30 Paranormal Events People Can’t Explain Rationally


I have a twin sister. And although I don’t recall this specific story, my mom does. When we were about two, my sister had to have her stomach pumped. My dad was with her and I was home with my mom. She was changing my diaper when I began to cry out in pain. My mom checked me over but didn’t see any thing that would have caused me pain. She noted the time and finished changing me.

A few minutes later my dad called to let my know the tube had been taken out. She asked what time and it was exactly the time I had begun crying.

Another time when we were in high school, I was sat at my lunch table with friends when my sister’s teacher approached me and asked if my sister was feeling ok because she hadn’t been in class. We NEVER cut class and she had been on the bus that morning with me. My immediate response was: she went home with a fever. I truly had no way of knowing this as we literally never crossed paths in school (2,100 students). It turned out to be true, the way I just said it without hesitating still unnerves me.


This is more than likely just a dream, but in all my life.. never has a dream felt so vivid and real… and I have zero explanation.. but it was the only time I’ve ever felt so unnerved from a dream and like a presence was there that i couldn’t explain.

I woke up staring at the ceiling and my SO sleeping beside me.. when suddenly a small voice.. a whisper from a girl.. not my SO.. the voice came from the other side of the bed… it said to me very clearly. “It lives in the attic..”

Before I can even finish saying wtf.. suddenly several large bangs come from the ceiling above me and the ceiling starts breaking as what seems like something is smashing through the joists and drywall and causing the ceiling to cave in…

I now wake up for real and the ceiling is fine.. SO wakes up asking if I’m alright as I basically jumped out of bed trying to catch my breath.

That never happened again.. although a few months later my friend’s kid was over on a playdate one day and wouldn’t stop talking about the man in the kitchen.. there was no one there.. it weirded me out.


I’ve never really believed in anything supernatural, but there have been a few things that I can’t figure out and they all have to do with my sister who is a year older than me. Almost monthly something strange would happen to her over the twelve years we lived in our childhood house. Some of these include:

  • One day she woke me up on a Sunday morning pissed that I was trying to scare her. I had no idea what she was talking about and she dragged me to the front door of her room where both my parents were there confused and angry. On the doorknob was her name poorly engraved into the metal. It went around in a circle and clearly spelled her name although the handwriting was terrible. No one else in the family had done it and I knew it wasn’t me so that freaked us out. We were probably 16-17 at the time.
  • Once after she got out of the shower she screamed. We share a bathroom that is connected to our bedrooms so I ran in and there was a grown man’s handprint on the fogged up mirror. The mirror had no marks on it except for this one handprint in the middle. It was way to big to be either of our hands since we were probably 12 at the time. The only explanation we could think of was possibly our cleaning lady could have made the mark when cleaning the window but she hadn’t cleaned in a few days so we should’ve seen this mark before.
  • Last one I’ll say is one that happened to me. Since we shared a bathroom I could hear when she was in there. Every night she would come home and go through her normal routine of taking off her makeup, washing her face, and going through all of the cabinets/drawers to get whatever lotions and products she needed. She was 15 at the time and I was 14 so neither of us could drive. My parents had taken her to a friends house to work on a project and I was told that she would text me when she was ready to be picked up and brought back home. I was in my room doing hw when I saw the bathroom light turn on. The cabinets and drawers started opening and closing and the sink was turning on and off so I figured she had just texted my parents and they had gotten her. Eventually the lights turned off and so did the sink and I figured she was in her room. Then I get a text from my sister saying that she was ready to be picked up. That’s strange. So I went through the bathroom and into her room and she wasn’t there. I ran downstairs to my parents to ask if she’d been picked up and they said no. That’s one that I can’t explain because I saw the light and I heard the sink turn on and off repeatedly as well as the cabinets opening and closing.


When I was around 10, my older brother, his friend and I used to hangout in the forest near our friend’s house.
One day as we were going back home on the dirt road connecting the forest to his house, my brother tells me :

“Look behind you but don’t make a noise, something is following us”.

Now, my older brother was always one to invent stuff so at first I didn’t believe him at all, but I turned around anyways.

My heart froze instantly : at the forest edge, around 30m/100ft away, I saw a sort of animal that looked a bit like a deer, but standing on its hind legs like a human next to a tree, looking in our direction. My brother’s friend saw it too and obviously we all freaked out. We began collecting rocks and branches to defend ourselves, and they put me in the middle of our little formation.

We went back as quickly as possible, often looking behind us, but it didn’t follow us or leave the forest. When we arrived we began to nervously talk about what we had seen. At this point we began to exaggerate, saying it had fangs and red eyes, but I still remember what I really saw and it really scared me for a while.
What we saw was not super close to us, so it could have been a weird tree optic illusion and my brother trying to scare me I guess, but we never went back after this.


Mine was more of a collection of things – rather than one happening. The house I grew up in appeared to have something paranormal going on. It had your typical ghostly stuff: doors opening by themselves, sinks turning on, footsteps up and down the hallway, items would go missing and reappear. There were a few incidents that were really interesting.

  • It was about midnight and I was sleeping. Suddenly my stereo (this is the 90’s) turned on full blast. When I got up and shut it off I realized it wasn’t plugged in?!
  • Was reading in bed facing the wall and suddenly my whole body slightly rolled, like it would if someone sat next to you on box springs. Asked my sister what she wanted – no reply. Mom? No reply. By this point the hair on my neck was standing on end. I was only about 10 and way too scared to roll over and look. Ended up falling asleep with the light on facing the wall.
  • The most interesting one was the time we all left the house and when we returned the kitchen chairs were all tilted backwards and balancing on their back legs. It was some straight up poltergeist shit. I ran to get my camera but it scared my Mom so bad she immediately propped them back upright and refused to talk about it.


My husband and I bought an abandoned Victorian house and fixed it up. My husband always thought it was a little off because the last owners just up and left it one day. We’d have some “experiences” like hearing sounds in other rooms or footsteps walking around, smell phantom smells like perfume or cooking scents, items would appear or disappear at random- your standard spooky house stuff. I didn’t really believe in the paranormal and could explain everything away with the usual excuses of: “it’s an old, it’s going to make noises” and “I must have not left the thing where I thought I did.” etc.

Anyway to get back to this story, my husband always leaves for work an hour before I do. Usually this isn’t a big deal.

So, that day, I wake up and start getting ready for work, I go to get dressed and remember that I had washed all of my clothes the night before. So I go downstairs, through the kitchen and to the laundry room. The laundry room is in what used to be a servant’s quarters area. There’s a door in the kitchen that leads to it and once you’re in the laundry room, there’s a door that goes out into the backyard and one that goes to the basement. All three of these doors are always kept locked because I’m a nervous person.

I go out into the laundry room, check my clothes and they’re still slightly damp. Inconvenient but it’s fine, I’ll just stay in my pajamas while I do my make up. I turn to leave and I notice my cat had followed me out and was now sunbathing on a windowsill and wasn’t budging so I decided to leave him there, I’d be back in twenty minutes and he’d be fine.

I leave, shut the door and lock it. I do this every single time I close a door. It’s a force of habit. I’ve accidentally locked myself and my husband out at different times because of my intense compulsion to lock doors. Even so, I always check that I locked the door behind me by grabbing the knob and giving it a twist. I checked like usual and it was locked.

I go back upstairs and work on my hair and makeup. About ten minutes into my makeup I get frustrated because my cat had started knocking my brushes off the table. I sigh and push him off the table when my breath suddenly catches in my throat. He was locked in the laundry room. There’s absolutely no way whatsoever that he got back in. I stop everything and as I’m listening, I swear I hear someone downstairs, walking around the kitchen.

I grab a baseball bat and as slowly as possible, creep down the stairs and as I come out of the hall into the kitchen, I have my bat ready to swing at an intruder. Stupid, I know. So I round the corner and the kitchen is empty, but the laundry room door is hanging wide open. It’s an old, wooden, heavy door that fits snuggly into the frame. It didn’t swing open by itself.

The door is open, I’m a small woman home alone in a big house and I swear I heard someone walking in the house. My first thought was that someone broke in, so I check the back door and it’s locked securely. So is the basement door. At this point I’m panicking so I run outside, still in my pj’s, and get in my car and call my husband. He tells me to stay out of the house and call the cops and he’d be home in twenty minutes.

I called the police and they showed up in minutes, it’s a very quiet town so these sorts of calls are unheard of. The cops go inside and can’t find any sign of a break in, just the one door open that shouldn’t be. They couldn’t explain it, they tested the door, nothing made sense. There was no reason for it to do that. They left and told me to call them if we needed anything else or if there are more signs of a break in.

We got a security system installed the next day and though similar things have happened since, the alarm has never gone off. I still don’t really believe in the paranormal but that incident was over a year ago and it stills bugs me.

We have three working carbon monoxide detectors in the house and they’ve never gone off so I know I didn’t hallucinate it. This isn’t the scariest or weirdest event that’s happened, just the worst to have happened when I was home alone and one of the ones I have the most trouble explaining away.


My brother came to stay with us one weekend while his apartment building was getting renovated and needed to use the shower. He went upstairs, started his shower and a few minutes into it I hear him singing something, I was downstairs in the sitting room, playing a game on the PlayStation so I couldn’t quite make out what it was but he then started tapping along to the beat so it must have been a pretty good tune. My husband laughed and made some comment about how good the shower must be if he’s going to sing that loud.

I hear the water turn off and a few minutes later, he comes downstairs. He looks at us, slightly confused and said: “What were you listening to?”

“We weren’t listening to anything but you singing and tapping.”

“I wasn’t singing or tapping. It sounded like you guys were right outside of the door playing something and knocking on the door.”

“We haven’t left this room.”

“That’s not possible. You were knocking and shaking the door knob. That’s why I hurried up. I thought you needed in.”

At this point we all run upstairs to the bathroom because what the fuck. When we got there, every single cabinet door in the bathroom was hanging open.

“(Insert brother’s name) Did you do this?”

“No! They were all closed when I left. I swear.”

“And you’re not screwing with us?”

“No. I’m not. But I’m getting freaked out. What the hell is going on?”

My suspicion had been that this was some sort of a prank on my brother’s end but he was genuinely frightened and shaking as he was looking at the bathroom. He ended up leaving that day and while he still comes by at times, he’s never spent the night in our house or used that bathroom again because of that incident.


This one is a tie between like three uncomfortable events.

1.) I once found crayon scribbles all over one wall when we had just painted them (and there hadn’t been any crayon on the walls before the four coats of paint we put on), we had no children at the time and had no crayons in the house.

2.) My son, when he was maybe 8 or 9 months old was playing with something or someone in his room. I got home from work and sat him in his crib long enough to go to the bathroom (the one mentioned above) his bedroom is directly next door to this bathroom. So I’m finishing up, at the sink washing my hands when I hear him start giggling. But not like, little playing alone with his imagination giggles, this is laughing so hard he can’t breathe, then stopping, then starting again, over and over like someone is tickling him or playing peek a boo. I walk to his room an peek in and he’s staring at one corner, laughing. My cats are also staring at this corner with their ears back, growling and they won’t move away from the baby’s crib like they’re guarding it. I step in and say my son’s name and he completely ignores me which he had never done before. So I step in front of the spot he’s staring at and he stops smiling and glares at me. I step aside and smiles again, step back in front of it and the smile disappears again. I don’t know what he saw, but I scooped him up and ran downstairs.

3.) Not even “creepy” just weird. I have a huge bookshelf in the sitting room that’s completely full and that I keep meticulously organized and clean. I one day went to dust it and there was an old handwritten, stamped and mailed envelope dated from like 1883, I opened it and it was and old love letter written in nearly illegible old cursive. No idea where it came from.


Woke up with a brand new old scar under my belly button.

Like…went to bed fine, woke up with a scar of something that had healed completely…dotted line, crooked, about 4 inches long.

It’s still there. Hasn’t changed from the day I got it, roughly 20 years ago.

If it vanishes one day, I’m freaking.

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