33 Times a Gut Feeling Saved Someone’s Life

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Sitting with some buddies smoking a cigar. For some reason I was like ‘We need to go get food now. Like right now”. We went to get some grub. Not even 5 minutes later a 107mm rocket destroyed our smoking area…



I would always walk down the hallway in the night without turning the lights on. One night I get to the end of the hallway and have a sudden urgent feeling that I need to turn the lights on.

I go all the way back to my room and turn the hallway light on and go back. Just in front of where I had decided to turn around was a huge and deadly Taipan snake making its way from one room to another across the hallway. If it had bitten me in the dark they wouldn’t have been able to get me the correct antivenom.

Yes this happened in Australia.



I was mowing my back yard with a ride on mower, and I began to get an overwhelming feeling of being watched. I started looking around and thought I saw a figure in the upstairs window. I tried ignore this as no one was home and continued with mowing when I started to feel an unbearable sense of dread. This made me immediately stop. As I did so the ground in front of me gave way forming a 15 foot wide 12 foot deep sink hole. If I hadn’t stopped immediately I likely would have been crushed by the tractor.





Years ago, in college in a VERY large building in downtown New Bedford, MA…. in a computer lab doing some sweet, sweet programming… when all of a sudden I thought I smelt gas. Natural gas. Then it went away a few seconds later. On a gut instinct, I jumped up and proclaimed to the class that I smelt gas and that I was evacuating and that they should too. My teacher asked me to sit back down, asked everyone if they smelt gas too…. no one did. I internally said “fuck it, i’m not dying here” and just straight up left the building. I walked a couple blocks down, stopped, and started calling 911 on said hunch.

Lo and behold, after maybe seconds or maybe 1-2min of standing on this corner I hear all kinds of sirens and alarms and such going off. The whole building starts emptying onto the streets, people start running. Then BOOM , the loudest bang i’ve heard in-person to this day.

Apparently there was some road construction on the other side of the building that I couldn’t see, and the workers had caused a gas leak. Huge explosion (no one hurt), that hit so hard the brick fronts of stores on that street literally came off and fell heavily onto the streets. To this day, there are still imprints in some parts of the road from bricks falling onto it.

Teacher later told me I blew their minds and thanked me for acting so fast. I don’t think I impacted anything other than me being first out, but I’ll take it anyway.



This past spring semester some friends and i were going to an off-campus party and needed someone to drive us there and back so we could get drunk. This guy we sorta knew offered to take us if we gave him some gas money. We all just had a bad feeling about it and just figured we should have a night in watching movies instead.

The guy struck the same deal with some other people going to the party after we left, and it turns out he got drunk at the party without telling them, drove back drunk and got in a huge car wreck. Girl in the passenger seat died on the impact, everyone else was in the hospital for weeks afterward. If we hadn’t all had the gut feeling not to go, i could be dead. That’s the kind of stuff that keeps you awake at 4 in the morning.



Back in high school a couple of friends and I went to a larger party being thrown at an acquaintance’s house whose parents were not home for the weekend. About fifty teenagers or so in this large suburban home, having way too much fun. Out of the blue I got this intense feeling of dread and told the friends with whom I’d come that we needed to leave… NOW.

We did, even though one friend was complaining about it. We ended up seeing the party on the news the next night. Shortly after we left a fight broke out and one guy stabbed another in the head with a screwdriver. The kid that got stabbed suffered severe brain damage and never fully recovered. The cops showed up, and of course there were drugs and alcohol at the party. Shit had gone just about as bad as it could have, and we got out of there minutes before doom arrived.



I was between jobs, and had picked up a gig spot-welding these giant custom steel truck bumpers together. They were all labeled “Road Armor”.
They paid me under the table, but something about it didn’t feel right. Other guys there had no problem smoking weed on the job. The guy in the office was always yelling at his wife. I had a bad feeling, so I stopped showing up.
The very day I decided not to show up, the place was raided by the police. The operation was creating counterfeit Road-Armor bumpers, also drugs were found and seized. Everyone was arrested. I avoided this fate.



Couple of mates and I were really lucky.

In our last year of secondary school (UK), we had a massive changing room for physical education split in to two sections for either side of the year.

We’d always use the B block but this time, about 20 of us decided to follow the lead of one friend that said ‘why don’t we use A block?’ We questioned why and he just replied ‘I dunno, this side is so old and manky compared to A block’.

We were really early so we were guaranteed space to get changed etc. Once most people started filtering through the changing rooms they noticed most people were at A block so they all hopped on the bandwagon and ditched B block.

B blocks ceiling collapsed 10 minutes later.



I was at a liquor store in a Chicago suburb trying to decide what I wanted to poison myself with that night. Walked to the counter and paid for my drink asking the clerk how his day was going. “Could be worse my friend” he said with a smile. 15 minutes later a gunman walked in the store and robbed it.. killing the clerk, his family member and 2 customers. I was going to make a phone call before I went to go buy my drinks but instead went to the store first. I’ll never forget the clerks words to me.



My mom tells this story a lot. She was working in an office and she suddenly had a powerful urge to leave her cube, just to leave and be somewhere else for no reason. Not a minute later, a fifteen-foot-wide section of the ceiling collapsed, burying the floor in metal and plaster. She would have been crushed.



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