54 Of The Creepiest Creatures From Other Countries Folklore


My very sane, non-paranormal believing SO used to see this creepy, short, troll like creature in his room in a house he lived in (only there). He said it looked like a short troll with a huge nose and giant gaping smile that would just stare at him.

He chalked it up to hallucinating, but one day I heard about a Pukwudgie and all my hair stood on end.

A Pukwudgie is a 2-or-3-foot-tall (0.61 or 0.91 m) troll-like being from the Wampanoag folklore. Pukwudgies’ features resemble those of a human, but with enlarged noses, fingers and ears. Their skin is described as being a smooth grey, and at times has been known to glow.

EDIT: Details from the SO

It felt like a year but probably wasn’t. It felt like something I semi got used to. Long enough for it at least. I shared the room. My sister had a bed across from mine and my parents slept in a large bed in the middle of the room, closer to where it would appear. I can’t recall, but I don’t think my parents were ever in the room when I would see it And I can’t remember if my sister was, but I imagine she was and was sleeping I recall times my mother popped her head in and it would be gone immediately



Man… Native Americans have a lot of shit that’ll fuck up your day. In Oklahoma I heard a few, one was specifically about some land my uncle had bought. There is a bend in the creek that’s insanely deep. Easily 15 feet which is super odd considering its knee deep just a bit up the creek as well as just a bit down. Apparently it’s been like that for years. The land was well known as it had a school on it a long time ago. I met one guy who went to school out there as well as lived there. He was able to tell me about a bunch of the landmarks as well as point in the direction of several new ones we hadn’t seen. He also told me about the bend in the creek. He said it was a portal to another world. He said while hunting one day he had shot a deer. Following it he found it on the bank of the creek and it sprung up and jumped right into the middle of the bend and never resurfaced. As he stood there waiting he kept hearing laughter until he could finally make out the figure across the water as a little person mocking him. When he started to move the little person leaped into the water and disappeared as well.

He also talked about the deer woman, but that was like a bad fairytale to keep your children in line. It was like a centaur but half deer, half old woman. When a child misbehaved at any type of ceremony the deer woman would stalk them in the woods until finally taking them and eating them.



Turkish here but I guess it is more related to Islam than country.

We have djinn. And it is nothing like the Robin Williams.

According to folklore and religion, there are good ones and evil ones. Good ones mostly Muslim so they don’t bother you. Evil ones mostly don’t believe in god.

So if you say Djinn, they are drawn to you. And sometimes they haunt you just for fun. They don’t have a spesific shape because they can shapeshit but most noticiable feature is their feet are backwards. They live next to walls, abandoned houses, bushes and trees when you have to pee at night you shouldn’t pee at those or they will get angry and haunt you.

They are from another plane so normally invisible unless they want otherwise. It is always told that they like to toy with people. They like burning people, posessing people even raping the beautiful young girls. They target people who don’t believe them and who believes them and but terrified of them.

Some people claim to have power on them. These things can know everything about a person by just looking at one of that person’s belonging. They can travel huge distances in a blink.

There some verses from Quran that can make them keep distance depending on the creature’s power.

And I had a teacher, also friend of my father, who -allegedly- was perfect at fending them. According to his stories and his wifes words, he tried to send away a group which haunted a girl. He thought he managed untill the next day. One remained and tried to suffocate his newborn son with telephone cable. Wife says phone was flying, glasses were flying and hitting them and there were noone in the house. Eventually he managed it.

I happened to saw a similar thing when i was 7. But i still don’t know it was a dream or reality after all these years. But i still get the goosebumps thinking of it.



There are a few strange creatures in the Jewish folklore:

  • Re’em: A giant mammal the size of a mountain. There are said to be only two Re’ems living simultaneously – one female and one male living in the opposite sides of the planet. At the age of 70 they meet and reproduce, and then females bites the male fatally. The female Re’em is pregnant for 11 years, and during the last year of the pregnancy, she is unable to walk. The drool from her mouth waters the fields around her to provide her food. After she gives birth, to a male-female twin couple, she dies. They male walks east and the female walks west, only to meet again in 70 years.
  • Golem: A man-shaped form, that has been given life by a person with knowledge of Kabbalah. He was created to help the Jews in their times of distress. He was given life by writing god’s name on a paper and placing it in its mouth, and writing the word truth (אמת) on it’s forehead. When it was no longer needed the letter א was removed, spelling the word מת = dead.
  • Field sleepers (אדני שדה): Men with their umbilical cord connected to the earth. It was said that if they would be detached the would die.
  • Arod: A snake-like creature. If bitten, the Arod and the bitten person raced to the nearest water source. THe first to reach the water would survive, the second would die.

Theses creatures aren’t commonly believed, and most Jewish people aren’t aware of their existence in the scripture.



Bean Sí (Banshee)

This is an Irish fairy-woman who likes to hang around the countryside and forests. If you hear someone screaming/crying in the country, it’s a banshee predicting the death of someone in your family. If the person you’re with can’t hear it, that’s bad news for them…



In Southeast Asia, we have the delightful Penanggalan, a detached female head capable of flying about on its own with its the stomach and entrails dangling below it. It is said to prey on pregnant women and young children:

Like a banshee who appears at a birth rather than a death, the Penanggalan perches on the roofs of houses where women are in labour, screeching when the child is born. The Penanggalan will insert a long invisible tongue into the house to lap up the blood of the new mother. Those whose blood the Penanggalan feeds upon contract a wasting disease that is almost inescapably fatal. Other, perhaps more chilling, descriptions say that the Penanggal can ooze up through the cracks in the floorboards of a house, rising up into the room where an infant or woman is sleeping.



We have a lot of lore around here, but my favorite is the loup-garou. It’s basically a werewolf, but with one big difference.

When the loup-garou is inflicted with a wound that will kill it and the first drop of blood from the wound that will kill the beast is spilt, it turns into its human form, revealing itself to its attacker. Usually, loup-garous are in small towns so the attacker knows the human form of the beast. Then it informs the attacker that it, too, will now become a loup-garou for between 101 and 365 (depending on which lore you read) days. After that time they will return to sole human form, but only if they do not tell anyone or let anyone find out.

Also, they keep their human sensibilities. So they’re a wolf-monster with human intelligence, making them super hard to kill. They prey on women, mostly, along with animals and children who wander alone.

We also have lots of voodoo legends and other neat stuff, but this one is the most well known.



In Brittany in France, we have a dark character called Ankou. It’s basically a personification of Death. If you can hear him walking around, that means he’s coming to take on his cart someone who’s about to die. He was the center of many frightening stories that were told late in the night around the fire..



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