30 Paranormal Events People Can’t Explain Rationally


I currently live in a house that, for one reason or another, is rampant with paranormal activity. We believe there were 3 when we moved in, but now there are only 2 due to smudging and purification, but I’ll get to that later. When we came to see the house, we were in the kitchen with the realtor when we heard a loud thud upstairs. We all pause, but nobody’s home so surely it’s the wind or something outside. No big deal. Then, we hear a toy in an upstairs bedroom start playing music out of nowhere. Again, no big deal, kids toys are obnoxious. It stops suddenly. Over the next half an hour or so, it plays 2 more times. We move in anyways, and notice activity almost immediately. Here are some of the things that have happened to me:

-The smell of stale, burnt coffee in strange places, only for a few seconds at a time. I would’ve thought I was having a stroke, but other people smell it too. Nobody in the house drinks coffee, and our neighbors are too far away for the smell to be from them.

-doors swinging open and slamming closed. Cabinets open or close on their own. The first few times it happened, I would’ve sworn it was someone just trying to freak me out. The very first time, it was the door to the spare bedroom. I had literally just turned a corner, so it had just come into sight and was in full view. It swung open slowly, deliberately, and then slammed shut violently. It became more frequent. Cabinets will open or close when you aren’t looking at them.

-Scratch marks in the carpet in places and directions they shouldn’t be. I don’t really know how to explain this, but there were scratch marks leading to/through walls/shut doors that were clearly made by hands too big to be any of us.

-We’ve all been scratched, grabbed, and pushed. I received the least, but this could be because I am naturally cautious about the paranormal. My dad has had a hand grab his ankle while he was on the stairs. These assaults and the scratches in the carpet have stopped since I’ve smudged and asked the darker entities to leave. Like I said, we started with 3, and now have 2. At least one of these was very, very mean.

-hearing whispers and footsteps. This usually happens when we are in the basement, we hear people above us. It is so vivid it has sent us running upstairs with baseball bats thinking we were being robbed, but nobody was there. The other day, I vacuumed and forgot to replace the salt crystals I keep by my door. That night, I was awoken by the sound of sobbing. I was the only one home.

-We feel people just over our shoulder. It’s hard to explain, but it’s a common occurrence in our household to be talking to someone and have them suddenly whip around, expecting someone to be there.

The scariest occurrence I’ve had happened one night while I was cleaning after dinner. I was alone in the house with our elderly dog, while the rest of my family was walking the puppy. The old dog, who has awful cataracts and can’t really see or hear, bristles and growls. I turn to see what he’s looking at and I see a man walk by, very casually, in the dining room. He had no face and looked like a shadow, but was there and physical and real. He passed the entrance to the kitchen, turning his head to look at me as he did. I freaked out and called my dad, who ran home and found no one there. I was very upset, but thought maybe it was the shadow of someone outside? Somehow? Until I looked over my shoulder later that evening and saw him standing there staring at me. I freaked out and burnt sage, and haven’t seen him since. But I know he’s here. We don’t talk about these things out loud because every time we do, it gets worse.


I arrived home, and saw my husband’s car parked and thought to myself , it’s Friday, nice! He’s home early! I go to my room to change when I remembered that I had forgot to pick up something to make for dinner . I go to knock on the bathroom door, hearing the water running. My husband was was in the shower. I asked him if he wanted anything from the store. He replied with yes . So I asked like what? And then he asked for a towel. But me being in a hurry ,I ignored him because we always keep the shelf stocked with towels. So I yelled bye I’ll be right back.

I opened the front door and I see my husband pull up in the driveway . Unbeknownst to me, he was being dropped off since his car tire was flat that morning. We go look in the bathroom and it’s empty. The shower and tub are dry, but the mirror was fogged. It was his voice, it sounded exactly like him. Makes me wonder if something tried to lure me in? Or was it a Glitch in the Matrix?


I was getting ready to start sixth grade, it was the summer, in a small town and I had a new bike to ride with my friends. I was the epitome of an 11 year old boy with some wheels, and an adventurous spirit. I would ride across town to my friends house, or along the old railroad tracks if no one was around to hang with. Then one of the creepiest summers ever began for me.

It was late, I was riding home from a friends house and had to ride up a long hill in our town to get back to my house. The street I was on was poorly lit except for the intersections. This made it difficult to see anything in between the lights unless I was riding in the darkness, even then I couldn’t see well beyond the next light. I was pedaling hard to get up the hill when I popped my chain off the gears. So I stopped, in the middle of the road, got off my bike, and proceeded to fix my chain. At that moment there was absolute silence all around me, which I noted as being odd since I was only a block away from our Main Street and it was only 9:45 pm. I should have heard vehicles driving up and down the road, or dogs barking in backyards, heck even crickets chirping.

Then suddenly I started to hear a buzzing. It was an odd sound, and it was coming from up ahead, further up the hill. I looked up but could see nothing in the stretch of road between me and the next street light. But that buzzing sound was getting louder and louder. It sounded like whatever it was should be right in front of me. I was getting a little scared to say the least. Then suddenly, right below the light a “boy” appeared, riding downhill faster then I had ever seen someone ride before. As I watched him get closer it felt like time had slowed. The buzzing was coming from something (possibly baseball cards) in his spokes. He was wearing black pants and a black jacket, in the summer, which I found strange. Then as he got closer I was able to see his face. This is when I yanked my bike to the side of the road as quickly as I could.

His head was bald (not that uncommon over the summer where I lived) but his skin was white as a sheet of paper, and his eyes appeared to be sunken deep into his head. When I looked at his face his eyes seemed as black as his clothing. My heart was racing, it was all I could do to keep myself from screaming! But as an 11 year old boy I couldn’t do that and show fear. Then as I watch him fly by on his bike everything began moving at normal speed again. I turned to see where he went but could no longer see him, as I assumed he was beyond the street light behind me. All of the sounds of my town came rushing back, and I couldn’t hear the buzzing noise anymore either. I quickly fixed my chain and proceeded to ride as fast as I could back home.

When I got home I convinced myself it was just a boy on a bike and that the darkness, my sleep deprived mind, and anxiety had gotten the best of me. I went over the whole incident in my head so many times that night that by the end I was laughing about how scared I was of a boy on a bike. So I continued to ride my bike all over town for the next week.

Unfortunately the second encounter, which was exactly one week since the first encounter, was not quite as innocent. Once again I was riding my bike home from a friends house, pedaling furiously to make it home before curfew. This time the night wasn’t as dark, and I could see the entire street in front of me. That’s when I heard the buzzing noise again. Once again it was coming from in front of me, and once again I couldn’t see the boy. Suddenly he appeared and he was close, maybe 25 feet in front of me, riding straight at me just as fast as he had been riding before. I swerved to the side and felt our bikes collide. I went flying off my bike and skidded along the ground. As soon as I got up I rushed to where we had collided to see if he was alright, but he was nowhere in sight. This time I was freaked out even more. His face was still white as a sheet of paper, and once again his eyes appeared to be completely black, plus this time I couldn’t shake the feeling that he was trying to run into me. I got on my bike and rode home as fast as possible. My arms were skinned up along with my legs, and I told my dad what happened. He insisted we go back to make sure the boy wasn’t seriously hurt so I took him to where our bikes collided and we couldn’t find anything.

I spent the next week sitting at home, scared to ride my bike. But eventually my adventurous spirit got the best of me and I started to ride again. This was a big mistake! Now every time I rode my bike I heard the buzzing noise and saw this kid. He never ran into me again, but he always showed up on whatever street I was riding on. Finally one day I was riding with two other friends when the boy came flying down the street toward us, the buzzing from his bike was so loud I knew he was coming way before any of us could see him. As he came toward us my friends and I moved to the side of the road to let him by, and he swerved right toward the three of us! He was barreling toward us and we were scrambling to get out of his way, he rode right between my friend and I, so fast I could feel a gust of air as he passed. This time it was the middle of the day, and each of us swore that his face was as white as a ghost and his eyes were pure black.

After that, we put our bikes away for the rest of the summer, only walked between each other’s houses during the day when other people were around, and made sure we always stayed on the sidewalks. I spent the entire summer terrified of this boy, and even now I can still remember the buzzing noise his bike made as he rode toward me.


Living alone. Fell asleep watching Netflix on my laptop. Woke up at around 3AM. Laptop screen was asleep, but not off–that was the only light source in the room. As I opened my eyes, I noticed a weird, vague solid form next to my bed.

As my eyes adjusted, the form came more and more into focus. It appeared to be a young girl of around 9-11, with long, unkempt hair. She was staring at me. I screamed.

She jumped back in shock and fell to the ground, disintegrating into it–not disappearing instantly but as if she rapidly dissolved into the ground.

I remember her facial reaction being more shock at me being able to see her see me, rather than just the shock from the scream; I wasn’t supposed to be able to see her.

I slept with a nightlight for about two weeks afterwards.


When I was a kid, we lived on an old Army base in Illinois called Fort Sheridan. My grandmother came to stay with us and she had my room while she was there, I slept on the floor in my parents’ room. One night she started yelling for someone to come help her, and when we went to check on her she said she had seen a tall, slender woman in a black dress with a white lace collar walk through my doorway into my room, and out the second-story wall that faced the woods behind the house. We just chalked it up to her being old and confused and never really thought about it again.

After she’d passed away and I had my room back, I woke up one night and looked toward the doorway and I saw a tall, slender woman in a black dress with a white lace collar walk through my doorway into my room, and out the second-story wall that faced the woods behind the house. I was 12 at the time, and I’ve always been a fairly logical person who really doesn’t get worked up over things, so my reaction to seeing it really kind of amounted to, “Huh. Well, alright.” Then I turned over and went back to sleep.

I could chalk it up to the story my grandmother told us being in my head and kind of manifesting itself during the haze of half-sleep, but we lived in that house for two more years and I saw her again at least a dozen times. It was always the same thing, like a video on repeat. The Stone Tape Theory is the closest theory I’ve found that describes the type of residual manifestation it seemed to be, more of a replay of something in the past than an actual interactive ghost or haunting.


Eliza the Poltergeist

-First Story

My dad took a new teaching job in PA and my parents moved from NH to live on campus. The school was an old mansion built on top of a steep hill, with a few auxiliary buildings. The top floor of the mansion was the servant’s quarters, and the school had recently renovated them into a small apartment. My parents helped them finish the job and moved in.

That entire summer, every night, my mom would check to make sure the lights were off and the windows were open before going to bed. Every morning they would wake up to find all the windows closed and all the lights on.

This went on for several weeks before my dad asked around. The PE teacher let him know that the family that had originally owned the estate were believed to behind a haunting. He mentioned that in their last generation, their daughter (Eliza) had fallen in love with a man that her parents didn’t approve of. He ended up moving out west during the gold rush in order to impress them and finally marry his love. He never returned (for whatever reason). In any case, the daughter lived in the house until she died of old age.

My dad talked to my mom about this, and they wrote it off as hazing/teasing. The morning shenanigans continued for a few more weeks until my mom, frustrated with continually waking up to a hot ass house and wasting electricity, yelled out loud, “Eliza please let us live here in peace! Leave our windows and lights alone!”

There was no response, but the nocturnal window closings and lights being tampered with stopped.

Bear in mind that this was over the summer, so school was not in session. There was a week long day camp, but other than that, the entire property and all 5 floors of this enormous mansion were deserted with the exception of my parents.

-Second Story

I was finally able to visit them that winter for a few days.

They didn’t tell me about Eliza, or about their problem over the summer.

The first night, I woke up around 3 am as if I had had a terrible nightmare. I was panting, frantic, and freezing. I didn’t remember a nightmare and was confused why I was scared. Additionally, I couldn’t figure out why the room was so cold. There was a radiator/space heater that was still on, I could see the red light on it’s side. Before another second passed, the tv turned on.

I had fallen asleep watching adult swim with a low volume on since the guest room shared a wall with my parents’ room (they had to wake up early in the morning, didn’t want to disturb them). However, the volume was painfully loud and all I could see was static (“snow”) on the screen.

Weird, but I figured maybe there was a power surge? So I reached for the remote to turn it off. I could see the LED blinking on the remote, but it wouldn’t work.

Strange, but maybe the power surge had reset the settings for the tv, and now it couldn’t recognize the remote’s signal? I got out of bed and walked over to the tv and tried to turn it off with its button.

No go. I reached around and pulled the plug out of the outlet and stepped back, ready to crawl back into bed.

Except the tv was still on. And it remained on for a good 2 minutes or so. Without power.

I jumped in bed and stared at it, until finally falling asleep an hour or so later. I asked my parents about it the next day and they didn’t wake up or hear anything. They told me about, Eliza however.

-Third Story

The next night I woke up the same as before. Around 3 am, scared and cold. This time, I heard footsteps at the other side of the room. I laid still and listened. They sounded like they were moving back and forth, pacing.

My mind raced. Was it a burglar (unlikely since we were in the woods, miles from other houses)? Was it one of my parents sleepwalking (neither of them have ever sleptwalk)? I couldn’t figure it out, and I was too terrified to turn the light on or even move. Maybe I was under sleep paralysis? In any case, I fell back asleep after twenty minutes or so. The pacing never stopped.

The next day I told my parents about it. They weren’t too concerned and teased me about my “ghost girlfriend.”

-Fourth Story

That night I had driven out to a party and returned home around 1 am. I woke up, the same as the previous two nights. It was around 3 am and I was cold and scared. I could hear footsteps pacing, but this time they were above me.

I had been in the attic crawlspace the day before, cleaning an old skylight over the living room for my parents. I explored it a bit. The ceiling was never higher than three feet and there was no flooring, just exposed joists, beams, and insulation.

There was no way someone could be walking around up there. You could only move around on your hands and knees. I was horrified as I realized that it had to be someone walking upside down on the ceiling. I couldn’t see anything and really had to pee.

I lay in bed for around twenty minutes before I could gather the courage to jump out of bed and race down the hallway to the bathroom. As soon as I got up, the footsteps stopped. As soon as I got back into bed, the footsteps continued until I fell back asleep.

-Fifth Story

I visited my parents again this spring, this time bringing my current girlfriend for them to meet. We sat in the living room that afternoon, having some drinks and telling stories. Suddenly my girlfriend let out a bloodcurdling scream and jumped off the couch. We all asked her what was wrong, if she was ok.

“I felt someone breathing on my neck and painfully grip my shoulder!”

-Sixth Story

I visited my parents again that fall, this time with a new girlfriend to meet (my breakup with the previous girl had nothing to do with Eliza, just normal relationship-type drama). The first day passed uneventfully but we all woke up to my girlfriend screaming in the living room.

My mom didn’t want us sleeping in the same room (she’s old-school catholic), so my SO volunteered to sleep on an air mattress in the living room.

We all ran in there to see what was wrong.

“I woke up to someone pulling me out from under my sheet by my leg.”

-Seventh Story

The next day my parents were out running errands during the morning and we decided to take a shower together. One thing led to another, and soon we started hooking up.

All of a sudden, the door started shaking from someone relentlessly banging on the door. We stopped and I jumped out of the shower to see what was going on.

I was confused. If my parents had returned early, my dad wouldn’t care if we were having sex and my mom (while upset with me) wouldn’t bang on the door.

I wrapped a towel around me and opened the door.

There was no one in the hallway, the rest of the apartment, or any of the other floors. The entire mansion was empty except for the two of us.

-Eighth Story

The next time I visited my parents was during the winter. I was having a hard time falling asleep, and decided to go play on the piano that the school kept in a commons room on the first floor. Next to it was a large lobby with marble floors.

After half an hour or so, I heard footsteps slowing making their way to the room I was in. I assumed it was my dad trying to scare me (we play a lot of pranks on each other). I quietly got up from the piano bench and flattened myself against the wall so I could scare him.

The footsteps stopped. I waited five minutes before peeking my head around the corner.

There was no one there.

If you made it all the way through my giant wall of text and want more, let me know. I have even more stories about Eliza, and even a few about the unknown little girl ghost that haunts the soccer field by the school.

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Some posts have been edited for clarity.