32 People Reveal Their Local Urban Legends


The Barghest that roams the moors.

If you hear it’s call, someone important to you will fall on mis-fortune or die.

If you see it, you will fall on mis-fortune or die.



Indiana folk legend of the blue hole. Southern Indiana is prone to sink holes due to limestone being weathered out from the previous ice age. This part is true they are everywhere down here. The legend goes that there is a blue hole; a sinkhole filled with crystal blue water (the kind you find when a quarry floods). Legend goes that no one has ever reached the bottom because it separates into an elaborate underwater cave. Even after professional dives. Some teens drowned in the blue hole and their bodies were never found. The blue hole just swallowed them up.



My high school school was actually built on top of an ancient Indian burial site and a murder took place in it back in the 50s. About 15 years ago they rebuilt the school by pretty much building the new school on top of the old one and burying it and sealing it off. As such it is believed that the ghost of the girl who was murdered and the girl who murdered her roamed the halls of the abandoned school, empowered with the spiritis of the ancient Indian burial site waiting for their moment to attack the school. Along with that they were blamed for everything bad that happened in the school.



High school I went to was supposedly Gestapo interrogations center during the Nazi occupation of Czech Republic (school is in Prague). Rumors ran around schoolmates that many rooms, now classrooms, were used for very violent interrogations and/or executions, including school yard where kids now play sports.

After graduation (or during senior year, can’t remember exactly) I found out that the building actually was Gestapo station during War, but the part about executions is unclear (no records made or destroyed records), but given the nature of former tenants it is maybe more true than rumor.

Another legend around this was, that Nazis started renovating the building and added new wings to it so it would look like swastika from aerial view, but never finished it before the end of war. Thou that one seem more unlikely, since you need to use a lot of imagination to see swastika from aerial view.

It was certainly spooky during the 6 years I went there.



There’s this guy who used to work for a fast food restaurant, but one night he cut off his hand, and while going to the hospital he got hit by a bus.

Now every Tuesday night he and his spatuala hand haunts the restaurant, you’ll know he’s there because the lights will flicker, the walls will ooze green slime, and then finally, he gets you!



There’s a cemetery in the area with a special feature on one of the graves

The coffin is under a large stone and suspended from above ground chains – so it sort of floats below ground level (you can supposedly see the coffin through cracks where the ground has settled around the stone. At one point, there was a bell or bells hung from the chains but those are long gone.

The purpose of this arrangement was that if the person was buried alive, their movement would make the bells ring and they could be disinterred.

The legend is that if you go there around the anniversary of the person’s death – you can hear the bells ringing.



I live about 15 miles outside of Stull, KS. There’s a cemetery there with a church, behind which there is purportedly a staircase that is one of the seven gateways to hell. The church is old, so it’s just stone walls and no roof, but allegedly no rain or snow will fall inside of the church and if you manage to find the staircase, it descends forever and you can never reach the surface even if you turn around just moments after beginning your descent.

There was a large tree near the church that was supposed to have been used to hang witches once upon a time, but the tree was recently destroyed. There’s a rumor that, when flying over Kansas several years ago, the Pope refused to fly over Stull. It’s a very popular spot for drunk high school kids to go visit on a dare in the middle of the night.

Sadly, the walls of the church were knocked down a few years ago as well, but you can still tell where it was and the staircase remains. It’s supposed to be difficult to find, and I’ve never bothered to look very hard for it, but a lot of people insist that there really is a set of stairs descending into the ground. I’m not much for creepy stories usually, but the few times I’ve visited Stull, I wasn’t sorry to leave. It’s just a creepy place.



When I was in grad school there were all sorts of weird rumors about the bodies under the dorms. There supposedly close to 500 of them, and the school would intensely deny that they were there-but one of my friends supposedly had seen all the files on the locations and whatnot because of an internship she was doing through the MLS program.

Fast forward a few years, and a water main breaks under one of the dorms-and we suddenly have to deal with 300 graves they ‘just’ found under the dorms. The state put up dorms directly on top of a cholera mass grave, which I’m assuming they must have known about.



I live in Orange County so rumors are scarce, or entirely about Disneyland.

However, off the 55 freeway in Santa Ana there is an Embassy Suites. It was called The Death Hotel by some.

The urban legend there is while under construction, one of the concrete floors collapsed, and crush a bunch of workers. Substandard construction, greedy hotel owner cheaping out on materials, ghost stories, all the things a bunch of little kids would share on the playground in hushed tones. Descriptions of being crushed so flat that there was no space between the slabs, etc. My best friends mom actually pointed it out to me while she drove us somewhere and we passed by on the freeway.

Heard the story since I was in 1st grade. Always freaked me out.


Turns out it’s kinda true, but only one worker was killed, but it was just an “under construction” type accident, not a 30 workers smooshed flat by an entire floor collapsing.



The Creature of Harrison Bay

I live about 15 minutes from Harrison Bay, which is just an area of a bigger lake in Eastern Tennessee. Deeper into the bay, theres a nuclear power plant. Legend is, a worker there was exposed to the radiation, and accidentally fell into the lake. His body was never found. The radiation caused him to turn into this fish man-beast thing. He only preys on kids, and just before he pulls you under, he tickles your feet. I used this one to scare the shit out of my little brothers and their friends when they were younger.



There’s a large park not too far from my old house (I still live in the same area, different house) where a story of a woman in the late 1990s who was walking through the back of the park on the way home fell through a hole and hit what appeared, when the dust cleared, to be an old carriage filled with victorian clothing and bones. Basically the urban legend is that when train carts in the 1900s used to be pushed by air, one of the tunnels collapsed inwards and they couldn’t locate the train, so left it when they decided to redesign the whole system. After hearing this story I have not walked through Crystal P.Park in years. It freaks me out. Some of the old entrance tunnels are still there as well. Eerie.



I live in Louisiana so we have quite a few yarns to spin. My personal favorite is of the chattawa monster in my hometown. The story goes that a circus train was coming along and derailed out in chattawa. Now aboard this train was a variety of critters, but the most notorious of them was a freak. It was a cross between a man and beast yet not quite either and was terribly ferocious so naturally it was kept in heavy cage in it’s own rail car. When the train derailed all the cars went into the woods and killed most of the animals save for a few monkeys that fled to the woods and this creature. Well the story goes that should you take you a little ride out to the chattawa bridge in the dead of the night. You then kill your truck wait til the strike of 12. At first it get eerily quiet then you’ll start to hear a chittering, and howling of monkeys, the branches of the trees start to sway and shake, and by the time you cut your truck back on there he’ll stand the chattawa monster waiting for his next victim.


Source: What’s a local urban legend in your area?

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