5 Photo’s of Real Ghosts That Will Terrify You

Some of us believe in ghosts, some of us don’t; stating that their would have to be proof before you would entertain the idea. Throughout the years there have been many claims of real ghosts caught on camera. Sometimes, they are found to be hoaxes almost immediately, but other times, there doesn’t seem to be any real explanation.

Here are 5 terrifying pictures of ghosts and their backstories, we’ll let you decide if you believe they’re real or not…

1. The Hospital Demon


Via Blackvault


This photo was captured on a surveillance camera at an unknown hospital. You can clearly see a dark, crouched figure standing on top of a patient’s body who was lying in bed. Within a few hours of the dark figure’s appearance, the patient had died .

2. The Amityville Ghost



After the Amityville Massacre of November 13 1974, New owners of the house reported severe hauntings in the shape of a possessed suicidal dog, an image of a half headed demon on the wall, green slime running out of keyholes and spirits staring blankly through the bedroom windows. They called in investigators to study the place, all of whom claimed to have felt a strange presence in the house. One of the investigators happened to click a photo of the boy ghost peeking out of a room.



3. The Ghost at The Waverly Hills Sanitarium, Kentucky.



“Welcome to Waverly Hills Sanatorium” – a medical facility that was once dedicated to treat patients suffering from Tuberculosis, long before the modern cure was discovered. Due to the lack of a cure only 5% of all patients survived their stay in Waverly hills and it is believed that as many as 8000 patient dead bodies were carelessly thrown down a chute and then taken out of the building through an underground tunnel. The picture above is of the ghostly figure captured on camera, who is believed to be of Mary Lee, a nurse who contracted the disease, forever roaming the corridors of the hospital.


Via Paranormal Association


4. The Brown Lady of Raynham Hall.



The Raynham Hall Ghost popularly known as The Brown Lady, is perhaps the most famous ghosts ever captured on camera. This photograph of her on the staircase was taken in 1936 at Raynman Hall, Norfolk, England. The Brown lady is believed to be the ghost of Lady Dorothy Walpole who married Charles, 2nd Viscount Townshend in 1713. It was rumored that Dorothy had been a mistress of Lord Wharton, before she married Charles and he was suspicious of her infidelity. Although legal records say that she was buried in 1726, it was suspected that the funeral was just a hoax and that Charles had locked his wife away in a remote corner of the house until her death many years later.


5. The Ghost of Freddy Jackson


Via imaginespirit


Freddy Jackson was a mechanic for the Royal Air Force who served on-board the H.M.S. Daedalus. He was killed two days before this photo by accidentally walking into a spinning propeller blade; causing instant death. However, it seems Freddy Jackson returned just two days later as a ghost for one final time to be a part of the group photo.

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