If you’re lucky enough to have found your twin flame, you’ll be able to relate to everything on this list. If not, don’t lose hope – you’ll meet them soon, this is everything you have to look forward to…

1. Laugh Until It Hurts–

You each know how to tickle the others funny bone to such an extent, you end up laughing until your stomach actually hurts. The joyful energy in both of you can lead to the smallest things turning into the funniest thing each of you has ever seen or heard.

Knowing each other so well, you know exactly how their sense of humour works and you love nothing more than seeing them laugh and be happy.

2. Take On The World–

The greatest adversity you’ll now find is from outside of your union. There will be people who are, unfortunately, jealous of the obvious bond between you both and will go out of their way to test it.

There will always be negativity in life and people who just want what you have but approach it completely the wrong way. But you have each other now to go through these times and you’ve never felt stronger. You know that no matter what happens, you always have the other to turn to and that makes the world a lot less scary.


3. Know The Other Better Than Yourself

There will be plenty of times where one of you will turn to the other and say something so intuitive and profound, that it will completely take the other aback. Each of you loves to observe the other and take careful stock of where you are emotionally, so it makes sense that you’ll notice things about your partner that they never saw.

Be prepared for some very deep insights coming from the person that sees you through their eyes, as your best self

4. Keep Each Other Grounded

We’re human and we’re all guilty of acting like idiots every now and then. If you have made a mistake you’ll acknowledge the fact and you won’t be afraid of being judged by your twin soul. At the same time, if things are going together very well and you start developing a big head, your twin soul will make sure you stay humble and focussed on what’s truly important in life.

5. Love All of The Small Things

You notice something new every day that makes you fall even more on love with them, and you appreciate all of these small things just as much as jumping into bed at any possible moment!

Their dimples, the way they tilt their head on the phone, how they look up every now and then to make sure you’re OK… all these small things make the flame burn brighter and you can’t wait to discover the next little thing about them that you hadn’t seen before.

6. Work On Your Long Term Dreams

You’ve found your big love so now it’s time to work on those big dreams. Both separate and together, you both work on planning how to make your dreams a reality. You’re making vision boards of the house you’re going to live in, or researching the countries you’re going to travel.

You’re looking into what’s involved in starting the business you always wanted and at all times encouraging the other to not give up on their dreams or for one second think that they’re unattainable. Together you’ll be able to achieve anything.