Have you ever felt older than you are? Like you’re not interested in what others your age are doing? Do you find yourself looking forward to curling up with a good book and not spending a night out on the town? Maybe you find yourself asking ‘Am I an old soul?’

But how do you know for sure?

In our reincarnation cycles, there are many stages of a soul. Time is non-linear in the spirit world so the time someone has been incarnating isn’t the deciding factor of how old a soul is.

Two souls could have begun incarnating at the same time but be at different stages now.

am i an old soul

How Do You Know If You’re An Old Soul?

We incarnate to learn and allow our souls to grow. Souls who have learnt the most will be older. Sometimes, it may take many lifetimes to learn a particular lesson, while for others they may learn on the first try.

Though you cannot tell exactly how old your soul is, there are some signs that prove you’re at an older stage. Old souls see the world very differently and experience life in a totally different way than younger souls.

You may have heard others refer to people as old souls. Maybe they were talking about you.

If you relate to the points below, there’s a good chance you’re an older soul.

The more you relate to, the older your soul is.

Am I An Old Soul?

1) You’re More of an Introvert

As an older soul, you are much more comfortable in your own company than you are in others. Being in large social settings can make you nervous and you find yourself venturing into them less and less often.

You get to the point where you don’t even make excuses with your friends. Why, when you can just be honest?

Your friends know how you feel about these types of large events so when you do actually turn up to one, they know it’s taken a lot for you to come.

You can spend days or even weeks in your own company and not even notice.

However, you should remember that a large part of our journey involves others and one of the biggest threats to being an older soul is cutting yourself off completely. You are meant to experience emotions with others and you’re hampering your own evolution if you starve your soul of those experiences.

2) You’re Always Looking For The Next Thing To Learn

There’s nothing like learning something new. The smell of a new book as you creak it open for the first time, learning something that completely changes the way you think, being able to carry out a new skill, they’re all fantastic feelings.

A soul never stops learning and an older soul devours knowledge. If you stumble across a term that you haven’t heard before, you’re sure to make a note to look it up. That’s if you don’t drop everything and do it right then or there.

It grates on you having to rely on others to things for you as well. You’d much rather learn so you’ll always be able to do it again in the future.

Older souls are nothing if not resourceful and independent. Their thirst for knowledge and speed in which they learn means that they are some of the most dependable people you know. Older souls are proactive, they don’t wait to be taught, instead, they go out and find all the knowledge they need.

3) Age is Subjective, you’ve Never Felt Yours

As a child, people might have commented about how mature you were for your age. That you were an old man/woman trapped in a Childs body.

As you grew, this characteristic didn’t go away and you actually started noticing it yourself.

While others were running around, immersing themselves in the latest fad, you just didn’t get it. Sure you might have pretended to enjoy yourself so you could play with your friends but you constantly found yourself questioning what the point to it was.

As an adult, this is the same. Certain behaviors have always felt alien and superficial to you.

You go deeper than that and as you physically age in this life, you’re much more stubborn about the things you spend your precious time doing. If there’s no meaning, no way to learn something new, or no profound experience then you’re just not interested.

4) You Respond Rather Than React

While others around you seem to react to situations with explosive emotions, you’ve always found yourself sitting back and pondering the reasons why something happened.

Why make a before you’ve learned all the facts? There is a very small chance that you’re going to react in the right way.

People remark on your calm nature. That you’re the voice of reason in tough situations and you often find yourself being asked for advice because of this.

Rather than telling people how they should act and think, you try to get them to understand the situations themselves.

After all, give a man a fish and all that…

Sometimes, the requests for help are overwhelming and it’s important that you learn to emotionally distance yourself from the situations you’re being asked to help in. Otherwise, you can feel your mood start to deteriorate and there’s a risk of a deep sadness developing as you can’t understand how people can’t see things in the way that you do.

Combine this with observing the way people treat one another, their apathy towards others who are suffering, and a rising sense of self-importance and you might start losing all hope for the human race altogether!

You need to keep your distance and focus on yourself. It’s all well and good helping people, but you need to remember that compassion includes you too.

5) You Carve Your Own Path

Older souls don’t walk the paths that have already been tread, they carve their own trails.

A lot of the time you’ll see people following others and question why? What do they know that you don’t? How do they know that there’s not a better way?

It is this inquisitiveness and thirst for improvement that forces you to go your own way. That’s not to see you’ll do the opposite of everyone else for the sake of it, but when someone tells you things are the way they are because they’ve always been that way, you see just how ridiculous that is.

So what if it turns out you’re wrong, or that you ‘fail’. You know that you did everything you could and deciding to walk down a different path is the most important aspect.

It is our intentions that decide who we really are, not our results.

6) You Collect Experiences, Not ‘Stuff’

You have no interest in collecting ‘stuff’. Your mission is to collect as many experiences and memories as possible. Stuff ways you down, it gets in your way and stops you from being able to up-and-leave on your next adventure when you want to do.

Real treasures are priceless and cannot be bought in a shop. They aren’t upgraded every few months and you have infinite storage space within you.

When someone runs up to you with the latest gadget proclaiming how excited they are, it’s hard to match their excitement. The only time you are able is when you’re planning your next trip or achieving your next goal.

You know that happiness comes from within and isn’t bought. Sure, there’s a temporary high but that fades. Having your own inner well of happiness is constant.


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If you’ve related to most, if not all, of the items on this list, you’ve got the answer to the question; ‘Am I an Old Soul?’ The answer is yes, and that’s a powerful thing to know about yourself. Here’s to a life of more growth and experiences!