30 Paranormal Events People Can’t Explain Rationally

Although many of us chalk up weird or unexplainable happenings to tricks of the mind, or coincidences, sometimes they can only be labelled paranormal events.

From apparitions, to vivid dreams, to items mysteriously moving on their own, here are 30 Paranormal Events People Can’t Explain Rationally.


I was really tired from a day at placement and I laid down on my side on my bed and was facing my laptop. On the left was my chair which was facing me right next to my bed. I checked the time and around 5 mins later I quickly involuntarily drifted off into an extremely vivid dream that would horrify me to this day.

I dreamt that I was at uni in class when this girl with long black hair and no face came to the door asking for me saying that I had won a prize and to go with her. I stood up and followed as although she had no face she wasn’t threatening and had a pleasant but strange presence to her. We walked down a hallway and I asked what my prize was. She said you will see, but you have to do something first. I said sure and asked her what I had to do. She stated that I would receive a great prize but I would have to earn it through public speaking and I would have to make a speech in front of a large crowd. I said that I would accept the prize but there was no way I would do a public speech.

We arrived at this door and she told me to open it. I opened it and walked through to find a red carpet with rows and rows of people in seats with a stage at the end. An announcer announced my name and everyone turned around looking at me while clapping. I was horrified and said nope you can keep your prize. The faceless women was behind me and pushed me forward. I instantly moved back and said I don’t want your prize. This angered her. What happened next still fucks with me till this day. She was beside me and I looked just in time for her to slap me on the back. The strange thing was it was the biggest slap I have ever felt in my life. It was 10 rapid slaps in one.

I instantly woke up as I jolted forward and felt pain on my back where I had been slapped. I turned around and saw the vacant chair and no one was there. My back felt like it had actually been slapped and I was freaking out. I went and checked the mirror and I had a handprint on my back. Only 10 mins had passed since I last checked the time.

30 Paranormal Events People Can't Explain Rationally


When I was 12 I had just came home from school and as usual I was the only person in the house (siblings at friends or after school programs, parents at work).

Anyways I walked into my kitchen to grab a snack and I immediately felt this weird sensation that I’ve never felt before. I got really sick to my stomach and made my way to the dining area and just collapsed onto a chair. I sat there with my head hanging down when it had just hit me how silent it was. I lifted my head and gazed the room for a bit. After about 20 seconds or so of just pure tense silence and nothingness I relaxed a bit when OUT OF NOWHERE this loud noise came from directly beneath my chair! It literally sounded like if paper was being crumbled. I leapt out my chair and as soon as I did I just hear what sounded like a little girl giggle followed by these soft but loud foot steps running down the hallway away from the kitchen towards the front of the house.

I slowly backed into the wall behind me without taking my eyes off the door leading to the hallway and then proceeded to make my way to the back door. Once I reached it I bolted out of there and ran to my friends house which was only 3 houses down from me. I called my mom at work and she told me to just stay put. That is still the most unexplainable thing to ever happen to me.


I was driving along a very remote stretch of road. No houses or population for hours in any direction. Wasn’t paying much attention as I wasn’t expecting any living soul in the area. However I ended up passing a woman wearing some kind of white robe. As I passed her, I noticed she was waving her hand as if she was asking to hitch a ride. Half- heartedly I went back. I could still see her in my rear-view. I usually don’t offer to hitchhikers ride as I’m advised against it by my parents. However I’d feel really bad to let someone be out there that late.

But once I reversed back to her, she was nowhere to be found. I could swear I had her in my rear-view mirror the whole time. But there was no trace of her in the end.


One of my best friends in high school and I used to drive to all the haunted spots we could find in our state. Sometimes we’d get other people to come and sometimes alone. Creepy stuff happened a lot but it was usually us just being on edge and most could be explained away.

One thing happened though that I will never forget and I can never find a logical reason for. One night her and I were alone playing our little game but this time we stuck to our own town. We were heading to a bridge that is known for creepy stuff happening and we were passing through a neighborhood we had both been in a million times before. It was a quiet and darker neighborhood filled with only houses. She turned on a street, again that I had been on before, and there was a gravel road into woods in front of us. I said something like, “what the hell, I don’t remember this?” And she was dead silent and drove onto the gravel and into the trees. We were driving and there were turns and curves but this gravel road and trees were all that was around. I kept saying I was confused, this wasn’t supposed to be where we were and my friend was agreeing, we had been in this area countless times and there were any woods or gravel roads. I felt so uneasy. She gave me her phone and told me to pull up google maps and see where it said we were. It wouldn’t pin our location and I was pretty much all but crying and hyperventilating at this point. We drove for a while and couldn’t find any roads leading out or where we came from. Finally after forever we got out of it and she just kind of silently took me home.

The next day we decided to go find it again, took the exact same roads and there was NOTHING there. The neighborhood was normal.

If I was alone, I would have chalked it up to falling asleep or losing my damn mind but we were both together and the exact same thing happened. Whenever I tell people about it, I’m not sure they believe me but it still gives me goosebumps. Nothing overtly scary happened while in these woods but they 100% weren’t supposed to be there.


On my teen days i was online dating someone from another country (i know, lame). I was deep in love at the time and she said she was going to see a friend. I didn’t have anything to do so i went to bed. I started to sleep awake (idk if its the right word for it) and at first i started to listen to voices and i couldn’t figure out what they were saying. Then i saw 5 or 6 people laughing and drinking in a living room. I woke up and wondered about it before sleep again. Next day she posts pictures and it was the exact place and people i saw (besides her).


I lived in what I’ve come to realize must have been a haunted apartment for 7 years, so I have a lot of these. I know it sounds crazy, and you don’t have to believe me (I wouldn’t, if I hadn’t lived it), but since you asked, I’ll give you the highlights.

  • Small handprints would sometimes appear on the bathroom mirror when I showered. I moved in when I was almost 13, and the only other person who lived there was my mother; the handprints were the size of a child under the age of 10, and they aspirated periodically for the entire time we lived there, and they never got any bigger.
  • For periods of weeks to months at a time, one specific door (the bedroom directly across from the bathroom) would seem to have a mind of its own. We could not make it stay open or closed during these time because it would close and open itself at random. Normally, when this happened, it would move slowly, but on one occasion it slammed itself shut. It wasn’t doing it because of a draft or uneven floors, because for 90% of the time we lived there, it was a totally normal door, and it only had 2-4 of these “rebellious periods.”
  • Things would move on their own. Two very notable examples of this were the time a 20oz. can of peanuts flew clear across the room and scattered peanuts everywhere, and the time the chain of the chain lock started swinging spontaneously and continued to do so for five minutes. These things happened in the same week. (The building was built in the 1930s, so there was no central ventilation. We had 2 window unit air conditioners. That’s it.)
  • I would get scratches from nothing. Most of them I could explain away, but a few were unexplainable, such as the scratch on my thigh that I got while in gym class (while surrounded by people, none of whom saw anything unusual) and the cut all the way across my wrist that showed up when I was putting shampoo in my hair.

There were a lot more, too, but this is already pretty long, so I’ll leave it there for now.


One summer evening when I was about 10 years old I had a friend over and we were playing frisbee in my yard until it got too dark to see. So we sprawled out in the grass and talked, waiting for my grandmother to come out and yell that she needed to go home. We were sitting side-by-side, both facing down my street. I lived in town so there were several streetlights illuminating parked cars and at least part of people’s front yards.

We noticed that there was a silhouette of a person, probably a man, walking toward us up this street. We took particular note of this man because he was walking in the middle of the street, and this was small town America so the street was really wide. That he was in the exact middle, all alone, at night, had drawn our attention. He was approaching a well-lit intersection just a block away from my house when a car drove past on the perpendicular street at a quick pace, maybe 50 mph. The dude who had been walking up the middle of the street just straight up fucking vanished.

He was there walking, we were both watching him, and then POOF! gone.

There weren’t parked cars, bushes, or other objects right where he had been when the car drove past, so it seemed unlikely that he could have ducked behind something that quickly or gone in a different direction and gotten out of sight that fast, and anyway why would he? It surprised us so much that we looked at each other and then sprinted into the house. This alerted my grandma, who insisted that I take my friend home (she lived several blocks away and had ridden her bike over earlier). We protested but gave in, and I rode with her to her house, said goodnight, and set out as fast as I could to get back home.

As I turned onto my street I was pedalling along and scanning for unusual things because I was a bit freaked out, and I noticed that on the ground just beneath one of the streetlights, there was a shadow of a person – head, shoulders, two arms, torso, two legs – clearly a person – but just in the middle of the lit ground, with legs stretching toward the lamppost but there was no freaking person at the edge of the shadow. I know because I had to ride past this freaking thing and I was looking all over for the person who was casting the shadow, whipping my head around like I was crazed or something.

The shadow moved a bit as I went past, as if to start a walking motion, but at that point I was all eyes forward, pumping my legs wildly and focusing on nothing else but my house at the end of the street. I made it home, just left my bike in the driveway, and bolted inside. I thought about what I had seen that evening but I have only my memory (and my friend’s memory of a part of it) and nothing else to go off of. I never saw events like this again, so who knows? Just my imagination, maybe.

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