54 Of The Creepiest Creatures From Other Countries Folklore


I grew up in a west central Georgia town about an hour and a half south of Atlanta, and we had a local story about “Midnight Myra.”

The legend told of how she ran a stagecoach from the rail station back into the town of Molina. The story goes that the invention of the automobile basically put her out of business, and pretty much drove her mad. She eventually gained a bit of notoriety locally as a witch (probably making poultices and herb remedies for the locals) and the fact that she’d hide by the side of the road and leap out to scare passing motorists.

Well, one day a motorist didn’t swerve to avoid her and ran her down.

According to legend, her crushed body lie in the road for several days as no one wanted to disturb her bones. Eventually, she was interred in a small plot and her tombstone reads something along the lines of “Dearest Myra, whom we loved.” Strangely enough, her husband’s headstone bears no such inscription. It’s almost as if they wanted to appease her spirit and didn’t give a fuck about his.

You can visit it to this day (I believe this is where the cemetery is: 32.965121, -84.526757, I could be wrong, it’s been over 30 years since I was there.)

The ghost part of the story tells of how she haunts the local scout camp and threatens young campers. You can protect yourself and satisfy her by leaving a piece of candy on your pillow, or if she’s chasing you, make a sound like a car to scare her off.

Our Boy Scout troop had an initiation right that required us to lie full down on her grave and listen for her heartbeat. Everyone would lie down and almost immediately jump up claiming to have heard a heartbeat. Whenever I think back to being stretched out on Myra’s grave listening for her heartbeat, I know that what I heard was the trip-hammer beating of my heart. What I don’t know is what the ticking and scratching was or why it sounded like it was coming from a few feet beneath me.



La siguanaba.

This bitch will appear in the middle of the night, facing away from you. She has a smoking hot body, long hair and moves super sexy and shit. You’ll fall in love almost immediatley and follow her as she slowly walks looking hot as fuck. She never looks back at you, no matter how much you call to get her attention. There are many mountains in my country, so there are many ravines too. Eventually she’ll lead you to a ravine, but you won’t notice beacuse you are astounded by her beauty. Suddenly she stops, you’re like “Yeah! Finally shes gonna let me fuck her.” When you are close enough she’ll turn around and… BAM! she has a horse face. She’ll jump on you drag you to the ravine and fuck you up.

Fuck la siguanaba.



OK, couldn’t find an english version of this posted in here so thought I’d share.

Deep in the far north of europe lives an indigenous people called the Sami people. Their folklore speaks of a malevolent creature simply called Staalo or Stállu. The myth has a long tradition but it’s etymology is uncertain. Staalo mainly appears in different stories so there is no certainty if people actually believed in them.

Staalo resembles but is still slightly bigger than a human being.

Usually when people come across a Staalo the encounter evolves into a wrestling match. The person wrestling the Staalo had to know the tradition of not using a knife against because the knife would turn against it’s user. The person also had to kill the Staalo’s dog. Otherwise the dog would lick it’s master’s wounds and resurrect it.

The Staalo usually carries riches with him and the only way for the person to win against the Staalo is to outsmart it. Many people have successfully robbed the riches off the Staalo they’ve just defeated which is considered to be the underlying reason for the Sami people’s wealth.

Traditionally the Southern Sami people associated the Staalo and especially his wife with human cannibalism and sucking blood through a straw.

There are also stories where a Staalo marries a human girl then eats her. Usually the Staalo gets castrated when caught. There’s also a whole bunch of other sadistic details associated with them.



In basic training I met a kid from rural Washington that had some… very interesting experiences with what he referred to as Bigfoot.

He told me that Bigfoot was NOT some primitive giant ape creature that was shy of humans. He said that it was a malicious, shape-shifting, telepathic alien that had been terrorizing his immediate family for years, with fatal consequences.

One habit it had was assuming the form of woodland creatures and sitting outside in the tree-line in view of the windows. Often as an owl. It would do this, so that when members of the family would look outside the window (while doing dishes for instance) they would meet it’s stare and be locked in to a telepathic link. My friend described this link as visions of horror and suggestions of evil and submission. On rare occasion they would be mentally coerced to wander in to the woods, where the creature would assume the typical bigfoot form and they would be forced to do perverse things.

He said this lead to multiple police and FBI involvements due to him having siblings, parents and even house guests that would go missing for days only to return filthy, shaken and unable to fully describe where they had been. He said the creature was angered that the family would let the police get involved (I think there were some other reasons too, I forget) and as retribution it lured his youngest brother in to the woods and forced him to kill himself. He wouldn’t give details on that, but said there was another FBI investigation after. I believe he said that that was the end of it, and the creature finally left his land, after which time the family was able to move. Apparently they had not been able to do so before because of the creatures telepathic suggestions or whatnot.

Anyway, that’s my creepy folklore story. The kid was such a nice, normal, simple dude. It was strange hearing these PTSD-sounding sci-fi tales come out of him, more as warnings after someone brought up aliens than as some night-time scare tactic. The dude hated aliens.


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