tricky task. It took me some time to narrow down the sources that would provide me what I was looking for, whether I was at home or on the go.

Here are 10 excellent sources for guided meditations. Feel free to recommend your own favourite sources in the comments.



Calm is a mindfulness meditation app that allows you to choose between different guided meditations or simply just meditation music. It works online and on iOS & Android.


When you download the Headspace app, you can take 10 programs for free. Developed by an ex-monk, Headspace has been making headlines around the world for bringing meditation into the digital age.

Chopra Centred Lifestyle

On Deepak Chopra’s own website, he offers a number of guided meditations that each have their own different theme. They range from 5 minutes in length to 1 hour and are all completely free.

UCLA Free Guided Meditation Site

UCLA have a number of guided meditations tangent from 5 – 15 minutes in length. They’re also available to download for free from iTunes so you can bring them wherever you go.

Tara Brach

Tara Brach has a huge library of guided meditations, reflections and more. They cover every mood you’re trying to experience and are available for free.

The Free Mindfulness Project

The free mindfulness project is a collaborative effort to bring mindfulness meditation to the masses. They have a large range of guided meditations all available to download for free.

Audio Dharma

Again, Audio Dharma offer lots of guided meditations, each focussing on specific areas. They range in length from 5 – 45 minutes and are available for you to download or stream.

Meditation Oasis

This podcast features guided meditations, instructions for meditation, and music for meditation. Listen via iTunes for free.

The Meditation Podcast

The guided meditations here are a little different as they mix binaural beats in the audio that actually affect the brain waves, inducing a deep state of relaxation, and a brain pattern similar to REM sleep.

Fragrant Heart

Fragrant Heart is updated regularly with new meditations and you’ll be able to find anything you’re looking for in their huge archives including meditations designed for specific groups of people.


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