30 Paranormal Events People Can’t Explain Rationally


I heard someone singing directly under my bed, there was nothing under the bed that it could’ve been, phone, iPod, radio, speaker or whatever it sounded like a women literally just laying under my bed singing.

I jumped off my bed and looked under an there was nothing, but for some reason the room felt so much darker under the bed. The singing stopped as soon as I jumped off I haven’t heard it since.

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I’ll always take the chance to retell this one.

me and my friends were fresh out of high school and we wanted to go on a camping trip. A couple of weeks before the trip I had a dream that I was driving down a hill towards a lake. Suddenly I came across a curve in the road that was obscured by the plant life. I was going too fast and ended up rolling down the hillside and landing in the lake, where me and one of my friends began to drown. At this point I wake up in a panic, and do my best to write it off as anxiety.

fast forward two weeks, me and a friend are driving to the campground and we turn into the campground and see the exact fucking road from my dream. Being reasonably freaked the fuck out, I slow down and, sure enough, there’s a sharp, hidden turn in the road I would have missed if I hadn’t slowed down.


Probably not as extreme as some others here but when I was about 13 or 14 I was walking home from being out with a few friends. It was around 9pm in late Autumn so it was pretty dark at this point. On my way back I had to walk down a road that was the only way to get into my estate so despite it being dark and it looking fairly sketchy I wasn’t concerned having walked through there 100 times before then.

When I was about half-way down I felt a hand grip my right shoulder, it didn’t just feel like something touched me, it squeezed my shoulder with a good amount of force and the when I looked over my shoulder I was greeted by nothing but thin air. Safe to say I freaked out and proceed to run the rest of the way home. Upon a bit of paranoid research I found out somebody had killed themselves in a house on that road not too long before my passing by.

I’ve always just hoped it was an overactive imagination or something but I’ve never fully convinced myself.


I have multiple experiences, mainly at hospital (I’m a nurse). But the worst one for me has to have been when I was at a friends house. We were chilling in his back garden at around 2/3am because one of our other friends had just had a massive argument with his gf. So there we were, height of summer, in his back garden, no drinks, no drugs, just there chilling smoking a cigar in the garden and talking about nerdy things. I was facing the pair of them and sat on my left hand side in patio furniture (so there was the arm attached to the seat but a huge gap with a table next to me), when something cold grabbed me and pulled me from my chair (Like literally pulled my by my jeans). My friends just kinda shut up and stared before we all went home without saying a word to each other.

I have multiple stories but most of them are at the hospital, and not really affected me in a drastic way.

Here are some hospital experiences:

  1. HDU – Started on my night shift and a patient turned to me and stated that he was going to die tonight, and that I couldn’t let the shadow people take him. He ended up dying that night with the light on, and you could see shadows dancing around his bed, when no-one else could walk in that bay

  2. ⁠HDU – Had a patient who needed to be tubed and taken up to ITU in the end, but a couple of hours before that he had a delirious phase, and kept saying that his wife was watching him, and that there was something different about her, that she wasn’t the same and that he just wanted her to go away and that he was going to visit her when he could get out of bed (at the time she was in the same hospital a floor below him for a different reason). Turns out she had died about 2 days before that, whilst he was in surgery.

  3. ⁠HDU – I nursed a patient who had come back from surgery with a very distinct leg ulcer (they had tried to wash it out and do a skin graft but it was too necrotic and they were going to take his leg off the next day). He was very confused over night, but the next morning his wife came in and he was a lot more with it. He told everyone that he just wanted to die and that he didn’t want any more treatment. He said that he wanted to die at 4:30 that afternoon, because he could then finally relax (we later found out that that was the time he used to get in from work and relax in front of the tele). He died at 4:33, that afternoon, cue me crying with his family. A couple days later, I had to go down to the bowels of the hospital to collect some equipment from the gastro ward, when i saw that patient with the leg ulcer walking around. He turned to me and smiled before walking through a locked door.

  4. ⁠HDU – we had a toilet which the buzzer liked to go off on it’s own but patients used to avoid that bathroom, saying they saw things in there, didn’t think anything of it until i went in there to answer the buzzer (no-one in there) and the door locked itself behind me, pretty hard to do seeing as the door locks only work from the inside and you have to call the maintenance man to unlock it from the outside seeing as he’s the only one with a key


I have a strange one (not a ghost story) I’ve literally never spoken about to anyone. Small back story.. I have had a few significant personal events happen in my past. Parents split around age 1, and moved out of state away from my father and large extended family around age 5. I also lived in about 8 different houses before my out of state move. I believe that because of these events I have memories from a lot younger than your average person. I have confirmed memories, by talking to my parents, from as early as 2-3. And one unconfirmed from 1 (a memory of my parents still together).

So now to the strange. I remember being very young, 2-4 and being able to ‘see what my mom sees.’ I would close my eyes and essentially be able to see out of hers. I don’t remember much of me doing it, but I vividly remember the day it stopped. I woke up and thought to myself, “let’s see what my mom is up to.” I closed my eyes, and nothing. The “ability” was gone. I just laid there and thought to myself, verbatim, “huh, I must be growing up.” And that was it, I didn’t give it a second thought. It was almost like I knew it was going to happen and accepted it. I’ve this memory my entire life, and think about it time to time. It probably is just an overactive imagination, but coupled with other experiences, memories, and dreams it really makes me wonder.


When I was 13 my uncle went out of town and asked me to stay at his place to keep an eye on it. I invited my buddy to come spend the weekend with me so I wasn’t alone. We were hanging out in the attached garage watching TV around 1 am when I realized I forgot to turn off the pool pump. When we opened the garage door to the backyard we were flooded with this overwhelming smell of burning meat. Right when I smelt it I was overcome with a feeling of dread and my gut told me not to go outside so we immediately closed the door.

As we closed the garage door my uncle’s dog starting barking and growling at the other door which was open and leads into the house. She was barking/growling into the darkness of the hallway. As we slammed that door shut the electronic dartboard went haywire. It was making all sorts of crazy noises and flashing all of the lights like the entire thing was short-circuiting. Then out of nowhere everything just stopped, the feeling of dread went away, the dog stopped barking at the door and the dartboard shut off.

We did not sleep at all that night and thankfully my uncle came home the next day. I’m not really sure how to rationalize all three of those things happening at the same time.


My family and I were staying in a hotel in Berlin. During the night, I thought I heard a loud banging noise, like someone was hitting the side of the TV in the living room. This woke me up a couple of times in the night, but I was too scared to get up each time it happened. It sounded like it was coming from right outside my room.

Anyway, we had to leave the hotel the next morning. I thought I could be imagining the noises until my mother asked me if I heard the banging. She eerily described it as someone banging the sides of the television, which is the idea I had in my head before she said so. My brother and father didn’t hear the noise however. What worried me is that since that night, my mother has believed in ghosts. It’s also unsettling to think the hotel was located very close to the Holocausts Memorial Museum.

Anyway, I didn’t want to think about it too much. As we were leaving the Hotel room, I had an indescribable terrifying feeling run up my spine. It was like a panicky, eerie, sixth-sense. It was like someone/something was right behind me, watching me in the dark (it was about 5am when we had to leave). I had a desperate feeling to get out of there. I’m not sure if I’ve been more scared in a single moment in my life.



I was sitting in my classroom in grade school when all of a sudden I had this overwhelming sense of despair hit me out of nowhere. It was like that feeling when your heart drops to your feet but magnified tenfold. I turned to a girl next to me and told her “I feel like something really bad just happened.”

I learned later that day my brother jumped off a 15 story building literally right before I told my classmate. She found out the next day why I wasn’t in class and apparently had to be sent home. I actually talked to her somewhat recently and it still freaks her out.


I once had a very vivid dream (usually my dreams aren’t real or vivid, they are jumbled up and make no sense) that I was sat in a living room opposite an elderly lady and I knew her name. We sat and chatted about my (then) current boyfriend. We really got along and I felt a lot of warmth towards her even though I knew it was my first time meeting her in my dream.

A few days later I was telling my then boyfriend about the dream and how oddly vivid it was compared to my usual dreams and he was shocked when I said the name and described her, as it was his grandma who had passed away only a year before. We had never spoken about grandparents nor had I even met his immediate family at this stage as we had only been dating for about 2 months.

There is no way I could have known her name, what she looked like and what her front living room looked like, and I am certain he had never mentioned her, described her appearance or told me where she lived.



Ok, I’m a pretty rational individual. But about 10 years ago I started thinking a lot about a friend who had killed himself our senior year of high school. I decided to email a psychic medium, just for the hell of it. All I said in the email was his name, how he died, and asked if he had a message for me. Within a few seconds of hitting send, my laptop started making loud static sounds, and it wasn’t just static.

I could hear fluctuations in the static like someone talking but the radio isn’t fully tuned to that channel. My hair was standing on end, and I went to mute my speakers and found that the volume was already turned all the way down. I started to panic a little and thought to myself “Omg, name, you are scaring me. Stop! Stop!” and the static faded out. My laptop had never made a sound like that before, and never did it again after.

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