54 Of The Creepiest Creatures From Other Countries Folklore


Children and women would dance around a village fire and, during this process, everyone would write their names on rocks and place them in and around said fire. When the fire started to die out they would all run home- whereas if they stayed, ‘Yr Hwch Ddu Gwta’ (a bad omen that took the form of a tailless black sow with a headless woman) would devour their souls.

Afterwards men would go from door to door holding a mare’s skull dressed as a ghost, decorated with jewellery and expensive garments – this ‘being’ is called ‘Mari Lwyd’ and she is created to ward off evil.

The reason these men would visit each house was to cleanse the residents’ home so that they would be safe during the winter time when food was scarce. By not tipping the guests, bad spirits would remain in the residents’ homes, so the men sung, read poetry and even danced and the residents would then tip them with anything they had on hand (money, bread, beer etc.) and they would continue to do the same to the next house. With each house, they would become more and more jolly due to the fact that they would become progressively more intoxicated in the process.

The following morning, a village elder would visit the dead fireplace around which the children and women had danced on the previous night. All the stones containing villagers’ names would be checked. If, however, a stone was missing, the person who wrote their name on the stone would die within one year.



Hawaii, USA – Nightmarchers

They’re the spirits of ancient Hawaiian warriors. You can tell they’re coming when you hear drums and see torches. To avoid them from killing you, you’re supposed to avoid eye contact, and take off your clothes and pretend to be dead. Or just get out of these as fast as possible. I’ve also heard that if you have an ancestor marching in the party, you’re safe.

I always heard stories about them growing up and was terrified of running into them because I have no Hawaiian blood and I’d freak the hell out if I heard their drums.



Indian subcontinent. The Churel.

A female ghost that appears as a beautiful young woman to seduce men. Once seduced, she transforms to her true appearance. A hideously scary old woman with backwards feet. Unkempt hair, long saggy breasts, claw like fingernails, long pubic hair, thick black tongue and sharp teeth.

Some Churels will simply kill a man and feast on his flesh. Others will suck his blood or semen, turning him into an old man or causing him to lose his virility.

Usually women who die in childbirth or during menstruation and were ill-treated by her family will turn into a Churel. First they get revenge on the family and once the family is wiped out they will target any young man. They can be found near cemeteries, abandoned buildings or any dark, spooky place.

Some parts of the Indian subcontinent take precautions to prevent women from turning into Churels. Young women that pass on may have special funeral rites. This might include nailing women’s hands and feet when burying them and having her feet shackled in chains. Note that Hindus usually cremate their dead so burying them instead is a big deal.

Every Indian/Pakistani knows someone that knows someone that nearly fell into the clutches of a Churel.



The Hide Behind. It’s a creature in American folklore said to only be visible out of the corner of your eye. If you’re out in the wilderness and think you see something out of the corner of your eye only to turn around and see nothing then you’re probably being followed by a Hide Behind.



Mothman. So in the 60s, in middle of no where West Virginia, a 10ft tall, humanoid bird man with giant glowing red eyes on it’s chest flew around scaring the shit out of people.

It wasn’t just 1 or 2 people who saw it, it was an entire town.

Than one day it was spotted on a bridge than flew away.

Soon after, the bridge collapsed, killing something like 30 people.



Nykur – Icelandic nightmare horse

A horse that hangs around lakes. If you touch it, you are glued to it. if anyone tries to help you by grabbing you and dragging you away, they are stuck to you. The nykur then walks into the lake and drowns you.


Because Nykur exists to fuck you up.



In Ireland we have a thing called the Kelpie. It basically looks like an average horse but it’s mane is always dripping wet. It lures Women and children into riding it, and when they get on it runs into water to drown them and later eat them. Never trust a European horse.



Trinidadian Folklore:

The Soucouyant I used to be scared she would come and get me at night. She’s described as an old woman who can shed her skin and become a ball of fire or an animal you wouldn’t suspect. She sucks your blood and can turn you into things. To spot a Soucouyant you have to dump 100lbs of rice at a crossroad, and she will be compelled to pick them up grain by grain. If you know who the Soucouyant is, you have to find her shedded skin and put salt in it before dawn. Her skin would shrivel up and she won’t be able to get back inside.

Douens These fuckers haunted my nightmares. They are children’s spirits that died before baptism. They have no faces and their feet are back to front (heels facing forward). It still crawls my blood to imagine them with their backwards feet. They can steal children’s names and lure them away from their families.

It’s funny to think of what scared me as a kid. I hated the easter bunny. I imagined a 6ft monster bunny, so I always slept in my parents bed the night before Easter.



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